Chapter 491:

Chapter 491: Joe vs Jackson. Battle to Become the Storm Lord!

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 491: Joe vs Jackson. Battle to Become the Storm Lord!

Narrator: Joe and the Storm Lord, Jackson Hurclone, are about to begin their battle.

*Everyone but Joe and Jackson stands in the upper section of the room, ready to watch the battle*

Jackson: It’s time for you to prove to me that you are worthy of being Storm Lord.

Joe: I’m ready. Let’s start.

*Jackson turns his eyes into Storm Lord eyes and Joe charges up his magic*

*Jackson starts creating lightning strikes with his eyes. Joe does his best to dodge them while creating lightning bolts in his hands*

*Joe throws the lightning bolts at Jackson but he dodges them easily*

*Joe is finally struck by one of Jackson’s lightning strikes, causing him to scream in pain*

Jackson: You will feel pain from my attacks. This is a test but you need to be pushed to your limits.

*Joe starts jumping to the side to avoid more lightning strikes. He gradually makes his way to Jackson but Jackson uses his Storm Lord eyes to release a miniature tornado from them which surprises Joe*

Joe: Storm Lord eyes can do that too!?

*Joe is sucked up by the small tornado*

*Jackson forms a large chunk of ice using his eyes and releases it toward Joe. The ice hits Joe and knocks him out of the tornado and into the wall*

*Joe pushes himself off the wall and releases a derecho. Jackson easily dodges but Joe covers the floor of the arena with ice. As Jackson lands and then slides a bit, Joe launches himself toward Jackson*

*Jackson blocks Joe’s punch and then uses his eyes to turn the ice on the floor into a wave of water that washes Joe away from him*

*Jackson then strikes Joe with lighting, causing him to scream again*

Zeth: Things aren’t looking too good for him right now.

Emily: Come on, Joe!

Jackson: You are approaching this the wrong way.

Joe: What do you mean by that? I can’t create attacks with my eyes as you can.

Jackson: It is up to you to figure out what my words mean.

*Joe creates a cloud and has it shoot razor hail out of it horizontally. Jackson dodges easily and uses his eyes to create a storm cloud above Joe*

*Large hail starts falling from it and hits Joe. He is just trying to shield himself from the hail as another large chunk of ice slams into him and knocks him back against a wall. He pushes off the wall and forms a lightning bolt in one hand. He uses his other hand to cover it in razor hail*

*Joe starts rushing forward and throws the lightning bolt towards Jackson. The lightning bolt bursts in multiple directions along with razor hail flying in multiple directions*

*Jackson dodges the attack and creates two small tornadoes to suck up the razor hail. He uses lightning strikes on the tornadoes to destroy the razor hail sucked inside of them*

*Jackson then blocks Joe’s kick with his own kick. He then grabs Joe and throws him into one of the tornadoes. The other tornado flies upwards toward the ceiling*

*The tornado that has Joe in it shoots him into the tornado near the ceiling*

Keith: What is he doing?

*The tornado shoots Joe down toward the floor at a high speed. The speed is fast enough that Joe is damaged upon impact*

Kurt: The Storm Lord really is something.

*Joe gets up and starts running toward Jackson*

*Jackson creates a large chunk of ice*

Joe: I can dodge that!

*The chunk of ice breaks into many smaller pieces and they all fly toward Joe. They are too spread apart for him to dodge so he is hit by many of them*

*Joe is then struck by lightning which damages him more but then he keeps running*

*Jackson forms an ice block on his right arm and readies his attack*

*Joe tries to rapidly punch Jackson but Jackson just slams his right arm that’s covered in the ice block into him. The ice block shatters but it also hurts Joe greatly*

*Jackson forms a new tornado and uses it to throw Joe back*

*Joe lands a good distance from Jackson*

Jackson: You still haven’t figured it out. You keep trying to surprise me with different attacks but I’ve always used Weather Magic. There’s nothing you can surprise me with.

*Joe looks frustrated but starts charging magic into his arms*

Joe: You keep using your tornadoes on me. If I can’t surprise you. I will just have to overpower you.

*Jackson sighs*

Jackson: You still aren’t getting it.

Joe: Here it comes! L4 Tornado!

*Joe releases a powerful tornado*

Narrator: Joe is heavily struggling so far in his test against the Storm Lord! What message is Jackson trying to get across?

Chapter 491 END

To be Continued in Chapter 492: Power With Weakness