Chapter 492:

Chapter 492: Power With Weakness

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 492: Power With Weakness

Narrator: Joe’s battle against Jackson continues.

Sasha: The winds from a tornado are severe in this enclosed room!

Zeth: Can this room even stand it?

Harmona: Yes. This structure can stand a lot.

*The tornado looms before Jackson*

Joe: Let’s add to it!

*Joe uses a storm cloud to add a lot of hail to it*

*Jackson opens his eyes wide and creates a large cloud that forms above the tornado. A lot of snow and ice falls from the cloud and vastly cools the entire area*

*The tornado starts to weaken quickly*

Joe: What!? No way!

*Soon, the whole tornado dissipates*

Joe: How can this be!?

Emily: He really just stopped Joe’s tornado easily!

Zaydra: We shouldn’t expect anything less from the Storm Lord.

Zeth: The cool air is nice.

Jackson: A tornado needs warm air at the top to stay alive. Cool down the entire area and a tornado doesn’t stand a chance. As someone that uses Weather Magic, you should know that.

*Jackson uses his eyes to create a large cloud over the whole arena and rain starts falling from it*

Jackson: I feel this rain makes a great setting.

*Jackson starts running toward Joe*

*Joe is still shocked enough by what happened that he just stands there completely stunned*

*Jackson punches Joe, knocking him back into a wall*

*Emily is looking frustrated*

Emily: Joe! What are you doing!?

*Joe opens his eyes wide and looks up toward Emily*

Emily: Stop looking so helpless! Know your own abilities!

Jackson: If you are not currently ready to become my successor then I can just end this test and let you come back in the future.

*Joe looks back toward Jackson. He has his composure back*

Joe: No. I’m ready now.

*Joe stands up. He then freezes the ground right in front of him and uses it to get close to Jackson quickly to try to punch him*

*Jackson has to quickly guard and blocks the punch*

*Joe quickly tries a swiping kick*

*Jackson jumps over it but Joe takes advantage and lands a punch on Jackson, doing a little damage*

*Jackson jumps back to avoid another punch*

Joe: I’m going to figure out what your words mean.

Jackson: We will see if you truly can.

*Joe starts jumping around to different spots. He forms a lightning bolt in his left hand. He uses his other hand to form a tiny tornado around the bolt and then he throws it at Jackson*

*The lightning bolt spreads lightning out in most directions and flings out the tiny tornado like a bullet. Jackson is barely able to dodge it*

*Joe creates another lightning bolt with a tiny tornado swirling around it*

Joe: You can’t dodge a second time!

*Jackson uses his eyes to begin a lightning strike on Joe. Joe reacts just before it hits him by throwing the lightning bolt with the tiny tornado upwards from where the strike is coming from*

*Jackson’s lightning strike and Joe’s lightning bolt make contact. The lightning strike and bolt cancel each other out but the tiny tornado becomes super-charged and larger. It flings out toward Jackson. Due to the speed and size, he is unable to dodge it and is blown back*

*Jackson is blown against the wall with high force*

*Everyone else looks impressed but Joe looks surprised*

Joe: (Thinking) Is this what he meant? What exactly just happened? Both of our lightning made contact and then they both just stopped while the tornado grew larger and stronger. Did the lightning actually power up the tornado? A tornado needs heat at the top. Lightning is very hot. Did both of our lightning combine to power up the tornado?

*Jackson is damaged but starts walking forward. He uses his eyes to create four small tornadoes that are larger than Joe’s tiny tornadoes, but they are still only the size of a human*

Jackson: You might be getting somewhere.

Joe: (Thinking) I think I get what he means now! He’s trying to make me exploit his weaknesses!

Narrator: Has Joe truly figured out what Jackson’s words mean?

Chapter 492 END

To be Continued in Chapter 493: Opening Strike