Chapter 3:

Fake Promise

Ruler Of Sovereignty

Few moments later, Squad 105 gathered with their instructor in classroom.

“Uhum! First, I’d like to give evaluation about today test.” Said Samuel.

Samuel just straight to the topic.

“Guys! Seriously! You just wasting your life if it was real battlefield. Is this the result of what you learned in first month?” said Samuel.

All Cadets just keep silent.

“Nathan!” said Samuel.

“Y-yes, sir.” Said Nathan.

“If I’m asked to change any member in this squad, I’ll recommended you for sure.” Said Samuel.

Nathan a bit shocked after hear that.

“Your command just leading this squad to the grave, maybe I should choose another member to be leader.” Said Samuel.

“But it was our first test, we still can make mistakes.” Said Lemirk.

“Then it was the proof of your failure to learn about to be Herrscher. Battlefield is not playground, that place could be your last land to stand, last air you breathe, last moment of your memory.” Said Samuel.

Lemirk has no words.

“I prefer the competent Herrscher to lead the squad when you’ve graduated. So, any good words to safe your position?” ask Samuel to Nathan.

“P-please don’t expel me from this program, I promise to be more useful for this squad.” Nathan begging to be saved.

“Then keep your promise on mind, this is applied to all Squad 105 member. It’s time to open your eyes and get out from your safe zone! Because of you are the next protector of this world and mankind.” Said Samuel.

“Yes, sir!” said all member.

“Cornelio, they are your responsibility. This is also your mission to assist them, don’t disappoint us.” Said Samuel.

“It’s ok, I always watch their back.” Said Cornelio.

“Alright, that’s all for homeroom today. You can prepare your stuff and back to hostel.” Samuel walked out after giving homeroom session.

Just like usual, Cornelio go back to hostel alone while other boys walk together.

“Damn it! Why it always Cornelio every time?! Why he is so special on his eye?!” Nathan getting angry after today homeroom.

He walks behind Cornelio with Lemirk and Dallas. Just like his class, he has high pride than other cadets.

“It’s enough, Nath. No need to get angry anymore.” Lemirk want to calm down his friend.

“But why it’s always him?! Why he always the one who never make mistake?!” Nathan keeps angry.

“If we think about it, blaming you because of first failure seems unfair.” Said Dallas.

“That’s it! Cornelio must be hiding something!” said Nathan.

“But that’s not what I mean …” said Dallas.

“It doesn’t matter! I’ll prove it right now! Come on!” said Nathan.

He walks faster to catch him up.

“Hey, Cornelio!” Nathan grabbed his shoulder to stop him.

“What?” said Cornelio.

“Do you think it’s funny, right? Watching me insulted in front of the whole Squad?!” now Nathan grabbed his neckwear.

“Huh? What are you talking about?” Cornelio doesn’t understand.

“I know it! I completely know it! You have used some connection with that god damn instructor to trick me, right?!” said Nathan.

“Hey, that’s too much.” Said Lemirk.

“Shut up! How dare you defend this filthy scum!” said Nathan.

“Just stop it, maybe the instructor just trying to push you to be better leader for this squad.” Said Dallas.

“Huh?! Look at this face! That’s the face of villain who trick people on his dirty plan!” said Nathan.

Actually, Cornelio show his mad face because of Nathan wasting his time for useless conversation.

Cornelio sweep Nathan’s hand from his neckwear.

“There is nothing I did on this homeroom, every word that you hear is out of my concern. Reality is just like that, please don’t blame your fault to other Cadets.” Said Cornelio.

Cornelio walk to hostel leaving them, but it just makes him angry.

“Damn it …! I’ll make him pay for this offense.” Said Nathan.

Nathan promised to take his revenge.

Next day, Nathan trying to broke Cornelio’s chair by loosening the screws.

“Are you sure to avenge him?” Lemirk worried.

“It still nothing than what he did to me …!” said Nathan.

“There nothing we can do, just let him do whatever he wants.” Said Dallas.

He giving advice to Lemirk.

“Alright, now it’s already all of them.” Said Nathan.

“I heard footsteps! They coming.” Said Dallas.

“Back to your seat!” said Nathan.

They returned to their seats immediately, all girl Cadets entering the classroom.

“Morning, guys.” Said Alexa.

“GOOD MORNING, EVERYONE!!” Hazel just cheerful as usual.

“Good morning.” Said Noel.

“Uhh, yeah.” Nathan answered it with lazy voice.

“Morning.” Said Dallas.

“Good morning too.” Said Lemirk.

All girls going to their seats.

“Morning, Squad 105.” Said Samuel.

The instructor entering the room.

“Tch, Cornelio getting late again?” Samuel doesn’t see Cornelio in the classroom.

“Sounds like that, sir. What kind of punishment that he will get after repeating this mistake?” Said Nathan.

“Just like before.” Said Samuel.

“To be honest, that’s look like unfair, sir. Why not give him a harder penalty?” said Nathan.

“Rule is rule, Leader. Why not just stick on it?” said Noel.

“…! L-look like he got an ally in this squad.” Said Nathan.

“Ally? What are you talking about? We are sharing same boat in this squad, so we need to stick together and work as team, am I wrong?” Said Noel.

“Hmph …! No need to teach me.” Said Nathan with low voice.

“That’s enough, Noel. Hold yourself.” said Alexa.

She wants to stop their debate.

“Permission to ask to our Leader, sir.” Said Noel.

“It’s ok, keep on it. We still waiting for him.” Said Samuel.

“Thank you. Talking about ally can you explain it, Leader?” said Noel.

Nathan a bit shocked.

“It just like you are going to start a civil war to your own squad with all your boys ally.” Said Noel.

“What are you talking about? Starting a civil war? Am I look like so bad guy for you?” Nathan answered it with question.

“Sorry, I missing some point. Did you just want to start a fight with Cornelio?” ask Noel.

“H-huh?! Why I supposed to do that?” Nathan keeps avoiding.

“Stop it, Noel! You said we need to stick together, right?” said Alexa.

“It’s ok, keep going. I’ll take the responsibility.” Said Samuel.

He enjoyed this conversation that keep getting hot.

“Thank you very much. Well, I just wondering. Yesterday you get mad because of Cornelio don’t want to follow your orders, even you have punch him. It’s make sense if you have any anger to him, then it still continued today. Usually, Cornelio leaving his bag in the classroom before gone to anywhere but he keeps late to get back in class. Today he doesn’t leave his bag, so he must be got some trouble on the way. Why you asking his punishment than explaining the habit of other member to safe him?” ask Noel.

“I-I … uhh …”

Nathan got high pressure from Noel and can’t beat or avoid it.

“Or maybe you know something about this case?” Noel keep push him.

“Alright, stop right there, Noel. Don’t let our guest waiting out there, come in!” said Samuel.

All Cadets are surprised if they got a guest while Nathan getting more panic.

“Seriously, what are you guys talking about?” said Cornelio when entering the classroom.

“We just start with some Civil War conversation, but I guess it already end. Why you wearing those boots?” ask Samuel.

Cornelio wearing pair of boots that used for RT Simulation.

“My snickers are broken.” Said Cornelio.

He dropped his broken snicker on the floor.

“Somebody who did this has bad good humor.” Said Cornelio.

Someone has scribbled it before ripped away.

“I’ve asked the officer to borrow it, we just get remedial test today, right?” Said Cornelio.

“Whatever, just get on your seat and we’ll start the lesson.” Said Samuel.

“Yes, sir …” Cornelio answer it with lazy voice.

Then he going to his seat.

“Ah, thanks for defend me.” Said Cornelio to Noel.

“It’s not like I did it for you.” Said Noel.

“Haha, I guess so. Alexa, please lend me your book. I forget to bring mine.” Said Cornelio.

“How many times you forget your own stuff?” ask Alexa.

“Please, next time I’ll check my stuff …!” Cornelio beg her.

“This is the last time, right? Jeez, what are you bring in your bag every day?” Alexa lends her book.

“Thank you.” Cornelio drop his bag on his chair then it broken up too.

“Tch …! Now this ….” said Cornelio.

“What is that?!” said Samuel.

“Why my chair is broke – Wait, it just the bolts. It’s ok, I got this.” Said Cornelio.

He take screwdriver from his bag.

“Well, then fix it by yourself.” Said Samuel.

Samuel continue to write on the board.

“Jeez, it still morning but my day is already ruined.” Said Cornelio.

“Maybe this is your bad day, you should be careful.” Said Lemirk.

“Sounds like that, all I can do just face it no matter what happened.” Said Cornelio.

He dropped the chair just like expressing his anger.

“Easy, Cornelio! That chair is military property.” Said Samuel.

Instead of laugh at Cornelio’s bad day, Nathan is shocked with unpredicted result of his trap.