Chapter 493:

Chapter 493: Opening Strike

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 493: Opening Strike

Narrator: Joe’s battle against Jackson continues and he believes he is finally getting somewhere.

*Jackson has his four small tornadoes out*

Joe: (Thinking) If he can stop my tornadoes, then I can stop his!

*Jackson sends his four tornadoes after Joe*

Joe: Let’s do this!

*Joe creates a cloud with each of his hands. The two clouds start releasing snow and ice horizontally at the tornadoes. The tornadoes start to weaken and shrink slowly*

Joe: Now, freezing winds!

*Freezing winds are then released from the clouds. The tornadoes completely dissipate*

*Jackson smiles*

Jackson: Good.

*Jackson then forms a large ice block and releases it toward Joe*

*Joe releases a Derecho which hits the ice block directly and sends it back at Jackson*

*Jackson dodges it as Joe starts running toward him*

Jackson: (Thinking) Let’s see his reaction times.

*Jackson uses his eyes and releases a small tornado as Joe gets closer to him*

*Joe opens his eyes wide as this happens*

*Joe covers his hands with ice and does a swiping motion with both to cool down the tornado as he is caught in it. The tornado shrinks enough for him to escape it and then he goes in for the punch*

*Jackson blocks Joe’s punch*

*Jackson then uses his eyes to create a lightning strike. Joe punches Jackson in the face while being struck by lightning. Joe screams in pain right after landing the punch*

*Jackson creates a strong gust of wind to knock Joe back*

Joe: (Thinking) His lightning strikes still hurt me a lot. But it seemed that I am able to land punches when he is using his eyes to summon lightning. I need to create an opening so I can land the decisive strike. I can do this! I know I can!

*The others are looking down at Joe*

Zothena: I can see what he is supposed to do.

Zenfaro: But does he know?

Harmona: And even if he does know, can he pull it off perfectly?

Zeth: I have complete confidence in him.

Emily: He’s figured it out. I can tell.

*Joe forms a lightning bolt in his left hand. He then forms a lightning bolt with ice properties in his right hand*

Joe: It’s time!

*Joe immediately dodges the lightning strike that Jackson causes and starts moving toward him*

*Jackson releases four small tornadoes*

*Joe throws the ice lightning bolt at the tornadoes*

*Jackson tries to strike down the ice lightning bolt with his own lightning strikes but Joe throws the regular lightning bolt to cancel it*

*The ice lightning bolt spreads lightning in all directions and cools down the small tornadoes*

*Joe forms a regular lightning bolt with a tiny tornado swirling around it as well as a regular lightning bolt*

*Jackson forms two ice blocks and launches them toward Joe*

Joe: I’m going to beat you!

Jackson: Show me!

*Joe throws the regular lightning bolt at the two ice blocks which breaks them into smaller pieces and allows Joe to keep on moving*

*Jackson uses the water on the floor to turn it into a wave. He sends the wave toward Joe*

*Joe uses his free hand to create ice and completely freezes the wave*

*Joe jumps on top of the wave but Jackson has his lightning strike attack prepared*

*Joe confidently smiles as he throws his lightning bolt with the tiny tornado upwards as he reaches the top of the frozen wave. His lightning bolt and the lightning strike collide*

*The tornado grows bigger and stronger and flies like a bullet toward Jackson and hits him directly, knocking him into the wall with high force*

*Joe starts his finishing attack and hits Jackson with a powerful gut-punch*

*Jackson smiles as he coughs up blood*

Jackson: Well done. You’ve passed.

Narrator: Joe has passed Jackson’s test!

Chapter 493 END

To be Continued in Chapter 494: The New Storm Lord