Chapter 494:

Chapter 494: The New Storm Lord

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 494: The New Storm Lord

Narrator: Joe’s battle against Jackson has now ended.

*The arena is now cleared of the poor weather and everyone is gathered*

Jackson: It is time.

*Jackson claps his hands together and his aura becomes fully charged*

Jackson: I will now begin the transfer process. The process will take a bit to complete. While it happens, I want to tell you the purpose of the challenge.

Joe: Didn’t you say that it is to see if I’m worthy?

Jackson: Yes, but it goes further than that. Being the Storm Lord gives you great capabilities, but you need to make sure that you understand that it doesn’t make you invincible. Even the Storm Lord has weaknesses and through this battle, you were able to learn that. If you were to go into battle thinking you will win just because you are the Storm Lord, it would lead you to a quick death. You must also be aware that me giving you the complete Storm Lord abilities does not increase your current strength. You must continue to train yourself.

Joe: …I understand.

Jackson: In just another minute, the transfer will begin. The transfer will give you pain so prepare to endure it.

*Joe is taken by surprise*

Joe: Wait!? How much pain!?

Jackson: Enough that you might scream.

Joe: Huh!?

Jackson: The transfer will now begin.

*Jackson’s aura now flows from his body to Joe’s. The aura now surrounds Joe’s body and he starts screaming in pain*

Zeth: I can tell that it is painful besides just his screams. The aura is trying to force its way into Joe’s body.

Sasha: It makes me wonder why those spheres that gave us Soul Power didn’t do the same thing.

Kurt: And Master Dom giving me Aura Magic didn’t hurt either.

Harmona: This is different. This is the complete transfer from one person to another. Jackson isn’t just giving Joe Storm Lord powers. He is completely transferring all of his Storm Lord power to Joe. As in Jackson won’t have Storm Lord powers anymore afterward.

*Zeth, Sasha, Kurt, Emily, and Keith look at her in shock*

Harmona: And that is a lot for his body to take in all at once.

*Joe still screams in pain as Jackson’s Storm Lord power force its way into his body*

*Soon, it finishes getting into Joe’s body. His eyes turn to Storm Lord eyes and he then falls onto his hands and knees in exhaustion*

Jackson: It is complete.

Emily: You made it through.

Joe: *huff huff* And I’m going to need a long nap after this…!

*Joe stands up again*

Jackson: My ancestor gave me Storm Lord abilities and now I, as your ancestor, give you Storm Lord abilities.

Joe: Is there anything else I need to know?

Jackson: You probably already figured this out by now but the full Storm Lord powers basically halt your aging once you reach your peak age.

*Jackson’s hair starts turning from brown to gray*

Joe: Your hair, it’s turning gray?

Jackson: And once you transfer over your Storm Lord powers, you start aging again and it speeds up to get to your natural age. That is the consequence of using a deity’s power as a mortal.

Joe: I wonder how my status as an Enigmus because of the demon heart implanted in my body affects this. My aging was already slowed down.

*Jackson is now becoming wrinkly in addition to having gray hair*

Jackson: Then perhaps what is happening to me right now will not happen to you when the time comes that you decide to transfer your Storm Lord powers to someone… I have but a few minutes left until my time is over.

Joe: Thank you, ancestor. I will make you proud.

*Jackson falls on his back, now too old and weak to stand*

Jackson: I will now join my family and friends in Heaven. Good luck, Joe…

*Jackson dies and then his body becomes nothing but a skeleton*

*They all just stand there looking at him*

Joe: I hope he finds happiness there.

Harmona: We will make sure that he is reunited with his loved ones. Come, it’s time that we leave.


Narrator: Later, back outside of the underwater structure.

*They are all back on Harmone’s shore as the magic entrance submerges again*

Harmona: I can only hope that this place will not be needed again for its original purpose, but I do not have confidence in that sadly.


Narrator: Later in Heaven.

Harmona: Now that all of that is taken care of, I think there is some other business that needs to be taken care of.

*Harmona gives Zeth a stern look*

Harmona: Zeth, you are getting that surgery. Miranda was able to bail you out of Stage 5 but she is not here anymore.

Zeth: Ah crap.

Harmona: I know it’s almost your birthday but you will be fine to celebrate this one while recovering from surgery.

*Zeth looks disappointed*

Zeth: Ugh. Fine.


Narrator: In Hell.

*The Dark Goddess is holding a Council of Demons meeting*

Dakame: I know we are all disappointed that our invasion will need to be held off for the time being, but think of it this way, we can build up our forces to even greater levels.

Zepto: I can tell you I want to take down Zaydra. Isn’t that right, Sane?

*Sane nods his head a bunch*

Dakame: And you will. I just request your patience. I promise it will be rewarded. But one of the reasons I have called this meeting was to introduce you all to someone that has joined our side. You may come in, Shade.

*The large doors to the room open and someone walks in. He has shoulder-length black hair. He has a scar across his chin. He has Dark Divine Eyes. And he has a blue gemstone on his forehead in the shape of a crying soul*

Narrator: Deity of Sorrows – Shade.

*Shade smiles*

Shade: I am honored to be here.

Dakame: He is the Deity of Sorrows. I believe he will be a great asset to our side.

Shade: I will do everything in my power to bring victory to Hell.

Dakame: We will continue to prepare and when the time comes, all-out war against Heaven will commence. The Final Great Chaos will be upon us!

Narrator: Joe has become the new Storm Lord! Even with their invasion delayed, Hell continues to prepare for it. Who is this mysterious deity known as Shade? Is the final war really on the horizon?

Chapter 494 END

To be Continued in Chapter 495: Servant and Princess


Arc Completed: April 30th, 2018

Author's Note: Although the next chapter is listed as 495, the next piece of content I will be posting in this story is actually a two-part side story. Given that I write this story looking at it as a manga or anime, it led to me eventually thinking about "If Beyond The Stars was to ever get a movie like many manga/anime series do, what would it be about?" I have written a few "movie" side stories for this series and the next time I post, it will be one of them.

The reason for posting it in between Chapters 494 and 495 is that in terms of the timeline, the story takes place in between Chapters 494 and 495 so it only makes sense to post it like that too.

As for whether or not it's canon, it doesn't do anything to go against canon but at the same time, nothing that happens in it will be referenced or brought up in the main chapters so it can technically be skipped if you have no interest in it.

Although I conceived the story for it in 2017, I didn't actually get to writing it until 2020. 

So next time, "The Light of One" will be posted.