Chapter 495:

Intermission Side Story - The Light of One (Part 1)

Beyond The Stars

Beyond The Stars: The Light of One

NOTE: This BTS side story takes place during the 12 year time skip in between Chapters 494 and 495. Part 1 of this is about 6400 words. Technically, the whole thing is meant to be read all in one sitting but I decided to split it into two three separate parts and also divided each section into "Scenes" for further bookmarking. I'm not sure if I should consider this canon. It does not contradict any other part of the canon but nothing that happens in this side story is ever brought up or referenced later on. It's a standalone thing. I originally conceived the plot for this side story in 2017 but did not actually get around to writing it until 2020. And one last thing, this side story was written like it was a movie for Beyond The Stars so there will be some stuff written like it is describing what would be actually be shown in the movie. The main series does some of this too but it stands out more in this side story.

Scene 1

*It’s a bright sunny day on Earth. In an overhead view of a road in a desert area, there is a jeep driving on it*

Zeth: (Narrating) Welcome to the country of Tugran. It’s located on the western side of the world so I don’t get to come here often. I’m here to assist some archeologists on a potential great discovery.

*The camera starts zooming downwards until we see who is in the jeep. There are two people. One of them is Zeth who is in the passenger seat while the other guy is driving. The driver looks like he is in his 30s and has short black hair. They are both wearing light brown archeologist clothes and sunglasses*

Zeth: So Henry, why hasn’t your team been able to explore this tomb you found?

Henry: When we go in there, we start feeling dizzy and feel like we can neither physically nor mentally handle being in there.

*Zeth rubs his chin*

Zeth: Hmmm. Those symptoms… That’s right! Those sound like the symptoms that mortals have when going into an area full of divine energy.

Henry: Then it’s a good thing we decided to ask a divine being like you to assist us.

Zeth: But my question is why is this tomb full of divine energy? It’s not like it’s a place of worship like the Temple of the Light Goddess.

Henry: Hopefully, that will be answered when you actually explore the tomb.

Zeth: How much farther until we actually get there?

Henry: Not too much longer. We’re actually about to go off the road here in a moment.

*Henry turns the jeep so they go off the road and things start getting a little bumpy*

Zeth: Woah! Aren’t you worried that you might drive over something that causes a flat tire?

Henry: It’s fine. We’ve done this many times before.

*Soon, they start seeing an archeologist camp up ahead*

Henry: There it is. Up ahead.

*Henry drives the jeep up to the camp and stops. The camp is comprised of a bunch of tents and some tables set out that have supplies on them*

*Zeth and Henry get out of the jeep*

*Zeth pulls his sunglasses up to his forehead and looks at the tomb entrance. It looks like a ruined small barn with ancient architecture*

Zeth: This… This looks like it was built by Heaven but time and the elements have deteriorated it.

*Some of the other archeologists come up to them*

Henry: Team, this is Zeth Zensora, the son of the Light Goddess, Harmona. He will be helping us explore this tomb.

*The other team members start talking to each other with intrigue, some even stating how awesome it is to meet a god in the flesh. However, one of the team members steps forward and walks up to Zeth and she looks super excited. She is a young woman that has light gray skin and yellow eyes. Her hair is blonde and she has it in two large pigtails*

Woman: Oh my goddess! Oh my goddess! Oh my goddess!! It’s really you!!

*Zeth looks confused*

Zeth: Uhhh, yes?

Woman: Oh? Please forgive me. You don’t know who I am yet. Allow me to introduce myself!

*The young woman starts twirling around happily and then faces Zeth’s again with her left hand on her chest and right hand held outwards. She has a big smile*

Woman: My name is Abby! And I am your number one fan!!

Zeth: My number one fan? I didn’t even know I had a fanbase.

Abby: Well, you do and I am at the top!

Zeth: Based on your skin and eye color, you’re a native of the country of Vandox aren’t you?

Abby: You betcha! I was still in the country when you went there. You saved us from the vampires!

*Abby starts doing a bunch of punching motions*

Abby: You went bip! Bap! Bam! Pow! Right in the kisser to those vampires! Thanks to you putting an end to the tyranny of those vampires, I am now able to live out my dream of being an archeologist!

Zeth: Well, I’m happy I was able to help.

*Abby then pulls out a clipboard with a piece of paper as well as a pen. She has a big grin on her face*

Abby: I really, really, really want your autograph!! Can you sign this!? Please!

*Zeth looks a little overwhelmed by her energy but takes the clipboard and pen*

Zeth: Sure thing.

*Zeth signs the paper and gives it back to her*

Abby: Yes!!!

*She hugs the clipboard like it were a child*

*Zeth walks toward the tomb entrance*

Zeth: Alright. I’m going in. Due to the divine energy inside this tomb, everyone else needs to wait out here.

*Abby looks disappointed*

Abby: Ahh, but I wanted to go in with you.

Henry: You can’t. Your body wouldn’t be able to handle the divine energy.

*Zeth goes inside and goes down some stairs that lead underground*

Scene 2

*Zeth is now deep in the tomb and walks through a hallway*

Zeth: Yeah, this is definitely Heaven’s architecture. But mom has never mentioned this place to me. Maybe it even predates her.

*He soon reaches a large door that is sealed shut*

Zeth: This sure doesn’t look like a door that will be easy to get open. Just what exactly is in this tomb?

*Zeth puts his hand on the door and it starts glowing. He pulls his hand back*

Zeth: What did I just do?

*The door starts opening*

Zeth: Does my light divinity give me access to this?

*He goes into a room that dead ends but in the room is a pedestal that is wrapped in heavenly chains*

Zeth: What is this for? A pedestal wrapped in chains. Why?

*Zeth grabs the chains and starts tearing them off. Once all of the chains are off, the pedestal starts glowing with green energy. That energy starts shooting out from the pedestal and swirls all over the room*

*Zeth looks shocked*

Zeth: What’s happening!?

*The whole place starts shaking like there is an earthquake and now Zeth looks panicked*

Zeth: Don’t tell me I just started the end of the world or something!!


*Outside the tomb, the shaking can be felt there and the sky has suddenly turned dark. The archeologists are very concerned and Abby is not there*

Henry: What’s happening in there!? And where did Abby go!?

*Suddenly, a large blinding green light shoots out from the tomb and up toward the sky. The archeologists have to cover their eyes with their arms*

Henry: This light! Did Zeth trigger something!?


*Back inside the tomb, Abby is peaking into the entranceway of the room that Zeth is in*

Abby: (Thinking) This is crazy!

*Suddenly, there is a bright flash of light in the room and everything goes blank*

Scene 3

*In first-person view, someone’s eyes start slowly opening. Abby is looking down at the person*

Abby: Zeth! Zeth! Are you okay!?

*No longer in first-person view, they are still in the pedestal room*

Zeth: Abby? How are you in here? Wait, all the divine energy in the tomb is gone so I guess that’s how. How long has it been since you found me?

Abby: It’s been 30 minutes.

Zeth: I see.

*Zeth stands up*

Zeth: Come on, let’s get out of here.

Scene 4

*Zeth and Abby are now outside the tomb. It’s now bright outside again*

Zeth: Did you see anything happen out here?

Henry: It was insane! First, the sky suddenly turned dark. Then there was this earthquake-like shaking and then a blinding green light shot up into the sky!

Zeth: I’m not sure what to make of all that. That seems like a significant thing but everything seems normal. I need to get back to Heaven and figure out what happened.

*Zeth looks up to the sky*

Zeth: Hey, mom. I’m ready to go back to Heaven. Can you send some angels to pick me up?

*They wait for a bit but no angels ever show up*

Zeth: Why did she not send any angels? Damn it! I guess I will be making the long trip back to Harmone and returning to Heaven via the Temple of the Light Goddess. That is especially painful because I’m on the other side of the world.

Henry: Allow me to help. I can boat you back to Harmone.

Abby: And I have decided I would like to go with you.

Scene 5

*At some point later, it is currently sunset. Zeth and Abby are on a medium-sized boat that Henry is controlling. Zeth looks over the edge out at the ocean water. He then looks at Abby who is standing right next to him and she has a big smile on her face*

Zeth: I didn’t really think about this until now but why did you want to come with me?

*Abby starts happily twirling around*

Abby: Well, as your number one fan, I want to be with you! I am living out my dream of being an archeologist, but I also no longer have a permanent home.

Zeth: You do realize though that I’m going to Heaven and as a mortal, you will not be able to go there, right?

*Abby starts doing more happy twirling around*

Abby: But that is where you are wrong!

*Zeth raises an eyebrow. Abby is still happily twirling*

Abby: You want to know why?

*Abby stops twirling and then has a big grin on her face*

Abby: Because I… am a vampire!

*Zeth raises an eyebrow again*

Zeth: Come on now. Don’t lie to me. You don’t even have vampire eyes or fangs.

*Abby starts happily twirling again*

Abby: And you are wrong again! For you see…

*Abby stops twirling and again has a big grin*

Abby: …I have Shape Shifting Magic and can use that to alter my appearance to hide my vampirism!

*Suddenly, her eyes start to turn vampiric red and vampiric fangs appear in her mouth*

Abby: See!? I am absolutely telling the truth!

*She starts happily twirling around again*

Zeth: I am genuinely surprised by this. I am sorry you lost your humanity.

*Abby stops twirling around*

Abby: Don’t be. It was my choice to become a vampire.

*Zeth looks shocked*

Zeth: Why did you choose to become one!?

*Abby once again starts happily twirling*

Abby: Why, you ask?

*Abby stops twirling*

Abby: It is because I wanted to be with you! After seeing you free Vandox from the vampires, I wanted to live forever so I forced a vampire to turn me into one! Isn’t that great!? Now I can be with you!

*Zeth looks creeped out for a moment but regains his composure*

Zeth: You really shouldn’t have done that. I’m already in a relationship.

*Abby’s jaw drops in complete shock*

Zeth: If it hurts you so much, you don’t have to come with me.

*Abby then regains her composure*

Abby: No, no. It’s fine. After all, I am your number one fan. A number one fan should not waiver in her fandom.

*Zeth scratches his head*

Zeth: Alright then.

Scene 6

Narrator: A week later.

*Zeth and Abby are now on Harmone and a map on-screen shows that they are in the northwest portion of the country*

Zeth: We now just need to head east to get to the Temple of the Light Goddess.

Abby: Roger that!

*On the map, they are shown heading east*

Scene 7

*Zeth and Abby continue heading east but Zeth looks disturbed though*

Zeth: The longer this goes, the more concerned I get. What happened? It’s been over a week and no angels were ever sent to come and get me.

*Abby runs in front of Zeth and then starts happily twirling*

Abby: I say there is nothing for you to worry about. I’m sure everything is fine.

*Abby stops twirling*

Abby: After all, what could possibly happen to Heaven? It’s Heaven after all.

Zeth: Whatever power was released from that tomb could have done something bad.

*Suddenly, coming down from the sky is a group of flying angels*

*Zeth and Abby look up and notice them*

Zeth: Finally!

Abby: See? Everything is fine.

Zeth: What took you guys… so…

*Zeth doesn’t finish his sentence as his eyes start opening wide*

*The angels start releasing projectile magic attacks at them*

Zeth: Abby! Get out of the way!

*Zeth and Abby dodge the projectile magic attacks launched at them*

Zeth: What’s wrong with you guy!? It’s me! Zeth!

Male Angel: Kill the non-believers!

*Zeth looks confused*

Zeth: Non-believers? What?

*The angels start releasing more projectile magic attacks as they fly downwards toward the ground*

*Zeth and Abby once again dodge the attacks. Zeth then has a serious expression on his face*

Zeth: Abby, stand back.

*Zeth forms a bunch of Star Shards in his hands and throws them up toward the angels. The shards curve so that they come at the angels from the sides and cut through their wings. The angels start falling*

*Zeth forms Chains of Heaven in both hands and releases them so that they wrap around all of the falling angels. He then slams them down on the ground. He unwraps the chains and they disappear*

Zeth: Tell me what’s going on.

*The angels all stand up and then start running toward Zeth. The first male angel tries to punch Zeth but Zeth sidesteps, grabs onto the arm, and then kicks him away. The first female angel and the second male angel try attacking at the same time. Zeth ducks to dodge and grabs one angel and then throws him into the other one*

*The third male angel, the second female angel, and the fourth male angel all try attacking at the same time. Zeth elbows the third male to the gut, then immediately uppercuts the second female angel, and finally, he dodges the fourth male angel’s punch before grabbing onto his shoulders and headbutts him*

*One final angel, the third female, comes at Zeth from the side. He blocks her punch and then grabs onto her and slams her down onto the ground*

Zeth: Tell me! What’s going on!?

Female Angel: I refuse to answer anything to a non-believer!

*Zeth looks really frustrated and shoves her face into the ground, causing her to fall unconscious*

*Zeth stands up*

Zeth: I guess the only way I’m getting answers is to march straight into Heaven.

Abby: But what if no one there talks either?

Zeth: The source of the problem is going to be there so it won’t matter.

*Zeth and Abby look out to the Temple of the Light Goddess in the distance*

Zeth: Let’s go.

Abby: Right.

*Zeth and Abby start heading towards the temple*

Scene 8

*Zeth and Abby head into the altar room of the Temple of the Light Goddess. There is a circular ray of light coming out of a hole in the ceiling*

Zeth: This is it. Our path to Heaven. If you want to back out, this is your last chance.

*Abby stands firm*

Abby: No way! As your number one fan, I would follow you into Hell and back if I had to.

*Zeth shakes a bit*

Zeth: I’m terrified of what we might find there. Sasha, mom, Kurt, Zaydra, Zenfaro, and everyone else. Please be safe.

Abby: I’m betting they are fighting whatever force of evil invaded Heaven. The forces of Heaven won’t fall so easily.

Zeth: Thanks for the encouragement. I’m ready now.

*They go into the ray of light and start floating up to the hole in the ceiling*

Zeth: (Thinking) I’m coming, everyone!

Scene 9

*Zeth and Abby are now in Heaven and they immediately go to hide behind a short wall. They start taking peaks around. All the angels in the area look like they are going about their business normally*

Zeth: (Whispering) I don’t get it. Everything looks normal. No one is acting out of the ordinary. It’s as if nothing changed.

Abby: (Whispering) Maybe you just did something to piss those angels off earlier.

Zeth: (Whispering) Of course not! And that wouldn’t explain the non-believer stuff.

*Loudspeakers in the area then come on and a voice is heard. It’s Diamond’s voice*

Diamond: Attention. Light Goddess Harmona will be giving a speech at our ceremony stage in one hour. She would like all angels that are able, to attend. Thank you.

*The loudspeakers shut off*

Zeth: (Whispering) Maybe this speech will give us the answers. Follow me.

Abby: (Whispering) Okay.

*They start sneaking around*

Scene 10

Narrator: An hour later.

*Zeth and Abby have snuck into the second floor of a building and have opened a window that has a view of the ceremony stage. Many angels have gathered for the speech. Zeth is peaking out the window*

Abby: What are you doing?

Zeth: I’m trying to see if I can see anyone like Sasha or Kurt down there. But there are just too many people.

*Harmona walks out onto the stage for the speech and goes up to the lectern with the microphone. All the angels are clapping for her arrival. Once the clapping stops, she begins her speech*

Harmona: I want to thank everyone for coming here today. You all are probably wondering what this speech is for. Well, to that I say, we are entering into a new era! That’s right! A new era where we will prosper!

*All the angels begin clapping*

Zeth: A new era? But we haven’t even defeated Hell yet.

*Once all of the angels finish clapping, Harmona continues*

Harmona: This new era will allow us to crush Hell! And it’s all thanks to… our lord and savior, the best god there ever was, Kenzora!

*The crowd goes wild with their cheering after that comment. Zeth’s jaw drops. He is completely dumbfounded*

Abby: Who is Kenzora?

Zeth: I don’t have a damn clue.

*Once the crowd ends their cheering, Harmona continues*

Harmona: I can tell you all this! Soon, all of our problems will be solved! And those problems being solved will begin with the execution of all non-believers!

*The crowd once again begins cheering wildly. Zeth looks nervous*

*Once the crowd ends their cheering, Harmona continues*

Harmona: Any divine being that doesn’t support Kenzora is a non-believer! It’s convert or die!

*Zeth is starting to get angry*

Zeth: Damn it! Who is this Kenzora!?

*Harmona continues*

Harmona: Once all of the non-believers have been executed, we will convert all of the mortals on Earth to follow the great Kenzora! And after that, we will destroy Hell! Kenzora is the one and true ruler of Earth and its dimensions!

*Zeth clinches his fist and looks so angry as if he is about to punch a hole in the wall*

Harmona: Everyone here needs to know that there is a non-believer on the loose! The non-believer must be executed!

*The crowd cheers wildly again*

Harmona: I thank all of you for your time!

Zeth: There is one on the loose? Is she referring to me? This is bad. I need to get farther into Heaven to figure out what’s going on. But I can’t get caught. What should I do?

*Abby looks at Zeth with a big grin*

Abby: Don’t worry. Your number one fan has got you covered.

Zeth: In what way?

Abby: I can use my shape-shifting magic to temporarily modify your face.

*Zeth looks happy*

Zeth: That’s a great idea. Let’s do it.

Scene 11

*Zeth now has a super weird and ugly face. He has slumping eyes, a big bumpy nose, and it just looks asymmetrical in general. Abby shapeshifts her arm into a mirror so he can look*

Abby: Well? What do you think?

*Zeth looks into the mirror and freaks out a bit*

Zeth: It’s hideous! Couldn’t you have made me look better?

Abby: It’s hard to shapeshift others and at the very least, you won’t look like you normally do. Let me explain my magic. Shapeshifting myself is simple. I know my own body’s chemistry. But other things or people, I have to learn their body’s chemistry. For those that have magic, it’s even harder to do because I also have to shapeshift their magic or it won’t work. When I do that, it uses their magic to maintain the shapeshift. Your magic will slowly drain for as long as you keep the shapeshift up.

Zeth: The problem is that my new ugly look is going to stick out.

Abby: As I said, it’s still better than nothing. Just look at it like you are a guy who got unlucky with your genes.

Scene 12

*Zeth (with his ugly altered face) and Abby (who has altered herself to have a lighter skin tone as well as hide her vampiric eyes and fangs) are walking out in the open. She has shapeshifted their clothes so they look like white angel clothes*

Abby: See? It’s working like a charm.

Zeth: Working like a charm here doesn’t mean it will work everywhere in Heaven, especially if we encounter any high-ranking angels.

???: Hey, you two.

*Zeth and Abby stop and turn around to see a high-ranking male angel.

Zeth: (Thinking) Speak of the devil!

Male Angel: I don’t think I’ve seen you two around here before. And you sir, did something happen to your face?

*Zeth is extremely nervous*

Zeth: I…

*Abby interrupts him*

Abby: He’s just really self-conscious about his face so he doesn’t like to go out often. I’m his sister so I watch out for him.

Angel: Hmm. Alright, sorry to bother you. Take care now.

*The angel starts walking away. Zeth looks shocked*

Zeth: (Thinking) How the hell did that work!? He actually bought her story!?

*Zeth looks at Abby and she gives him a thumbs up*

Zeth: I don’t know how you made that work but let’s keep going.

Scene 13

Narrator: Meanwhile with Harmona.

*Harmona and Diamond are walking in Harmona’s headquarters. Diamond looks at Harmona as they walk*

Diamond: There is something that still bothers me. What’s going to happen if Prince Zeth shows up?

Harmona: Zeth is an understanding boy. He will be converted to Kenzorism. If he doesn’t convert, he will die.

*Diamond nods*

Diamond: You’re right. After all, who wouldn’t want to be a follower of the great Kenzora?

Harmona: Yes, we will be one big happy family under the rulership of Kenzora. I think it’s only a matter of time until he shows up.

Scene 14

*The shapeshifted Zeth and Abby are now farther in Heaven*

Zeth: I need to find Sasha.

Abby: But she will likely just be a Kenzora follower too.

Zeth: Even if that’s the case, I’m sure I could get through to her due to our relationship.

*Abby looks a little envious*

Zeth: Let’s ask someone if they know where she is.

*Zeth and Abby go up to a female angel*

Zeth: Excuse me, miss, but have you seen Sasha?

Female Angel: Sasha? Oh, she went to go train in the underground chamber. I don’t know when she will be back.

Zeth: Thank you for the information.

*Zeth and Abby start walking away*

Zeth: That chamber is close by. Let’s go.

*They head towards the chamber, but someone not too far away is watching them. The view of the person is from behind them so it can’t be seen what the person looks like*

Scene 15

*Zeth and Abby are now in the underground chamber. It is mostly dark inside*

Abby: It’s dark in here but it looks like a workout gym.

Zeth: Sasha and I come in here to condition our bodies better, especially after obtaining Soul Power. We need our bodies to be in peak physical condition to make great use of it. This may appear similar to a mortal gym, but it has enhanced conditions that make it far tougher than anything you can find in the mortal world.

*Zeth starts having a flashback. In the flashback, Zeth is shirtless as he walks away from his workout all sweaty*

Zeth: What a workout that was.

*He goes over to where Sasha is. She is hanging upside down from a pull-up bar with her legs. Her hair is in a ponytail and she is wearing a black sports bra. There is hot steam in the area as well. As Zeth gets close to where she is, he immediately falls flat on the ground*

Zeth: Holy moly! How high do you have the gravity set!?

*Sasha does an upside-down pull-up. She is very sweaty*

Sasha: It’s set to be 100 times Earth’s gravity.

*Zeth slowly stands up*

Zeth: This gravity setting would absolutely crush the body of an ordinary mortal. And you’re able to do those with this gravity plus the hot steam.

*Sasha succeeds in doing another upside-down pull-up*

Sasha: We have to maximize our conditioning to make full use of Soul Power.

*Sasha tries another one but fails and falls from the pull-up bar*

Sasha: I guess I reached my limit.

*Zeth smiles*

Zeth: And I guess I better try to keep up.

*Sasha confidently grins*

Sasha: I wouldn’t mind a little competition for our workouts.

Zeth: You’re on!

*The flashback ends*

Zeth: Those were some brutal workouts we had but they were also fun.

Abby: Well, I’m not seeing anyone else in here.

Zeth: Maybe she already left. There’s a second way into this chamber so let’s exit out through it.

*As they head for the other exit, there is a super dark area of the chamber shown. Red eyes open up, but nothing else is visible*

Scene 16

*Zeth and Abby come out of the other exit of the chamber and as soon as they do, they are surrounded by angels. They are both shocked*

Zeth: (Thinking) How was our cover blown!?

*One angel steps forward. It’s Kurt*

Kurt: You two are suspicious.

Abby: What are you talking about? I’m just a woman escorting my self-conscious brother.

Kurt: Cut the crap! I used my magic tracking ability and noticed that the ugly man has active magic on his face while the woman has active magic all over her body. What are you hiding?

Zeth: (Thinking) I didn’t even consider Kurt’s power when Abby brought up this idea! Damn it!

Zeth: I guess there’s no hiding it any longer…

*Zeth and Abby return to their normal appearances*

Kurt: So, it’s you, Zeth.

Zeth: I guess I have no choice but to fight my way through Heaven to get answers.

Abby: I believe in you then. If everyone here has fallen to darkness, then you will be the lone light to pull them out of it. You are the light of one. I will try to draw as many of them away from you as I can.

Zeth: I can’t let you handle all of these angels on your own!

Abby: Don’t worry. I will be fine.

Kurt: Neither of you are going anywhere.

Abby: Watch me!

*Abby jumps over all of the angels surrounding them. She starts running*

Abby: Catch me if you can!

Kurt: Fine. All of you go after her. I can handle Zeth on my own.

*All of the other angels chase after Abby while Kurt focuses his attention on Zeth*

Kurt: I’m so disappointed in you.

*Zeth just stares with determination*

Kurt: I’m disappointed that you would choose to be a non-believer.

*Zeth then looks frustrated*

Zeth: You didn’t even know who Kenzora was until like a week ago!

Kurt: That is true. But he is the one who opened my eyes. I’m sad that you don’t value your friends and family enough to also open your eyes. Kenzora is love! Kenzora is life!

*Zeth begins angrily yelling*

Zeth: No! Your eyes aren’t open! In fact, they are more closed than they have ever been!!

*Zeth starts charging his magic and Kurt starts doing the same. Zeth and Kurt rush toward each other and try to punch each other but their fists collide and cancel each other out. Kurt tries a follow-up punch but Zeth blocks it with his arm. Zeth quickly retaliates with his own punch and hits Kurt on the face. Kurt is unable to react before Zeth kicks him and he stumbles back. Zeth then grabs him by the face and slams him down on the floor*

*Zeth looks at Kurt with a serious expression*

Zeth: Submit.

Kurt: You’re forgetting one thing…

*Suddenly, Zeth is knocked back and Kurt starts to stand up. There is a 5-foot radius of aura surrounding Kurt. A large fist made of the aura retracts and fades away*

Kurt: My Aura Area of Influence. You’re not getting close to me without getting automatically attacked by my aura power.

*Zeth stands up and wipes some blood from his cheek*

Zeth: I don’t need to get closer to you to take you down.

*Zeth releases a Star Shine Blast at Kurt. Kurt dodges by flying up in the air. The Star Shine Blast hits a building and partially destroys part of its outer wall. Kurt stays up in the air*

Zeth: You know, being a flying angel doesn’t protect you from everything.

*Zeth forms a Star Shine Blast in his right hand*

Zeth: There’s a strategy for every challenge.

*Zeth releases the Star Shine Blast up toward Kurt*

Kurt: All you are doing is trying the same thing again.

*Kurt just flies out of the way of the incoming Star Shine Blast but then immediately notices there are Chains of Heaven coming up toward him. His eyes open wide as he just barely avoids the chains trying to wrap around him*

*Zeth looks unphased by Kurt being able to avoid it*

Kurt: You were so close too.

*Zeth still looks unphased*

*Kurt starts preparing an attack, but as he does, a bunch of Star Shards breaks out from under the floor behind where he is flying above. They slice through his wings*

Kurt: What!?

*Kurt starts falling to the ground*

Zeth: As I said, there is a strategy for every challenge. While you were focused on dodging my earlier attacks, I released some Star Shards into the ground.

*Zeth goes into Raging Impact Mode and starts rushing toward where Kurt will fall to*

Zeth: And this mode will give me some protection from your Aura Area of Influence.

*Zeth jumps and gets close to Kurt as he falls. Zeth gut-punches Kurt while getting punched by the aura fist. Kurt coughs up blood*

*Thanks to the Raging Impact aura, Zeth is able to withstand the aura punch long enough to then swipe-kick Kurt and knock him back*

*Zeth is finally knocked to the ground by the punch of the aura fist*

*Kurt’s body rolls across the ground but soon comes to a stop. He gets on his hands and knees and starts coughing a lot*

*Zeth stands up*

Zeth: You’re strong, Kurt. But you’re not as strong as me. Just give up.

*Kurt finally stops coughing and then stands up. He wipes blood from his mouth*

Kurt: Giving up would be the same as shaming Kenzora. I won’t do that.

*Kurt goes into his Aura King form. His Area of Influence ends*

Kurt: This battle is just heating up.

Scene 17

Narrator: Meanwhile with Abby.

*Abby leads the angels on a chase. A male angel gets close to her and attempts to grab her but she shapeshifts herself to make herself only two feet tall*

Abby: Sorry! Too high!

*A female angel gets in front of her and attempts to punch her. Abby returns to her normal size and shapeshifts her arms to be steel blocks. This results in the angel feeling pain by punching them*

*Abby then immediately takes a left and returns her arms to normal*

Abby: Sorry! Too soft!

*The angels look frustrated*

Male Angel: How hard can it be to capture one woman!? I don’t even care anymore! Just blast her to bits!

*The angels in the front of the group start releasing various magic attacks, but before any of them hit Abby, she jumps and breaks through a window into a building that looks like a factory*

Male Angel: Get in there!

Scene 18

*Kurt is in his Aura King form while Zeth is in his Raging Impact Mode*

Zeth: Remember when you were brainwashed by Kogen’s Enigmus project? I ended your brainwashing by filling you with fear. I will do it again if I have to.

Kurt: No, Zeth. It is you who is brainwashed. I don’t see how anyone could legitimately hate Kenzora.

Zeth: Do you realize that you are in a cult!?

*Zeth goes from Raging Impact Mode to Raging Star Mode. Kurt starts rushing toward Zeth and thrusts his right arm forward. A barrage of Aura Fireballs is released. Zeth guards himself as he is hit by some of the Aura Fireballs. This allows Kurt to get in close*

Kurt: Max Flame Aura Punch!

*Kurt punches Zeth with a flaming punch. The punch knocks Zeth back and he looks to be in pain, but he digs his hands into the ground to slow and then stop his knockback*

Zeth: (Thinking) I can’t let this battle last long. It’s only a matter of time until other strong opponents show up.

*A magic image of a galaxy starts forming on Zeth’s left arm. As Kurt rushes toward Zeth, an aura drill forms out from his right hand*

Kurt: Try and take my Aura Drill!

Zeth: I don’t need to! Galaxy Blast!

*Zeth’s does an upwards motion with his arm and an orange beam comes up from the ground underneath Kurt and damages him as well as stops his attack. Zeth rushes toward Kurt and punches him, causing Kurt to stumble back. Zeth gets ready to punch Kurt again but Kurt also readies his own punch. They end up punching each other in the face. Zeth’s raging aura further damages Kurt*

Zeth: You were a better fighter when you weren’t brainwashed!

*Zeth uses a Star Shine Uppercut on Kurt and it knocks him upwards*

Zeth: I hate to have to hurt you more but I need my point to get across!

*Zeth releases a Shooting Star upwards and it hits Kurt directly and pushes him upwards even more as it damages him*

*The star soon dissipates and Kurt starts falling back down. He is heavily injured but tries one final attack as he falls*

Kurt: Crashing Aura!

*Kurt releases aura in a large cylinder shape down toward Zeth*

Zeth: I have no choice but to go directly through the attack.

*Zeth switches from Raging Star Mode to Raging Impact Mode and then launches himself upwards directly into Kurt’s attack. The aura starts dealing damage to Zeth’s body and leaves wounds, but thanks to the strong defense of Raging Impact Mode, he makes it through right up to Kurt*

*Kurt is shocked*

Kurt: No!

*Zeth puts his hands together and then pounds them down on Kurt which sends him crashing into the ground*

*Zeth lands back on the ground. Kurt is lying on the ground and is now unconscious*

*Zeth ends his Raging Impact Mode*

Zeth: Don’t worry. I will free you from this brainwashing.

*The view focuses close on the feet/shoes of someone that is walking. Zeth hears footsteps and turns around. It is Sasha and she is smiling*

Scene 19

*Sasha smiles but doesn’t say anything. Zeth smiles as he looks happy to see her. They start walking toward each other. Zeth talks as they walk toward each other*

Zeth: You’re fine, right? You haven’t gone crazy like everyone else, right?

*They get within point-blank range of each other and then suddenly, Zeth looks like he is in some pain. Sasha has pierced Zeth in the gut with her index finger. She lovingly smiles but Zeth looks absolutely shocked. Sasha puts her lips up close to Zeth’s ears and starts talking softly*

Sasha: Why did you choose to be a non-believer?

*Zeth’s eyes open wide in despair and he pushes her away. He then falls to his knees and holds onto his gut in intense pain. He then screams in a lot of pain*

Zeth: Aaaaaaahhhhhhh!!! Goddess damn it!!!

Sasha: If it was anyone else, I would carve out their insides and feed them to my Hellhounds. But not you. I will simply rehabilitate you until you become a believer.

*Zeth is in tears from both the intense pain and the shock. He starts having flashbacks, first to when he first met Sasha. Then to a time where she is smiling. Then to times they look happy together like on their first date. Zeth then starts having similar flashbacks with Harmona and Kurt, flashbacks to times when they were happy and the good times they have spent together*

Sasha: I know the pain is severe. That’s all the more reason to not betray me. We are a couple, remember?

*Zeth takes his hands off of his gut and looks at them. They are covered in his blood. Zeth’s rage then explodes as he stands up and looks up at the sky and screams*

Zeth: Kenzora!!! Come out, you bastard!!! How dare you do this!!!

*Zeth turns around and starts running in the direction of Harmona’s headquarters. Sasha looks surprised by this*

Sasha: Why would he do this? Why is he so against Kenzora?

*Sasha then has a flashback to seeing Zeth and Abby together. She then looks angry*

Sasha: This is her fault! She must be the reason why Zeth is a non-believer! I’m going to kill her!

*Sasha starts running in the direction that Abby had run off to*