Chapter 0:

"You're really burned out"

The Doll Metaphor Part 1

I walk thru the station, while walking, see a naked girl staring at me with a face that looked like that she was crying for me, not that I would mind if she'd that. While she looked at me, I sit next to her in the station bench.

"'s life? By the look of your face, not that great."She said.


"Stop making that, you damn well know that that face always makes me sad as hell."

I keep staring to space, not because I don't want to look at her, I was just confused to what to do next.

"Hey! At least talk to m-"

I looked at her, not dodging her eyes for single sec, my eyes were transmitting pure hate, motivation to do what she wanted, I succumbed to her desires in that short moment.

"Imagine that I do what you asked, will it save my little sister?"


She looked like didn't heard anything, but she did.

"You already know the answer to that question, dear."

"Cut the bullshit, you know very well that she's everything I've got, if she dies, everything that is left for me is dust...What can you do for me to believe in your word? I swear that if you don't keep your promise, my soul will come for you!"

"Ahahaha, chill out man! You know that I will keep your promise, I swear it."


I sighed, there was nothing I could do differently at that moment, absolutely nothing, only do what she wanted or live without anything at all.

"Mon chéri, just don't be afraid, I know how difficult is to make this decision, we both know it."

She grabs my hand.

I stepped a little back, my legs were shaking violently, it was like my whole body was starting to fail, almost like a heart attack. When I started to faint, she grabbed me, putting her neck next to mine, then kissed me with her soft dark lips of hers. Moments after, we were in front of the train and we both die kissing.  

Taylor Victoria