Chapter 1:

Cat girl (the protagonist)

The Doll Metaphor Part 1

I remember that day being a cloudy day, I was alongside a bunch of kids from my class, not recall much from their faces or what I was doing at that day before what happened.

The teacher was looking after the kids, she would held the kids firmly like a mother on her chest, I was her favorite girl to hold, so I slept many times in her arms while hearing the sound of her heartbeat.

There was a festival in that day because it celebrated the conquest of England over Japan in 2049 after the conflict between the two, the king was a foreigner and the queen Japanese because of said war.

I remember that people used robots for basicaly anything, look after the kids temporarily, paint the costumes that the children were going to use, even cook the meal for the entire school. Everyone was around the robot that was making the masks, they all seemed happy with the results that the device did. But me, an entirely different story because I didn't even had a mask for the "guy" to paint on. I was absolutely nervous and kinda ashamed for not brigging my, I didn't even know that that day would have a festival in the first place. 

I started to turn on my brain, time for some little stealing and be respected by the whole class. I decided to steal a mask that was in a wall, sticked to a board. With a little force and the will of Hercules, I succesfully grabed the mask, a mask of a blue cat (a very cute one).

When I wore the mask, returned to the class without anybody suspecting of me, the master of thieves, I was. Without noticing, the teacher that I liked so much was in front of me, my nervousness was quicking again, I was getting ready to go to prison for my crimes.

Then I looked at her face, depressing, my level of awareness was not understanding what was happening, then she grabed me and held me tightly, her sad face was like nothing I've ever seen at the time.




"Your now in a better place, she said to me that she loves you like the world and that she had to go to a place very far from here."

I didn't understand anything that she just said, I was really just confused by all of that, why mommy would go to a place without telling me? She's my best friend.

Turns out in that day, my mother was assassinated while she was taking a bath, in our home. Until this day, never discovered my mother's killer but I swear that I will kill him one day.

Taylor Victoria