Chapter 496:

Intermission Side Story - The Light of One (Part 2)

Beyond The Stars

BTS: The Light of One (Part 2)

HONEYFEED SPECIFIC NOTE: Scenes 27, 28, and 29 (The Final Three scenes) were supposed to be a part of Part 2 but I found out that with them, Part 2 exceeded Honeyfeed's maximum character limit for one chapter. As a result, I'm creating a Part 3 to add them in.

NOTE: This part is about 9400 8000? words long so it may be difficult to read it all in one sitting. However, this part will conclude the side story. Correction, the next part will conclude the side story.

Scene 20

*Zeth is running in a rage. Angel forces are starting to show up*

Zeth: Come out and face me, you coward!!!

*Zeth punches a few angels that get in his way and he continues running*

Zeth: What have you done to my friends!!? What have you done to my family!!?

*A group of angels then get in his way. He releases a Star Shine Blast at them and blows them out of the way*

Zeth: Return them to how they were before!!! These are people!!! Not dolls that you can simply manipulate to your will!!!

*More and more angels start showing up in the area*

Scene 21

*On the balcony at Harmona’s headquarters, Harmona and Diamond hear Zeth’s screaming*

Diamond: It appears the prince has shown up. He doesn’t seem fond of our true god.

*Harmona smiles*

Harmona: Indeed. Let him come. If he makes it this far, I shall greet him personally. After all, it is a mother’s job to discipline her children.

Scene 22

*In the factory building, the angels are searching for Abby*

Male Angel: She’s somewhere in here. She can’t hide for long.

Female Angel: Spread out!

*Somewhere high up, Abby looks down on them*

Abby: (Thinking) So there are 18 of them.

*There’s no one else in the factory but Abby and the angels that are pursuing her. Because the factory is not powered on, it is kind of dark in it. Three male angels make their way to a corner*

Male Angel 1: Wasn’t there a ladder around here?

Male Angel 2: It would be a good idea to check the upper levels of the building.

Male Angel 3: It would be simple if we were winged angels.

*Male Angel 3 then notices the ladder they are looking for*

Male Angel 3: The ladder blends in with the wall but I found it.

*The three angels gather around the ladder. Male Angel 3 starts climbing the ladder. Suddenly, a large stone slams into him and knocks him off the ladder, causing him to fall on top of the others*

*More stones fall down and hit the others to knock them unconscious. The other angels in the building are alerted*

Female Angel 1: Something happened over there!

*The other angels start heading that way. They notice the three unconscious angels*

Female Angel 1: No doubt about it. They were attacked. She’s up there. Probably attacked them as they climbed this ladder.

*The female angel forms a magic bow and arrow in her hand. She aims up toward the opening where the ladder leads and releases the arrow. The arrow explodes when it reaches the top*

Female Angel 1: Now! Everyone, get up there!

*The angels start quickly climbing the ladder*

*The 15 remaining angels start going around but they don’t see Abby*

Male Angel 4: Where could she be!?

*Suddenly, five angels are picked up by a crane and thrown against a wall on the other side of the building. The force is strong enough that they blow through the wall and out of the building. Only 10 angels remain*

*Once again, the others are alerted*

*Abby had shapeshifted into a crane and now returns to her normal appearance. She waves at the remaining angels*

Abby: This is fun, right!?

Female Angel 2: You’ll pay for that, non-believer!

*Nine of the ten angels go after Abby while the female angel with the magic bow starts preparing to release a magic arrow*

Abby: Catch me if you can!

*Abby runs and turns a corner as the female angel releases a magic arrow. It’s too late for the attack to hit Abby*

*The other nine angels then turn the corner to continue after her*

*The angels see an opening in the wall and then go through it. When they do, they fall into a hole. The last two angels in the group of nine see the others fall and stop before falling in themselves, but Abby steps out from hiding (She was hiding behind some barrels) and kicks them into the hole. The opening in the wall then closes*

Abby: (Thinking) Thanks to my Shapeshifting magic, I dispatched a lot of them quickly. By the time they escape, I will be out of here. There’s only one left.

*Abby comes back around the corner but does not see the last angel anywhere. Suddenly, she is grabbed by the female angel and she holds a magic knife up to Abby’s neck*

Female Angel: Don’t move a muscle, non-believer. You’re a sly one. I will give you that much but the chase is over. Answer my questions and I will just take you as a captive rather than kill you. Why did you come here? Are you the one responsible for making Prince Zeth a non-believer?

*Abby smiles*

Abby: Sorry…

*Abby shapeshifts into a shorter version of herself in order to break free from the angel’s grasp. Abby then immediately returns to her normal size and tackles the angel and they roll across the floor near the edge. Abby is able to force the angel off the edge and falls down to the first floor where she lands on her back and feels some pain*

Female Angel: How dare you!?

*When the female angel looks up, she sees Abby dropping down with her feet shapeshifted into stone blocks. Abby stomps on the angel’s gut, causing the angel to cough up blood and then fall unconscious*

*Abby jumps off the angel’s body and returns her feet to normal*

Abby: That’s all of them. Now to…

*Abby’s facial expression starts looking foreboding with her eyes wide open as she starts hearing sounds*

Abby: The sounds of footsteps… and dogs.

*Abby slowly turns around and sees an angry Sasha with four Hellhounds entering the factory*

Abby: …Your bloodlust is terrifying.

Sasha: Give him back…

Abby: What…?

*Sasha starts screaming with rage*

Sasha: Give Zeth back to me!! You turned him into a non-believer!! You’re a witch who brainwashed him!!

*Abby’s expression turns from fear into one that looks insulted*

Abby: How rude! I will have you know that I am Zeth’s number one fan! And those are some funny words coming from you considering it is YOU that is brainwashed! Someone who could let themselves be brainwashed so easily does not deserve to be Zeth’s girlfriend! He should dump you and date me instead!!

*Sasha’s eyes are open wide and there are popping veins on her forehead. Then it looks like there is a spark in front of her face*

*Abby grins*

Abby: I guess I struck a nerve.

*Sasha starts screaming in anger even more*

Sasha: You!!!!!!!!!!! You’re dead!!!!! I’m going to tear you limb from limb!!!!!

*Sasha unsummons her Hellhounds and starts running toward Abby. Sasha lunges at Abby and she barely gets out of the way. Abby then barely dodges Sasha’s punch*

*Abby quickly shapeshifts her arms into stone blocks in an effort to block Sasha’s punches. However, when Sasha’s punches hit the stone blocks, they shatter and one of Sasha’s punches hits Abby directly. Abby looks like she is in severe pain as she is knocked back on a conveyor. With something now on the conveyor, the conveyor starts moving*

Abby: (Thinking) She’s too fast to dodge and too powerful to block! She truly is a fearsome foe!

*Sasha jumps on the conveyor*

Abby: (Thinking) This trap that I didn’t get to use on the other angels is my only hope! It’s only luck that I’m in a position to use it on her! It’s a good thing that I turned on the power to the conveyor earlier!

*Sasha starts walking on the conveyor*

Sasha: Carving out your insides and feeding them to my Hellhounds is not enough for you. No, your punishment must be more severe.

*Abby shapeshifts her hands into springs and she sits up. Sasha is getting dangerously close to her*

Abby: (Thinking) Now!

*Abby uses her spring hands to bounce backward as Sasha reaches for her. Then immediately after, Sasha reaches a part of the conveyor that just crumbles and Sasha starts falling into a dark pit*

Sasha: Nooooooo!

Abby: Not quite a trap door on the floor but basically does the same thing. That should hold her for a while.

*Suddenly, there is a bright light that shines from down inside the pit. Abby’s eyes open wide*

Scene 23

*Zeth is still heading in the direction of Harmona’s headquarters. He can even see it in the distance now. Many angels are still lining up to stop him*

*Harmona and Diamond still stand on the balcony of her headquarters*

Diamond: He’s running like a madman at this point.

Harmona: I guess I don’t blame him. He inherited my personality. The only difference is that I am a believer and he is not. I’m going to use the loudspeaker and talk to him.

*Harmona picks up her microphone*

*Zeth starts fighting more angels and hears Harmona over the loudspeaker*

Harmona: (Loudspeaker) Why do you continue to resist? What are you fighting for exactly?

*Zeth punches an angel out of the way and then responds*

Zeth: Huh!!? What am I fighting for!!? I’m fighting to free you all from Kenzora’s brainwashing!!!

*Zeth begins running again*

Zeth: Don’t act like you wouldn’t be doing the exact same thing in my position!!

*As Zeth runs, a transparent image of a younger Harmona is shown running beside him in the same way to represent what Zeth just said*

*Harmona responds to him*

Harmona: (Loudspeaker) You are mistaken. For I would never oppose the great Kenzora. I am a believer!

*Zeth gets hit by some magic projectile attacks and has to stop his advance for a moment. A few angels then get close to him and land punches that knock him back a bit. The angels start surrounding him as he stands up*

Zeth: You are not a believer by choice!!! All of you!!! Every single one of you!!! Everyone here is in darkness!! I am not!! I will be the one light that pulls everyone out of this darkness!!!!

*Zeth goes into Raging Star Mode as he screams those words. Zeth starts rushing forward and blows through the angels blocking his path*

*Harmona sounds irritated on the loudspeaker*

Harmona: (Loudspeaker) You are but a child! You are nowhere near wise enough to be throwing around the light and dark tags! I don’t want to have to hurt you but I will squash you like a fly if I have to!

*Zaydra and Zenfaro then show up to block Zeth’s path*

Harmona: (Loudspeaker) Face your siblings! Make it past them and I promise I will squash you, fly! You are a fly and a brat!

*Zeth starts charging up an attack*

Zeth: Don’t think your harsh words will deter me!! I know my real mom would never say such nonsense!! Shining Kick!!

*Zeth does a magic-powered kick that launches him forward. The attack blows through both Zaydra and Zenfaro, allowing Zeth to keep running*

*Zeth is now getting close to Harmona’s headquarters. However, Zeth is slashed by a sword and it leaves a cut wound across his abdomen. Zeth looks like he is in pain and then is blown back by rapidly vibrating air hitting him. The sword slash came from Zentano and her double-sided short sword, as well as Grinton and his attack by air vibration*

*Zaydra and Zenfaro recover from Zeth’s attack and they stand behind Zeth while Zentano and Grinton are in front*

Zeth: Great…

Harmona: (Loudspeaker) Not just your siblings, but also the top two generals of Heaven! Just give up!

Zentano: Prince Zeth, why must you make us do this?

Grinton: Just stop being a non-believer.

Zaydra: We can all be happy together under the rulership of Kenzora.

Zenfaro: How does that not sound pleasant to you?

Zeth: Listening to all of you spout this nonsense is making me sick! You didn’t even know Kenzora existed until a week ago at the earliest and now you are talking like he is the god of gods! If this Kenzora guy is so great, why doesn’t he just come out and face me himself!?

Zaydra: Don’t you dare butcher Kenzora’s good name!

*With not many options, Zeth jumps upwards. Sparkles in the air appear around him and they start connecting*

Zeth: Gold Wave!

*The wave of golden sparkles starts striking downwards and hits all four of Zeth’s foes*

*Zeth lands behind Zentano and Grinton*

*Zentano quickly turns around and tries to slash Zeth but the Gold Wave blocks the slash. Zeth releases a Star Shine Blast and blows Zentano back*

Zeth: I got this!

*However, Zenfaro quickly gets to Zeth’s side*

Zenfaro: Sorry, little brother. Dual Speed Punch!

*Zenfaro does two quick punches that are so fast, they leave afterimages. Zeth’s Gold Wave isn’t fast enough to block and Zeth takes the hits directly, making him stumble back in pain. Zaydra gets close and does a jumping swipe-kick to Zeth’s head which knocks him back. His knock-back is then pushed directly into the ground when rapidly vibrating air slams down on him from above*

Harmona: (Loudspeaker) Do you see now? Resistance is futile! Convert or die like a squashed fly!

*Grinton’s attack ends and Zeth starts to stand up. His Gold Wave has ended but he is still in Raging Star Mode. He has a lot of wounds at this point*

Zeth: Desperate times call for desperate measures.

*Zentano returns to the battle and the four of them are now gathered together*

Zeth: (Thinking) Yes. All of you get together. That’s exactly what I want.

*Zeth starts running toward them*

Zaydra: You’re really just going to rush toward us? You’re making this too easy!

*Zaydra releases a Star Shine Blast at Zeth. He dodges it and then it hits the ground near him and explodes. The blast pushes him forward. He forms Chains of Heaven in one hand and forms a Raging Super Nova star in his other hand*

*Zeth releases the chains and has them wrap around Zaydra, Zenfaro, Grinton, and Zentano. None of them are able to avoid it. Zeth smirks as he heads toward them*

Zeth: We’re about to have a blasting good time together!

*The view of the battle is then shown from a distance as a massive explosion goes off near a building*

*Harmona and Diamond look shocked*

Diamond: What did he just do!?

Harmona: What a reckless move! He could have just killed himself by doing that!

*The explosion starts to end. Part of the building where the explosion happened near is destroyed*

Scene 24

*Soon, Harmona and Diamond see someone walking back from that area. It is Zeth, but he is heavily injured with wounds all over. He is no longer in his Raging Star Mode*

Diamond: He defeated them…

*Harmona looks irritated*

Harmona: (Loudspeaker) Oh look, you won. But so what!? You look like you’re about to pass out!

*Harmona puts down the microphone and jumps off the balcony onto the ground below to face Zeth personally*

Harmona: And how exactly do you think you can defeat me?

*Despite looking exhausted, Zeth smirks*

Zeth: I forgive you for your brain not working right at the moment. I still have Soul Power. I saved my strongest weapon for last.

*Zeth’s soul starts to come out and it covers his body like an aura. It tints his body gold and white. The soul aura takes the shape of an angel before returning to perfectly fitting around his body. The soul aura comes off his body like a smoky substance*

Harmona: Hmph. You can greatly increase your power but you’re still physically exhausted.

Zeth: I guess we’ll see.

*Zeth then looks serious*

Zeth: (Thinking) Soul Power can help overcome some physical exhaustion. But Sasha and I went through all that training so that we can fully utilize Soul Power even while physically exhausted. Still, I need to also take down Kenzora so I have to do this without using too much energy. Taking down mom and then this mystery villain is going to be extremely difficult.

Harmona: It really is a shame that you chose the die option instead of the convert option.

Zeth: As Abby said, I am the Light of One. I will bring you all out of the darkness!

*Zeth launches toward Harmona. Harmona is taken by surprise by how fast he is and barely blocks his punch. Zeth then quickly steps to her side and kicks her. She is knocked back a bit, but as soon as her movement stops, she looks forward and sees Zeth up close doing another attack. Zeth punches her hard in the face, knocking her back into a building and her momentum destroys part of the wall. She lands on a table and there are some scared angels in the room*

*Outside, Zeth is preparing a Soul Shooting Star*

*Harmona gets up off the table*

Harmona: Don’t be afraid. This will be over shortly.

*Harmona charges her magic*

*Zeth waits from the outside with his attack ready*

Zeth: (Thinking) I would release this attack now but I don’t want to kill anyone inside.

*A horizontal wave of energy comes out from the building, along with some Star Shards. Zeth barely dodges all of them. As he dodges them, Harmona blows out from the roof of the building. There is a ring of basketball-sized gold stars circling her*

Harmona: Star Ring Blast!

*All of the gold stars circling her leave her body. Zeth releases the Soul Shooting Star at an upwards angle towards Harmona. Harmona releases her own Shooting Star as her gold stars avoid Zeth’s attack and then go straight for him*

*Zeth looks extremely concerned*

Zeth: Damn it! I forgot that attack has tracking capabilities!

*Meanwhile, their Shooting Stars collide and destroy each other. Zeth takes the hits from all the gold stars and is blown on his back*

*Zeth looks like he is in serious pain*

Zeth: She just released four separate attacks in a very short span. Incredible what an experienced goddess can do in battle…

Harmona: That’s right!

*Harmona gets close to Zeth and does a downwards gut-punch on him while he is still on his back. He coughs up some blood. Harmona then follows that up by kicking him, knocking Zeth’s body back and off the ground*

*Harmona quickly reaches Zeth as his body is still moving and grabs him by the face. She appears to plan to slam him into the ground but Zeth retaliates before she does and kicks her in the face which causes her to let go of him*

*Zeth regains his footing and starts trying to rapidly punch Harmona. She takes some hits. Zeth yells as he punches*

Zeth: Just wake up!! You asked me earlier why I’m doing this!! Well, how about I ask you the same thing!!? Why is this Kenzora so important to you that you would try to kill your own son!!?

*Harmona soon starts blocking most of the hits before she starts getting her own hits in, also by rapid punches*

Harmona: You think this makes me feel good!? I gave you the option to be like us!! You didn’t have to choose the option to die!! Kenzora will lead us into a prosperous future!!

*Zeth soon stops her attacks by using a Star Shine Uppercut*

*Zeth is about to do another attack but Harmona kicks him back*

*Zeth is not deterred and starts rushing toward her again. Harmona forms another ring of stars around her but condenses them around her left hand. She then releases them like a barrage of bullets and they all hit Zeth. Zeth is in pain as he is knocked on his back*

*Harmona then looks like she is in great distress. Her distress is causing her to shake*

Harmona: Just don’t get up!

*A flashback quickly shows up in Harmona’s mind of her holding Zeth when he was a baby. This causes her to shake even more with distress*

*Zeth gets up and then Harmona immediately releases more Star Ring Bullets at Zeth. He is once again hit by all of them and knocked on his back*

*Harmona’s distress increases*

Harmona: Please. Just don’t get up. Don’t get up. Don’t get up.

*Her left hand and arm are shaking so badly she can’t keep a steady aim on him anymore. She starts having more flashbacks like of her coming to save Zeth from Korobu during the Enigmus incident and when she hugged him in the first time he came to speak to her in the Temple of the Light Goddess during the early stages of his adventure. Her distress increases even more as she starts making distressed noises*

*Zeth once again starts to get up and Harmona once again releases more Star Ring Bullets. Only a few of them actually hit him this time as her distressed shaking causes them to spread out, but the few that hit him are enough to keep him flat on his back*

*The flashbacks of Harmona and Zeth then start repeating in her head. Harmona falls to her knees and puts her hands on her head as she starts having symptoms like a panic attack. She is making extremely distressed noises and then makes a screaming noise*

*Zeth starts to slowly get up. He just has an expression on his face like he doesn’t know what to make of what is happening to Harmona*

Zeth: What is happening to her?

*Zeth doesn’t move. He just watches, not sure what to do*

*After a minute, Harmona’s distressed panic attack ends and she just looks down at the ground as she is still on her knees*

*Zeth finally speaks again*

Zeth: Let’s stop this battle. Just take me to Kenzora.

*Harmona immediately stands up and starts stomping on the ground while yelling like a child*

Harmona: No! No! No! No!! You are a non-believer! You hear me!?

*Zeth looks dumbfounded*

Zeth: It looks like she is throwing a temper tantrum like a little kid…

Harmona: Only true believers like me are allowed to see uncle!!

*Zeth looks even more dumbfounded*

Zeth: Uncle!? What!?

*Zeth then hears someone else*

???: That’s right. The culprit of this mess is none other than Harmona’s uncle… My brother.

*Zeth turns around to see Zothena and Abby*

Zeth: Grandmother? You’re not brainwashed? I’m so happy someone here didn’t get affected! And Abby, you’re here too!

*Abby definitely looks happy to be reunited with him*

*Someone then walks out onto the balcony of Harmona’s headquarters as Diamond steps out of the way. It’s a man who has short brown hair that is gelled. He has green eyes. He also has a goatee. He is wearing a high-ranking uniform*

Zeth: That must be Kenzora!

Kenzora: I’m so happy to see you have returned, Zothena.

*Zeth looks like he has come to a realization and looks at Zothena*

Zeth: Wait. So the non-believer on the loose wasn’t me but was actually you? Also, if he is your brother, shouldn’t he have blonde hair too?

Zothena: Although blonde hair is a dominant trait in our family, it’s not impossible to have a different hair color because our father had brown hair.

Zeth: Okay. Well, if I may ask, where exactly have you been?

Zothena: I went to the Dimension of Deities to meet with a deity who could give me a dimensional container so I could capture those affected by the brainwashing.

*Zothena snaps her fingers and suddenly, a large dimensional container appears. Kurt, Sasha, Zaydra, Zenfaro, Grinton, Zentano, and many angels are all in the container*

*Zothena looks at Harmona and then up at Kenzora*

Zothena: My daughter… Her natural desire to protect her child came into conflict with Kenzora’s brainwashed beliefs and caused her to go into complete distress. Basically, her mind short-circuited and reverted to a child-like state. I am disgusted, Kenzora. You turned a respected goddess into a mere child. You will pay dearly.

Kenzora: What ridiculousness. There are still kinks to work out but my brainwashing power is necessary to get what I deserve. Soon, I will complete it and there won’t be a risk of anyone’s mind being fried.

Zeth: That makes it sound like it is some scientific device! What are you talking about!?

*Kenzora looks at Zeth*

Kenzora: So, you are the son of my niece? Quite a rambunctious one you are. My brainwashing is the combination of my Mind Magic and a brain device I made in R&D that I installed in my head. Let me tell you this, I should have become the Light God, not Zothena. I’m tired of Heaven’s R&D being behind Hell’s R&D. Let me tell you my story.

Scene 25

*Kenzora’s backstory starts with showing him as a kid in Heaven. He is sitting at a desk in his room and is tinkering with some small electronic device*

Kenzora: Almost done. I can feel it. I can see it. Once it is done, everyone will see it and they will praise me!

*Kenzora continues tinkering with it*

*Later, Kenzora shows his electronic device to a group of adult angels*

Male Angel 1: So what does it do?

Kenzora: It’s a device that can grab things and bring them to you without you even needing to get up! It’s super useful!

Female Angel 1: Oh nice! Can you show us it in action?

*Kenzora looks excited*

Kenzora: Sure! I’m going to use it on that cup on the table!

*Kenzora aims his device like a gun and pushes a button. A large ball with a claw-like grip is released. It flies toward the cup on the table and grabs the cup with its grip*

Kenzora: Need some water?

*The ball with the grip then turns around and starts heading back toward the group. However, something looks wrong with the grip and it launches off the ball. The cup hits Male Angel 1 on the face and everyone gets splashed with water. They all look at Kenzora*

*Kenzora scratches his head while he smiles uncomfortably*

Kenzora: I guess it still has some kinks to work out…. Uh… I got to go!

*Kenzora takes his device and quickly leaves*


*Kenzora is back in his room and he is continuing to work on his device*

Kenzora: Not only will the kinks be worked out, but it will be able to grab even oddly shaped objects too!

*Later, Kenzora is in a room with his older sister, Zothena. She looks like a teenager at this point. She is sitting at a kitchen table*

Kenzora: Hey, big sis, you need a bowl, right? Let me get you one without you even needing to get up.

*Kenzora shoots his device and the ball with the newly improved grip flies toward a bowl of noodles and grabs it. It starts flying toward where Zothena is sitting at the table. Something starts to go wrong with the grip again and it breaks off, going upwards and then starts to fall down above Zothena. The bowl of noodles lands upside down on her head. She has a not amused expression as she is covered in noodles now*

*Kenzora rubs the back of his head with a nervous smile*

Kenzora: Sorry about that. It’s a kink. I will get it worked out.


Narrator: Despite how much time Kenzora put into creating new devices, there was always some kink in it that caused it to go wrong. He never completely figured out how to solve those problems. He was a kid trying his best to invent helpful things, but people began to shun his inventions.

*Numerous images of his inventions failing in some way pop up. They always end with people staring at him as he has a nervous smile and rubs the back of his head*

Narrator: But as a teenager, he was offered the chance to be a part of Heaven’s R&D team. Maybe by working in a team, others could help figure out and fix the kinks in his inventions.

*Teenage Kenzora is walking around Heaven’s R&D lab. He looks amazed*

Kenzora: This is incredible! The possibilities could be limitless!

Narrator: At the time, Heaven was beginning to enter into a new conflict with Hell. This conflict mainly took place in the country of Vandox on Earth. It was the first time that vampires had ever appeared after they were created by Zenta.

*There is a battle going on. It’s dark out, Kenzora is knocked on his back and is heavily wounded. There are robotic pieces lying around. A demon is destroying a robot. That demon just so happens to be Kazan, the Vampire of Origin. There are other vampires near Kazan*

Kazan: Tell me, what was this? These are just pieces of machinery. They are useless on the battlefield.

*Kenzora looks terrified*

Kenzora: Just what is your power!?

*Kazan looks up at the sky and starts laughing*

Kazan: Hahahahahaha!

*He then looks back at Kenzora*

Kazan: Oh, please forgive me. I’m still getting used to it myself. It’s called vampirism. You can call me a vampire. It’s a new power that our new Dark Goddess, Zenta, created in cooperation with Hell’s R&D team.

*Kenzora looks even more terrified*

Kenzora: Those people behind you… They look like humans other than having the same-colored eyes as you!

Kazan: Ah yes, I forgot to mention the best part. Vampirism can be spread to others.

*Kenzora opens his eyes wide*

Kenzora: H- H- How?

*Kazan opens his mouth to show his vampiric fangs*

Kazan: See these? All it takes is a bite and I can not only suck blood but I can choose to put someone on the path to vampirism. Zenta really outdid herself with the invention of vampires. I’m so glad I got to be the first one. I can’t imagine living without it now.

*Kazan looks around the area*

Kazan: And you know what? I kind of like this country. It feels right at home for me. It even has a volcano. I could see myself making this my permanent place of residence in the future.

*Kazan starts walking toward Kenzora*

Kazan: I hope you’re satisfied with my explanation because this is the end of the road for you.

*Before Kazan is able to land his finishing attack, Kenzora is grabbed by his sister, Zothena. She runs away while carrying him. Kenzora looks traumatized*

Zothena: It’s okay! I got you!

Narrator: Little did Zothena know at the time, but Kenzora’s encounter with Kazan triggered a change in him. One that would lead him down the wrong path. Heaven ultimately succeeded in pushing back Hell, but Kenzora’s own personal defeat left a lasting realization.

*In Heaven, Kenzora lies on a hospital bed, looking up at the ceiling*

Kenzora: (Thinking) Heaven’s R&D is so far behind Hell’s R&D that it’s laughable. This must be changed. Zenta escalated Hell’s R&D after becoming the new Dark Goddess recently, right? Then I must become the next Light God.

*Later, Kenzora is speaks with his parents*

Narrator: The Light Goddess and Mother of Zothena and Kenzora – Nayla.

Narrator: Deity of Minds and Father of Zothena and Kenzora – Jokane.

*Nayla has short blonde hair that only goes down to her shoulders. She has green eyes and has a scar on her right cheek. Jokane has upper-back length brown hair and blue eyes. He has a purple brain-shaped gemstone on his forehead*

Kenzora: Mother. Father. I have decided I want to become the next Light God.

*Nayla and Jokane look at each other and then back at Kenzora*

Nayla: I’m sorry Kenzora, but we have already chosen your sister to be the next Light Goddess.

*Kenzora looks shocked*

Jokane: But you are very much welcome to succeed me as the Deity of Minds.

*Kenzora is still shocked*

Kenzora: …But why? Why has she already been chosen?

Nayla: Zothena has been an excellent student in god schooling.

Jokane: She has also shown great leadership abilities as well.

Nayla: While your dedication to inventing things is admirable, it’s not what is needed to be the next ruler of light.

*Kenzora looks angry*

Kenzora: Did you not see what happened in battle!? Zenta and Hell’s R&D invented vampires! They bring a big upper hand to their forces! They can even turn our forces into them!

Nayla: Please calm down.

Jokane: And despite that, they didn’t win. Everything is going to be alright.

*Kenzora looks frustrated and leaves the room*


Narrator: Kenzora never accepted their decision. So as the years began to go by, he continued trying to invent. He wanted to create something that would change their minds. Let it be known that even though Kenzora was born with his father’s Mind Magic, he rarely ever made use of it. He wanted to win with science. With science alone, he never invented anything to change their minds as his inventions continued to suffer by having kinks that made them malfunction despite getting help from the R&D team. It seemed as though he was cursed. Eventually, his mother stepped down as Light Goddess and handed the reign over to Zothena. Nayla moved on to the Divine World soon after.

*Jokane meets with Kenzora at a table. Kenzora looks disappointed and sad*

Jokane: I intend to go to the Divine World with your mother. You will be my successor as Earth’s Deity of Minds.

*Jokane takes the gemstone off of his forehead and sets it on the table*

Jokane: I know it’s not what you grew up wanting but know that it is a great honor to become a deity.

*Jokane gets up*

Jokane: Goodbye for now, Kenzora. I’m going to go talk with your sister and then I’m heading to the Divine World.

*Jokane leaves the room and Kenzora just stares disappointingly at the purple brain-shaped gemstone on the table*

Kenzora: Minds, huh?

*Kenzora’s eyes then open wide*

Kenzora: That’s it!


*Later, Kenzora gets to work on a new invention and he does so alone. He has the gemstone on his forehead*

Kenzora: (Thinking) I’ve made some good friends in the R&D team but I have to go this one alone. I can’t risk anyone opposing my new invention. I will become the Light God!

*After he completes his new invention, the back of his head is now shaved. He is having a machine install a new device in his head. Soon, the procedure is complete and Kenzora looks in a mirror. He smiles to himself*

Kenzora: Yes. The procedure was a success. I shall begin soon.


Narrator: Kenzora has installed a device in his head. With it, he could combine the capabilities of his device with his Mind Magic and could brainwash people to follow his will. He didn’t even have to attack people to do it.

*Kenzora is going around brainwashing people. He literally just looks at them and activates both his magic and the device in his head to do it*

*After gathering a lot of followers, he and his followers march toward Zothena’s headquarters. He confidently smiles*

*Soon, he and his followers appear in front of the headquarters and they look up toward the balcony on which Zothena stands*

Zothena: What is the meaning of this?

Kenzora: I’ve come to take that which I deserve. That is… the title of ruler of light. I will take over as Light God.

Zothena: So what? You plan to try to kill me?

Kenzora: No, no. I would never kill my sister. I’m just going to… persuade you.

*Kenzora smirks as his head glows purple. Zothena continues to stand on the balcony and looks down disapprovingly at Kenzora*

*Soon, Kenzora’s head stops glowing*

Kenzora: There. That should do it. Now that you are a brainwashed follower of mine, come down from there and put your hand against mine saying you will hand the reign of ruler of light over to me.

*Zothena jumps down from the balcony and starts walking up to Kenzora. Kenzora holds out his hand and Zothena starts holding out her hand as she walks up to him*

Kenzora: Yes. This is it.

*Their hands are about to touch, but then suddenly, Zothena simply grabs his arm and then uses her other hand to punch him in the face. She then immediately pins him down on the ground*

*Kenzora looks like he is in pain. All of his followers look concerned and proceed to get into a battle stance*

Zothena: You are so naïve. Becoming the ruler of light is not that easy.

Kenzora: Grrrr. Why did my brainwashing not work!?

*Kenzora’s followers are about to attack but Zothena releases a wave of magic energy that knocks them back*

Zothena: Clearly, you need to spend some time in time-out. If you weren’t my younger brother, I would just kill you right here. Get sealed away and think about your actions!


Narrator: Down in a desert region on Earth.

*Zothena is sealing Kenzora away. She uses the pedestal as the sealant and then wraps the pedestal with heavenly chains*

Zothena: In this location, there is no risk of anyone accidentally setting you free.

Scene 26

*The backstory is over*

Kenzora: That is my story.

*Zeth looks at Zothena*

Zeth: I’m sorry for releasing him.

Zothena: It’s alright. I should have killed him the first time but I ended up taking pity on him and only sealing him away so that he could rethink his life. Clearly, that did nothing for him. But at least sealing him undid his brainwashing.

*Zothena then looks up at Kenzora*

Zothena: I wonder if you have figured out why your brainwashing did not work on me. It didn’t work on me because I perceive myself as being above you. Your brainwashing only works on those that perceive themselves as lower than you or that do not perceive you at all.

*Kenzora starts to look angry*

Zothena: He had brainwashed Harmona and all of the other powerful forces of Heaven before I even realized he was here. That’s the problem. No one in today’s Heaven even knew about Kenzora so they had no perception of him. I had to retreat.

Kenzora: Don’t think my fortunes have turned south!

*Kenzora looks at Zeth*

Kenzora: Become my minion, Zeth!

*Kenzora’s head glows purple*

Zothena: No!

*Zothena looks like she might have to throw Zeth in the container. Kenzora’s head stops glowing*

Kenzora: This was all for naught for you.

*Zeth starts laughing*

Zeth: Hmhm. Hehehe. Hahahahahaha! Too bad! Because I perceive myself as above you too!

*Kenzora is shocked*

Zeth: You’re so pathetic! Your story told me one thing about you and that is you don’t want to do things yourself unless it is the easy way! You’re always having people or things doing work for you! You’re just a coward!

*Zothena looks happy to see he resisted the brainwashing*

*Kenzora looks even angrier and then looks at Abby*

Kenzora: Now how about—

*Kenzora’s eyes open wide as he notices what Abby is and interrupts himself*

Kenzora: Those eyes! Those fangs! You’re a vampire!!

*He starts immediately seeing visions of Kazan and it makes him both afraid and furious*

Kenzora: Kazan! Kazan! Kazan!

*Zeth smirks*

Zeth: You don’t even need to worry about Kazan anymore. I killed him.

Abby: That’s right! Zeth went bip! Bap! Bam! Pow! Right to the kisser to Kazan!

Kenzora: Damn it!!

*Kenzora pulls out his purple brain-shaped gemstone and puts it on his forehead*

Kenzora: You’re dead!! Harmona! Handle Zothena! I’ll handle the rambunctious brats!

Harmona: Sure thing, uncle!

*Harmona rushes towards Zothena while Kenzora jumps down from the balcony to fight Zeth and Abby*

*Zothena fights the childish Harmona in battle while Kenzora charges up his magic to begin fighting Zeth and Abby*

Kenzora: Don’t act like I don’t have any combat abilities because I do!

Zeth: Be careful, Abby!

Abby: I will!

*Zeth rushes toward Kenzora and tries to punch him, but suddenly, a magic barrier appears in front of Kenzora and blocks the punch. Zeth is surprised*

Zeth: Where did this barrier come from? You did nothing!

*Kenzora smirks and taps his forehead*

Kenzora: Did you forget already that I have Mind Magic? My techniques come from my mind.

*Abby rushes in and also tries to punch Kenzora but again, a barrier appears. It is able to resist both of their punches. Two magic fists appear and punch Zeth and Abby in the face. Both of them are knocked back*

*Abby looks like she is in more pain than Zeth*

Zeth: You’re nowhere near able to fight at this level! You don’t have to fight too!

Abby: No! I am your number one fan! If I can survive your girlfriend trying to kill me then I can survive this too!

*Zeth’s eyes open wide*

Zeth: Wait! What!?

Abby: Never mind that! I got an idea!

*Balls of magic energy appear in the air and they fly toward Zeth and Abby. Both of them barely manage to dodge the attacks*

*Abby quickly whispers her plan to Zeth*

Zeth: That could work.

Kenzora: There is nothing you can do to defeat me!

*Abby starts running forward until she is lined up with Kenzora’s side. Zeth forms two Soul Shine Blasts*

Abby: Now!

*Zeth releases one of his Soul Shine Blasts at Kenzora. A barrier appears and the attack explodes when it hits it. When that happens, Abby shapeshifts into a slick bending tube. Zeth releases the other Soul Shine Blast toward Abby and it travels through the tube and comes out toward Kenzora from behind. The attack hits him and he looks like he is in a lot of pain*

Kenzora: Why you…!

*Abby ends her shapeshifting and runs toward Kenzora*

*Kenzora recovers from the attack enough that he is about to punch Abby as she approaches but Abby shapeshifts into a smaller version of herself so the punch goes over her head*

Abby: Missed me!

*Kenzora is distracted and doesn’t notice Zeth running toward him. Zeth punches Kenzora hard in the face which knocks him back*


*Meanwhile, Zothena and Harmona fight each other. Harmona does a series of quick punches that Zothena tries her best to block or dodge*

*Harmona childishly smiles as she attacks*

Harmona: Killing you will make uncle proud of me! I’m a good girl!

Zothena: Despite your child-like mentality right now, your speed makes you still a very capable fighter. I can’t fight you like you are a kid.

*Zothena finally stops Harmona’s series of punches and does her own punch which hits Harmona in the face*

Zothena: If you want to act like a child, then fine. But this means I will have to punish you like a child. It’s time I put you in time-out, little missy.

*Zothena goes into Raging Star Mode. She quickly does a gut punch to Harmona, leaving her in pain. Zothena then uppercuts her which knocks her upwards. Zothena quickly jumps up and kicks Harmona back down to the ground, and on her way back down releases a Raging Star Blast that hits Harmona and explodes*

*Zothena lands back on the ground and the smoke from the explosion clears. Harmona has a lot of wounds*

Zothena: I guess your child-like mentality did hold back your battle skills after all. Just another kink in the system that my brother won’t get the chance to fix. Time to put you in time-out.

*Zothena ends Raging Star Mode and grabs the injured Harmona. She jumps on top of the large container. An opening then appears and Zothena drops Harmona into it. The opening closes immediately after*

Zothena: This container is being powered by my magic. The more people in it, the harder it is to maintain. We need to defeat Kenzora soon.


*Zeth’s and Abby’s battle with Kenzora continues. All of them have taken more battle damage*

*Abby shapeshifts her feet to become springs and she bounces over Kenzora. Kenzora makes more balls of magic energy appear around him. They combine into one and then fly into Zeth*

*Zeth takes a lot of damage and is knocked back*

Kenzora: The girl can assist you but you are the real threat. She alone can’t hurt me. But really, you’ve been fighting a lot today. How much more can you take?

*Zeth is really struggling to stand back up*

Zeth: *huff huff* You’re right. I feel like I’m going to pass out soon. But I must absolutely defeat you first.

*Zeth smirks*

Zeth: Also, don’t say that Abby is no threat.

Kenzora: What?

*Abby suddenly grabs onto Kenzora from behind. She then bites down on Kenzora’s neck and starts sucking his blood*

*Kenzora is shocked*

Zeth: Sorry. As a vampire, she was getting bloodthirsty. I hope you don’t mind helping her out.

*Kenzora once again starts to have traumatic flashbacks to his encounter with Kazan*

Kenzora: No! No!! No!!!! Damn you, vampire!!!!

*The ground starts to shake in the area and small bits of rubble on the ground start to go upwards*

*Abby lets go of Kenzora*

Zeth: What is he doing!?

*A massive purple ball of energy starts forming in the air above Kenzora. Barriers form all around him*

Kenzora: I’m going to destroy you all using all of my power at once!!

*Zothena shows up*

Zothena: That ball is going to have the power to destroy this entire area of Heaven! Many lives will be lost!

*Zeth angrily points at Kenzora*

Zeth: Hey, dumbass! Do you plan to kill your followers along with us!?

Kenzora: Their sacrifices will be for a worthy cause! Those that remain will rebuild Heaven with me as its ruler!

*Zothena goes up to Zeth*

Zothena: We have to stop that ball of energy somehow.

Zeth: How? He’s got barriers all around himself that not even my Soul Power can penetrate so we can’t even attack him while he forms it.

Zothena: Damn it! Did I underestimate my brother’s power!? The two of us may need to launch our strongest attacks at the ball and hope it’s enough to blow it away!

*Abby goes up to them*

Abby: No! It’s not over yet! I’m going to shapeshift into a sword and I want you to slash him using me!

Zeth: Are you serious!? Do you not see there are no openings in his barrier right now!?

*Kenzora confidently smiles*

Kenzora: It’s nearly ready! All of you will be destroyed!

*Abby looks rushed*

Abby: Just trust me!!

*Zeth closes his eyes and grits his teeth*

Zeth: Alright. Fine.

*Zeth holds out his left hand and Abby shapeshifts into a longsword. Zeth grabs the sword and his soul aura covers it*

Zothena: I don’t know what she is thinking but let me add some power to this attack.

*Zothena grabs Zeth’s left hand and his soul aura becomes a little bigger around his hand and sword*

Zothena: If you put your trust in her, then so do I! Now go!

*Zeth starts running toward Kenzora*

Kenzora: The attack is complete and is ready to be released! This is the end! Die!!

*The ball of energy starts moving down toward the ground*

Zeth: Not so fast!!

*Zeth runs with his sword in hand and gets close to the barrier*

Zeth: Take this!!

*Zeth slashes with the sword as he reaches the barrier. Amazingly, the sword passes through the barrier and slashes Kenzora. The slash wound releases energy*

*Kenzora is absolutely shocked as his eyes and mouth are wide open*

Kenzora: How!!? How did it pass through the barrier!!?

*Kenzora starts seeing visions of his sister looking disapprovingly down upon him*

Kenzora: I can feel her power too!

*Kenzora’s body starts getting torn to pieces*

Kenzora: I can’t believe this!! Defeated by a vampire again!!! Noooooooo!!!!!!

*Soon, there is nothing left of Kenzora as the energy released from the attack completely destroys his body. The purple brain-shaped gemstone also cracks and breaks into small pieces before disintegrating*

*The massive purple ball of energy completely disappears without a trace before it hits the ground. The barriers also disappear*

*Zothena smiles with happiness and relief. Zeth just looks genuinely surprised as Abby ends her shapeshift and returns to her normal self*

Zeth: I can’t believe it worked.

*Zothena goes up to them*

Zothena: But how did it work?

Abby: It’s simple actually. After I sucked his blood, I noticed I felt like I resonated with his barriers so I tried putting my hand up against it and my hand passed through. I basically gained clearance by sucking his blood.

Zeth: That’s incredible!

Zothena: Indeed.

*Abby starts happily twirling around*

Abby: I know, right!

Zeth: Who knew this would be the perfect situation to have a vampire in?

Zothena: And due to the fact that the ball of energy was a creation of Kenzora’s mind, it completely disappeared because his mind was no longer here. The Deity of Minds gemstone was destroyed too. It will regenerate in the Dimension of Deities in time where a new Deity of Minds will be chosen.