Chapter 19:

Special Chapter: Marriage

Lyceus Awaits

Now as Alice and William wanted to have a proper wedding event, after Alice's birthday a trip back to Argus was arranged for all of them. When they got to Argus William asked Axcel to plan the wedding and told him that after the wedding the couple won't go back to Ross with the rest of the team.

The wedding was perfectly planned, it was more of a dinner in their own mansion with friends of William, Axcel and Alice called over. William carried Alice out of the room to the dinner after they both got ready. Then the couple swore an oath to never leave eachother. Everyone enjoyed the dinner and were happy for the couple. Most of all Axcel was happy for them and with everyone made wishes for them.

Finally when the wedding ended everyone fell sound asleep. In the morning it was time for the team to go back to Ross and continue their mission and leave behind the couple. Axcel and William hugged and bid farewell to eachother. The brothers/friends now had different journeys or paths to walk on. While William got his happiness it was upto Axcel to complete the work they started and find his own happiness.