Chapter 20:

Knock! Knock!

Lyceus Awaits

A month had went by Alice and William were continuing with their happy life but on the other hand Axcel was frustrated and pressurized as he still couldn't find Ethan Grunt. Each time they got 1 step closer, they went back 4 steps. The team was now being demoralised and had questions Axcel couldn't answer.

Axcel: Max do you have anything at all?

Max: I already told you, I don't.

Anthony: We are wasting our time at this point! Its been a month since we left William and departed. Ever since then we have practically done nothing.

Victoria: Hey! Even when William was here there was no progress so why don't just give it time?

Anthony: Time! Time! Time! How much more?

Victoria: As long as it takes!

Anthony: Oh come on!

Axcel: Guys! Stop fighting! I know its hard for all of us right now but we will eventually get out of this situation. Little by little we will progress and together we will figure it out in no time. We can't just give up after coming so far. Besides we have Max working on it.

Anthony: Figure out what exactly huh? And what progress you talkin about?

Axcel: I don't know ok? I don't know just give me time.

Axcel left the room and went to the balcony alone. Axcel thought to himself that he doesn't know what to do and only if William were here he would know what to do. Victoria came to Axcel to cheer him up.

Victoria: He wouldn't know what to do either without your help.

Axcel: What?

Victoria: I know what you are thinking.

Axcel: No you don't.

Victoria: You are feeling helpless and constantly thinking about the fact that William would handle things better if he was here.

Axcel(surprised): How do you know that?

Victoria: That doesn't matter right now. What matters is the fact that don't be helpless I am here for you and you both worked together its not only you i think he would be thinking the same way if he was in your situation.

Axcel: You don't understand.

Victoria: Then make me.

Axcel: its not that easy.

Victoria: Then make it.

After that Axcel sighed and started Axcel: I don't know ok? I don't know just give me time. He started by telling Victoria the differences between him and William, how William was far better than him. He called William a great person while calling himself a loser. He shared his grief, regrets and sadness with Victoria while shedding tears. He also told her how he couldn't really save William or himself. After listening to all of this Victoria put her held Axcels face and kissed him. When the kiss ended she told Axcel to let her know him and save him. This calmed Axcel down a lot and helped him feel happy rather than being miserable.

The next day Max picked up something odd from a nearby location. Axcel put on his equipment to leave for that location with Anthony and Victoria leaving Max, Lily and Martin in the hideout/home.

When they got to the location, it was an empty house in which they went inside only to discover an unpleasant odour. Later on they found out it belonged to a dead body, that was right in front of them on a chair. They went closer to the dead body, close enough for Anthony and Victoria to recognise it was the dead body of Henry Hans, a Watchdog member. Axcel told Anthony to check the body and as soon as he touched the body, suddenly Max detected a bomb in the house and told everyone to get out of there as fast they could as it would explode in 10 seconds. Anthony grabbed Victoria and Axcel and jumped out of the house's roof. From the sky they saw the house explode causing damage to the things near it as well.

After they got back on the ground Axcel yelled at Anthony that what if somebody saw them in the sky to which Anthony argued that he just saved their lives. Victoria calmed both of them down and told them their were other things to worry about for example who could have possibly killed a Watchdog member.

As soon as they got back Axcel told Max to check up on the other Watchdog members to which they found out there was no news on any of them and no activity done by them which was really surprising for the team.

Later that day a loud knock was heard on their door. It was weird for them to recieve guests as this was supposed to be an abandoned place. Axcel opened the door and saw almost half of the remaining Watchdog members, Anna Roar, Riley Grayson, Justin Case and Linda. All of them were wounded or injured, Justin was the most injured one as there was a whole piece of metal piercing his leg. Axcel let them all in and told Martin to treat all of them as soon as possible especially Justin. Max and Anthony were against the fact that Axcel let them in but for the time being things happened so quickly that they chose remain silent on the matter.

After they were in a better shape and adjusted to the place Axcel went to them with Victoria to ask them questions. When he told them he had questions Riley was checking up on Justin with Martin and Linda was getting her weapons etc fixed by Lily as Anna was the only one done she told him to go ahead and ask them but before that she asked for Lyceus to which Axcel replied that sadly he was not with them anymore. Axcel's first and obvious question to them was what had happened to them.

Anna told him that they were attacked by Ethan and The Head as they were sold out and betrayed by their teammate, Lucian Anderson. As soon as Axcel heard The Head coming out of her mouth he asked her what she knew about him and did she see his face. Anna said that she knew nothing about The Head except the fact that he was an evil man hiding behind all those good lies about him and she told Axcel that she couldn't see his face as it was covered. Axcel told her to continue so she told him that as they were caught on by surprise and unprepared most of them got wounded so Nathan told them to escape and find Lyceus while he, Henry and Ramos held the other three back for them. Justin used a portal to let everyone escape but while waiting for everyone to go through it he himself was shot by Ethan, with a piece of metal that pierced his leg. Dante and Biski carried Justin so that they could take him with them but Lucian puched away Ramos and rushed towards them to capture Biski in which he succeeded. Dante knee it was too late to wait for Biski so he jumped through the closing portal while holding Justin. Their last sight was of Ramos, Henry and Nathan fighting Lucian, Ethan and The Head. It had been days to this incident and since then they hadn't seen the others. She also told him that while they were looking for Lyceus, they sent Dante to go look for the Grim Reaper.

After Anna finished Axcel still had a question that why did they come to them, the Argonauts which was also answered by Anna.

Anna starting answering the question by telling him why Nathan let the Argonauts escape the last time and what he did afterwards. She told Axcel that Nathan knew something was wrong and he was curious why Lyceus was here at a suspicious place plus he was obsessed with finding out the goal of Lyceus. He wanted to check out and investigate the place himself so he let the Argonauts go. After they were gone he went in the workshop and discovered it was being secretly operated by Ethan Grunt. He also found a broken cage and after putting one and one together he figured out the unconcious girls was in it. This made him suspicious of Ethan Grunt that why would he operate a place in secrecy and keep a girl in a cage. He also wanted to find out why he was one of the targets of Lyceus. To answer his questions he wanted to find Ethan but when he went looking for Ethan he discovered that Ethan was hiding himself which raised Nathan's suspicions even more. Nathan also knew the fact that Ethan was close to The Head so he had figured out that Lyceus and his team were after something big and not really the bad guys. As he was now investigating Ethan and The Head, they being the real bad guys couldn't let this slip so they attacked Nathan with the help of Lucian. To conclude the answer and answer the why of Axcel, Anna said that perhaps after being attacked Nathan realised who was on the good side and who was on the bad so he wanted us to help you.

After Anna told the whole story Axcel told her that the team had found Henry's dead body today in the morning. When Anna heard this she was shocked and couldn't believe what Axcel was saying for a moment. She burst in tears and when she asked where the body was Axcel told her the whole story which added to her grief. Axcel left Anna alone for a while and decided to give her time to digest it.

Now that Axcel's questions were answered he was satisfied with answers and decided to let the Watchdog members stay and accept their assistance. When this was shared with the rest of the team no one questioned Axcel's decision but Anthony did show how he couldn't really trust the Watchdog members which was also justifiable.

Later on when it was almost night time, Max entered the room that had Martin, Lily and the Watchdog members he saw the metal piece and decided to check what it was. After checking it he realised it was not an ordinary piece of metal instead it was a piece of technology that could be easily tracked. Upon realising that Max told anyone to evacuate now without asking any questions but it was too late. The hideout was attacked by Ethan and Lucian. They were already no match for the combined forces of Ethan and Lucian and now that they were caught by surprise there was no winning this fight.

Ethan: Well, well, well if it weren't the adoptive and biological sons of Warath walker. Things have a funny way to play out as they say like father like son.

Ethan and Lucian used a shockwave to immobilise many of them and defeated many of them putting them to rest. Now that the identity of Axcel was revealed Ethan figured out that William was also a part of this and decided to send Lucian after him while he handled things here.