Chapter 8:

The nameless girl

The Doll Metaphor Part 1

I finally arrived at the parking lot, looks that nobody's there. Decided to climb up the wall that was separating the park from the castle. I ran while crouching to search for some window so I could make my entrance in the monument. During the time I was doing this, my heart was pounding so strongly that it could literally rip my chest off.  

Entered an open window.

The placed looked quiet, kinda surprising during a terrorist attack. I tried to loot everything: cabinets, cupboards, wardrobes but ended up finding nothing to heal my wounds. Then, I exited the room and went exploring for someone in the need of help.

That place was getting more and more macabre the more I explored, some bodyguards of the royalty (distinctive from the normal guards because of their uniforms) were laying dead on the floor of the corridor. The walls were painted with scarlet blood and some bits of dried flesh, while inspecting the corpses, all of them had signs of strangulation and cuts. 

Walking a bit farther, I found a still living being. 

The good news is that he was not unconscious, being the sign that he was safe of danger.

The bad news is that if he didn't die like the rest of the guys from back there, that means that we are probably very close to the assassin.

He was in a very bad shape,  still moaning in pain.

I didn't have anything to help him, things were getting worse.

He looked athletic, his hair was wavy and short, shining black eyes. Shame that I couldn't count on him when someone would find us, but I can't just leave him there.  

But then, I heard some footsteps, slow and delicate steps...

The light bulbs crack, leaving the corridor and our sight in the dark.

A girl with the same coat that Daiyu was using was approaching us.