Chapter 9:

The nameless girl 2

The Doll Metaphor Part 1

Her silhouette was standing there, actionless, immovable. The shadow was petrified by the presence of strangers in her domain.

My respiration was thin with the pressure of that situation, the body and heart were conflicting in my organism.

Just her presence was enough to give anyone the cold feels, even kill.


"Are you here to protecting the king? By any chance."


"I killed all the guards but was purely for self defense, if you don't get in my way, you could still live a happy life with your family."She said

The young man grabbed my pulse, his teeth were pressing each other, demonstrating a unbelievable pain.

"Don't fight her, she's an A."

I looked at her left eye, showing tiny little points of colorful colors, like our galaxy. If I remember correctly, her power must be a reality warping. That fragile situation was getting worse by the minute.

"You are noticing my left eye, tells you anything? If you really want to fight against me, at least be prepared for it." She mentioned.

I keep in silence, every thought was used only to calculate her defeat.

Everything around begins to warp, every color and shape starting to fuse, melting like a paint, a spiral was forming in every corner. Reality as we know it was fading at a rapid face.

"Do you still wanna continue this?"She said.

My face became a tense one, all my muscles entered to survival mode, my skin reacts to the transition like entering a new planet.

I closed my eyes for a couple of seconds, when I opened them, the corridor was no more.

We were in a foreign place, like a circus, we see many railroads in that space, everything had a combination of the color brown and red.

That place was a theme park.

Above the rails, a giant structure resembling a clown with sharp teeth was staring at us (under it was a theater) , my body shrunk a bit.

The floor was alive, like it was made of gelatin. It began to move, becoming wavy, my legs were having a tough time keeping up on the floor. 

The young boy's body begins to slide, the floor was made like a ramp.

I ran trying to grab him, but a fail nonetheless.

The end of the ramp ended with eternal darkness, an abyss, looked like he was sliding to his death. 

When I was prepared to jump just to save him, an abnormal thing happened.

The nameless girl saved him.