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Chapter 498: Let Rise the Flames of War

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 498: Let Rise the Flames of War

Narrator: It is now October 4th, Year 174.

*Both sides are getting ready for war*

*In Hell, Dakame watches as her troops start gathering. Some head over to the lab with Korobu*

Korobu: It’s time to get out our… pets.

*Korobu and the demons go into the lab. They start hearing vicious noises*

Korobu: Do you hear it? They are eager. I think we should let these miserable creatures out for some exercise.

*Korobu grins*

Korobu: This is going to be great.

*He looks at his demons*

Korobu: Make sure Armageddon is ready.

Male Demon 1: Armageddon? I thought we weren’t going to use Armageddon this time.

Korobu: No, we are simply not leading with Armageddon this time. That was my fault last time. So make sure he is ready.

Male Demon 2: Yes, Lord Korobu.

*The demons leave and Korobu just looks into the area where many of their monsters are kept*

Korobu: Nairo Drogen’s developments have proved incredibly useful.


Narrator: Later.

*All of Dakame’s invasion forces have gathered while she stands up high from the balcony of her lair*

Dakame: I’m glad that all of you are gathered.

*Her voice is carried out through large speakers*

Dakame: Very soon, our invasion will begin. It’s been a long time coming. We’ve had numerous delays. There are those who said that this day would never come. What are they to say now? This invasion will be the decisive war against Heaven! There will be no retreating! We will keep fighting until we crush our enemies! Let rise the flames of war!

*The crowd cheers after Dakame finishes speaking. Dakame confidently smiles*

Dakame: (Talking to herself) Be ready, Harmona. Though you are my enemy, I respect you and consider you my equal. This will be our last battle. A true victor will finally arise.


Narrator: Meanwhile in Heaven.

*Harmona stands on the balcony of her headquarters and she is watching her troops prepare for the war. She is in her battle armor*

Harmona: (Thinking) We have to be ready for this!


Narrator: Just inside a room behind Harmona.

*Zeth, Sasha, Zaydra, and Zenfaro have put on royal red colored prince/princess armor that is sleeveless*

*Zaydra looks at Sasha*

Zaydra: I imagine this has to be the first time a dark divine being has ever worn this armor but I think it goes well with you.

Sasha: Thanks.

Zenfaro: Us four will be the only ones wearing this armor. It symbolizes us as princes and princesses fighting for Heaven.

Zeth: Exclusive and cool-looking. I like it.

*They go outside to join the preparation efforts and walk up to Harmona*

Harmona: I’m glad you’re here. It’s time for the pre-war speech.

*Zeth and Sasha then stand to the left of Harmona while Zaydra and Zenfaro stand to her right. They are looking down at the troops below. Harmona begins her speech*

Harmona: I have feared when this day would come. The day in which the Dark Goddess would begin another invasion. We narrowly avoided the last invasion attempt 54 years ago. But all that did was delay the inevitable. We will fight the forces of Hell just as we have always done before! But this time we will put everything on the line! We must defeat all of their highest-ranking demons! Let’s make this the final war between Heaven and Hell!

*Heaven’s troops start cheering*

*Zeth looks at Harmona*

Zeth: Well said.

Harmona: I said it because I truly believe you two will be the ones that bring an end to our countless wars. This will be the last one.


Narrator: Later at the Angel Sanctuary.

*It’s night. Zaydra, her team (except Kurt), and other angels are stationed at Angel Sanctuary which is located in northeast Harmone*

Zaydra: We are going to be stationed here. Be ready for anything.


Narrator: Back in Heaven.

*Harmona is in a war room with her advisors*

Male Advisor 1: How does it look so far? I know it’s been 174 years since you were last able to look down upon anywhere you want on Earth. Have you spotted anything?

*Harmona looks very intense*

Harmona: Not yet.

*Harmona continues watch what is happening on Earth. She sees a relatively small portal open and a bunch of demons led by Kopmon come out of it*

*Harmona looks intense still but then her eyes open wide*

Harmona: It begins!

Male Advisor 2: You found demons!?

Harmona: Yes, and Kopmon is among them! The location is just south of Angel Sanctuary. Contact Zaydra immediately!

Female Advisor 3: Right away!


*Kopmon and the demons start heading north toward Angel Sanctuary. More demons keep coming out of the portal*


*Zaydra is at Angel Sanctuary communicating with Heaven through a device at the sanctuary*

Zaydra: They are coming here first? That’s a surprise.

*She continues listening to what Heaven has to say*

Zaydra: Wait, really!? A Council of Demons member is taking part in the first battle!? Okay, I will be ready!

*Zaydra ends communication and looks at her team*

Zaydra: Get ready for a big battle! Kopmon is among the enemy forces!


Narrator: Back outside.

*Kopmon and his forces are approaching Angel Sanctuary*

Kopmon: We will burn this sanctuary to the ground.

*Angel forces go outside and are ready to fight the approaching demons*


Narrator: Back in Heaven.

*Harmona looks concerned*

Harmona: A Council of Demons member has never participated this early in a war before. And why is the Angel Sanctuary their first target? What does this mean?

Narrator: The war between Heaven and Hell has begun! It’s the next Great Chaos! What is the Dark Goddess’s war strategy?

Chapter 498 END

To be Continued in Chapter 499: Battle of Angel Sanctuary