Chapter 507:

Chapter 504: A Scarred Past

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 504: A Scarred Past

Narrator: In Reign City. The Battle of Reign City is ongoing.

*Reign City is mostly in ruins by this point from the demon invasion. Heaven’s top two generals, the female angel known as Zentano and the male angel known as Grinton, lead the attack on the outer areas of the city*

*The angels continue to fight the demons in an effort to save the city. The air attack flying angels are also fighting*

Grinton: Push forward!

*Grinton thrusts his right hand forward. The air starts rapidly vibrating in front of him. The vibrations are able to highly damage the demons in front of him*

*Zentano dashes toward some demons and slashes them with her double-sided short sword*

Zentano: We’re almost in the city!

*As they fight, a giant portal opens, and out comes Armageddon (Author’s Note: As a reminder, Armageddon is a giant demon on four legs. He looks like a beast with black scaly skin and has horns. Also as a reminder, he is a Stage 5 Blood Form but the appearance is different from Zeth’s Stage 5 Blood Form)*

*Armageddon roars. The angels start to be scared*

Male Angel: It’s Armageddon!!

Zentano: Damn it! Why now!?

*Armageddon fires a beam of energy from its mouth toward the angels. Angels and demons are caught in the blast*

*The angels look at Zentano and Grinton*

Female Angel: What should we do!?

*Grinton and Zentano look frustrated*

Grinton: We have no choice but to fall back for now! We don’t have the forces to take on all these demons with Armageddon with them! Reign City may be in ruins but we will take it back!

*All of the angels start falling back while the demons all look super confident*

Male Demon: That’s right! Run! You can’t defeat us!

*Armageddon releases another beam attack at the angels and, once again, more angels are caught in the attack. The angels that are not hit by Armageddon’s attack are able to get into an area with a lot of trees*

*With them out of sight, Armageddon stops attacking them and starts attacking the city*

Narrator: With Armageddon’s sudden appearance, the forces of Heaven could not continue fighting. As a result, the victors of the Battle of Reign City are the forces of Hell.


Narrator: Meanwhile in Heaven.

*Harmona is looking down at Reign City using her fully restored overlooking magic abilty*

Harmona: So Dakame changed her plan so that Armageddon would enter mid-battle. She made it so we couldn’t predict when he would show up…! It’s time to awaken Sonzen.


Narrator: Back to the angels after they retreated into the trees.

*As the angels retreat through the area with a lot of trees, they become scattered*

*Zentano is suddenly kicked from the side and is knocked into a tree which knocks it over*

Zentano: Who did that!?

*She then opens her eyes wide*

*The man standing in front of her is Shade, the Deity of Sorrows*

Shade: It’s been such a long time, Zentano.

*Zentano looks angry*

Zentano: What are you doing here?

*Shade smirks*

Shade: Well, other than that I’m fighting for Hell, what other reason would you think I have for specifically confronting you?

*Shade points to the scar on his chin*

Shade: After all, this scar on my chin reminds me of you every day.

Zentano: You would think holding onto life is enough. Holding out for revenge all this time because of a scar on your chin is petty.

Shade: The scar is symbolic. You tried to kill me over 120,000 years ago and now you will pay with your life.

*Zentano has a flashback*


Narrator: Over 120,000 years ago in the Lunar City Underworld.

*Shade is has taken a man hostage on the roof of a mansion. There are many people on the ground looking up at what’s going on*

Woman: That person took the president hostage!!

*The people start panicking*

Shade: Tell them you are resigning and making me the new president. I will be the ruler of this underworld. If you don’t, you will die and so will they.

*The president looks nervous*

President: Fine… I’ll do it.

Shade: That’s what I want to hear.

*Shade notices that someone has quickly gotten on the roof and is about to slash him with a sword. He lets go of the president to defend himself*

*Shade dodges the slash. The slash was done by Zentano*

Shade: You…!? You’re one of Heaven’s generals!

Zentano: You are committing two severe violations. This attempted takeover is the first. And the other is that divine beings who are deities are not allowed out of the Dimension of Deities.

Shade: Your words don’t scare me. I will just have to kill you.

*He charges up his magic and they begin to fight*

*Shade summons a bunch of humanoid silhouettes that look like people in despair. They go after Zentano but she slashes through them*

*Zentano gets close to Shade but Shade is able to land a punch on her face*

*Shade is about to perform another attack but Zentano recovers herself quickly and is able to slash Shade across the chin*

*Shade screams in pain as blood pours out from his chin. Zentano tries to slash him again but he grabs the blade*

*Zentano is shocked*

Zentano: What!?

*Shade is about to retaliate but Zentano kicks him back and he falls off the roof*

*Zentano is still in shock but she looks over at the president*

Zentano: Are you alright?

President: Yes, I’m fine. Thank you.

*Zentano jumps down to the ground while holding the president. She then goes to where Shade’s body would have fallen to after being kicked off the roof. He’s not there*

*End of flashback*


Zentano: That night left me in shock. Before that, no one had ever actually grabbed my blade when I was attacking with it. It was then I realized how big of a threat you actually were. I regret not going after you immediately.

Shade: I am much stronger now than I was back then. You will die, Zentano.

*Shade charges his magic*

Shade: You will be nothing but a corpse before me!

Narrator: Shade’s intentions are now known! Will he kill Zentano!?

Chapter 504 END

To be Continued in Chapter 505: Zentano vs Shade