Chapter 511:

Chapter 508: Fight to the Brink

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 508: Fight to the Brink

Narrator: Furious over the attack on Nairo Drogen, Zeth and Sasha prepare to fight Sherra and Kogen.

Sherra: Your overconfidence is amusing.

*Zeth tries to punch Sherra with his right hand but she blocks it with her arm. Zeth then charges his left arm with a lot of magic*

Zeth: Take this!

*Sherra actually looks scared for a moment and holds up both arms. Zeth punches her with enough power to push her back. He then swipe-kicks her to knock her away*

*Zeth pursues her and has a flashback to when Korobu annihilated him back in Kogen’s fortress during the Enigmus incident*

Zeth: This is my first fight against a Council of Demons member since Korobu kicked my ass. It’s time to show that my growth has paid off!

*Zeth is then hit by Kogen who slams into him rolled up into a ball. Zeth is knocked to the side and rolls on the ground until coming to a complete stop*

*Suddenly, ghostly hands start holding Zeth down as Sherra walks up to him*

Sherra: You’ve become powerful enough to hurt me. I don’t like that.

*Meanwhile, Kogen is rolling around like a ball in circles around Sasha*

Sasha: Roll around all you want. Nothing will stop me from torturing you before you face your demise.

*Kogen starts rolling toward Sasha to attack her. She is ready and attempts a punch but Kogen maneuvers around the punch, unrolls, and then kicks her in the chin*

*Sasha looks surprised*

Sasha: (Thinking) That’s some great maneuverability!

*Kogen follows up his attack by slamming his tail into Sasha which knocks her back*

*Zeth is still pinned down by the ghostly hands. Sherra prepares to shoot a ghostly beam from her index finger*

Sherra: You will finally be executed, you troublesome boy.

*She shoots the beam at Zeth*

*Some blood is flowing onto the ground and Sherra looks shocked*

Sherra: Impossible!

*Zeth breaks free of the ghostly hands and stands up. He is in Raging Impact Mode. Some blood is flowing down the right side of his head*

*Zeth smiles confidently*

Sherra: That beam should have blasted right through your head!

Zeth: Raging Impact Mode increases my defensive capabilities. It was one of my father’s abilities. You’ll just have to do with the wound.

*Zeth forms and then releases a Shooting Star at Sherra. She is caught in it and blown back*

*Sasha is still fighting Kogen. She lands a punch on Kogen’s face*

Sasha: That demon reincarnation truly did give you tremendous power. Your previous self was but a weak child compared to how you are now.

*Kogen retaliates by wrapping his tail around her left leg to trip her and then kicks her upwards*

*Kogen looks up and releases a powerful red beam from his mouth at her*

Sasha: He had this attack as a mortal.

*Sasha summons a Hell Vulture in the sky and rides away on it before the beam hits her. She then looks to the ground and doesn’t see Kogen anywhere*

*Kogen is coming upwards from directly below. He has a red aura with energy spikes coming out of all over his body. From directly below, the spiked-ball Kogen slams into the Hell Vulture. The spikes kill it and also damage Sasha, as well as knocking her off and onto the ground*

*The spiked-ball Kogen goes after Sasha again*

Sasha: Those energy spikes. Yet another ability he had as a mortal.

*Sasha transforms into her Hell Ape form and gets ready to attack*

Sasha: (Thinking) I should blast it away with a ranged attack but I don’t have enough time to do so. This is going to hurt but I have to do it!

*Sasha’s magic-charged right Hell Ape arm punches spiked-ball Kogen as he reaches her*

*The punch is strong enough to send Kogen flying back, but Sasha’s fist was also pierced by the spikes so now some blood is flowing from it*

Sasha: Gah! Damn! That hurt so much that I’m going to kill you by carving out your insides!

*Meanwhile, Zeth is still fighting Sherra*

Sherra: You may not have noticed yet but you are the one at the disadvantage here.

*Sherra lands multiple punches on Zeth who is in Raging Star Mode now*

Zeth: Quit your bluffing!

*Zeth retaliates with his own punches and then kicks Sherra back some*

Sherra: Let me show you why. Cerberus!

*Cerberus stops fighting angels and comes over to Sherra*

Zeth: Cerberus alone doesn’t give you an advantage.

Sherra: I didn’t say I was done.

*Sherra raises her right arm and a portal opens. Suddenly, more monsters come out of the portal. They are various types of four-legged beasts*

*Zeth now starts to look concerned*

Zeth: Whoa, that’s a lot of vicious monsters…

*A short distance away, there is a large explosion. Sasha (holding onto Salina) is blown toward Zeth. The explosion was caused by Floatlite who had gone over toward Sasha with Salina*

*Then, Kogen and Floatlite join Sherra and the other monsters*

*Sasha and Salina are taken by surprise*

Salina: When did all of these monsters show up!?

Zeth: Sherra opened a portal and let them all out.

Sherra: Everyone attack at once!

*All of the beasts plus Sherra and Kogen release ranged magic energy attacks*

*Zeth, Sasha, and Salina all have their eyes opened wide*

*A massive explosion is caused by the combined attacks*

*Zeth, Sasha, and Salina escape most of the explosion but still took a lot of damage. They are breathing heavily*

Sherra: Still alive? What a shame.

Kogen: It just means more pain for you.

Sherra: You see, this was part of our plan. We were to hunt you two down and lure you into a false sense of security. Then we’d open a portal letting in more of our monsters. It’s worked because we’ve driven you to the brink. I believe that the Dark Goddess is most concerned about you two more than anyone.

Zeth: *huff huff* Sasha… We can’t take all of them on at once. There’s only one option.

Sasha: *huff huff* I know what you’re thinking.

Salina: *huff huff* So, you’re both going to use it?

Zeth: Yeah. We have to use Soul Power.

Narrator: Things were looking good to start the fight but a plan by the demons to overwhelm Zeth and Sasha has worked! Zeth and Sasha will now rely on their Soul Power! What will their Soul Power be like?

Chapter 508 END

To be Continued in Chapter 509: Unleashing the Souls