Chapter 512:

Chapter 509: Unleashing the Souls

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 509: Unleashing the Souls

Narrator: On the verge of doom, Zeth and Sasha have decided to unleash their Soul Power.

*Zeth and Sasha start to look like they are powering up*

Kogen: They’re up to something.

Sherra: Finish them now!

*Sherra, Kogen, and the monsters all release their ranged magic energy attacks again. The blasts collide near Zeth, Sasha, and Salina and explode*

Sherra: They should definitely be dead now.

*The smoke clears when powerful energy blows through and all three of Zeth, Sasha, and Salina are very much alive. Zeth’s soul covers his whole body and tints his body gold and white. His aura outlines his body in the shape of an angel and then condenses back to his body. Sasha’s soul covers her whole body and tints her body black and red. Her aura outlines her body in the shape of a monstrous demon and then condenses back to her body. Their aura comes off their body like a smoky substance making it different than a normal aura. This is their use of Soul Power. The power protected them and Salina*

*Sherra and Kogen are shocked*

Zeth: It’s over.

Sasha: You’re finished.

*Sherra and Kogen look angered*

Sherra: What nonsen—

*Sherra is interrupted as Zeth gut-punches her which causes her to cough up a ton of blood*

Sherra: (Thinking) So fast!!

*Zeth then punches her in the face which knocks her back*

*Sherra is in a lot of pain*

Kogen: Why you…!

*Kogen is about to attack Zeth but Sasha almost instantly gets there and punches him in the back from above so hard that he is pounded into the ground. Kogen is in a lot of pain*

Sasha: Now sit there nice and easy. I will get to torturing you in a moment.

*Cerberus steps forth and blows out fire from all three heads at Zeth and Sasha. However, Zeth and Sasha both hold out a hand that releases their own magic that has no trouble blocking the flames. They immediately transition into each destroying a head with a near-instant punch attack. Only the middle head remains but the other two heads start to regenerate*

*Zeth and Sasha both smile with a lot of confidence. Sasha’s smile also looks sadistic*

Zeth: I was hoping we wouldn’t have to make the enemy aware of these forms so soon but since we are already using them, we might as well properly show them off.

Sasha: Hehe. I know exactly what you mean.

*Sasha licks her lips with anticipation*

*Zeth then immediately destroys Cerberus’s middle and right heads while Sasha punches the stomach area from below to knock it away at an arch. The other monsters look angry*

Sasha: Oh? Are you feeling left out? Not to worry as there’s plenty for you all too.

*Zeth and Sasha immediately attack more of the monsters*

*Kogen starts to pull himself out of the ground*

*The very injured Nairo, who is still on the ground, looks at the fight from a distance*

Nairo: What fearsome power… Could they be capable of defeating the Dark Goddess?

*Floatlite approaches Zeth and Sasha as they continue beating the life out of the ground monsters, but also letting them regenerate so they can keep doing it*

*Sasha notices it and launches upwards. She blows right through its body and comes out through the top with its core in hand. She uses her hand to crush the core which kills Floatlite*

*Zeth is still attacking Cerberus and the other monsters*

*Kogen starts to attack Zeth from behind*

*Zeth notices and turns around to do a simple uppercut that knocks Kogen upwards in the air toward Sasha who is falling back down after killing Floatlite*

*Sasha punches Kogen from above to knock him back down to the ground. She lands on the ground*

Sasha: I told you to sit. But if you’re in such a hurry, I guess we can get to you quicker. Let’s just finish the others already.

Zeth: Coming right up!

*Zeth does three quick punches to Cerberus with each one taking out a head. With all three heads destroyed, Cerberus dies*

*Zeth and Sasha then go on to quickly kill all of the other monsters*

*After destroying all of the other monsters, Zeth and Sasha focus on Kogen who starts to get up again*

Kogen: I won’t accept… being beaten by the likes of you.

*He stares at them with hate in his eyes*

Sasha: He’s looking at us the same way he did when he was still a mortal.

*Kogen coughs up some blood as he struggles to even keep his balance while trying to stand up. Zeth’s and Sasha’s attacks have clearly done significant damage to his body*

Kogen: Hell will be victorious…

*He coughs up blood again and falls to his knees and then tries to stand up again*

Zeth: And there’s the evidence that he is still not his old self. He never would have liked Hell as a mortal. I think it’s time we put him out of his misery. You defeated him originally so I will let you do it again.

*Sasha steps forth in front of Kogen*

Sasha: I really don’t like you but as a favor to Nairo, I will free you from this damnation.

*She looks at him like she is looking down upon him and Kogen starts to look angered*

*Kogen tries to do a very strong magic-powered punch but as he does the punch, Sasha pierces his chest with her right index and middle fingers. This stops the punch and causes him to cough up a lot of blood*

*Sasha shows her sadistic smile*

Sasha: Now don’t resist while I carve out your insides.

*Kogen becomes expressionless and his eyes start fading because of all the blood loss. Sasha carves out a lot of his insides before finally grabbing onto his heart. Sasha uses her left hand to scoop up blood and licks it off her fingers and then she continues smiling sadistically*

Sasha: Mmm. Tasty.

*Her expression then changes from sadistic to serious*

Sasha: Now, be free from my mother’s damnation.

*With Sasha’s right hand grabbed onto Kogen’s heart, her hand smashes it like a tomato. Kogen dies and falls on his back*

Sasha: It is done.

*Zeth’s eyes open wide*

Zeth: I just remembered! What about Sherra!?

*Sasha looks around and doesn’t see Sherra*

Sasha: When did you last see her?

Zeth: I knocked her back with an attack but haven’t seen her return to the fight.

*Zeth, Sasha, and Salina quickly move around the nearby area to search for Sherra, but they don’t find her*

Zeth: We better check on Nairo.

*Zeth, Sasha, and Salina go back to Nairo but find him on the ground in critical condition. There is another beam wound on him*

Zeth: What happened!?

Nairo: It… it was Sherra… She… finished the job…

*He coughs up blood. Zeth punches the ground in anger*

Zeth: Damn it!!

Nairo: She… hit me with… another beam… and then left… with enough time… to get away from you…

*Zeth looks distraught and then looks around in a panic*

Zeth: Medic!!! Medic!!! Get a medic over here!!!

Nairo: It’s alright… You freed Kogen… I can die in peace now… Thank…. You….

*Nairo dies*

*Zeth starts crying and ends his Soul Power*

Zeth: We let our Soul Power make us too cocky. We could have prevented this. Instead, Sherra escaped right from under our noses and killed Nairo in the process!

Salina: Why is it that this bothers you that much?

Zeth: Because we found out he was not a bad person after all. And also… Kogen was right… Nairo really was a genius. He could have helped us in this war.

*Zeth grits his teeth*

Zeth: I won’t let another preventable death happen under my watch again! No matter what!


Narrator: Meanwhile with Sherra.

*Sherra has escaped the area. She has wounds from Zeth’s attack but is still fine*

Sherra: The Dark Goddess is right to be concerned about them! That power that they have might be able to be the deciding factor in this war! I have to get back to our main forces!

Narrator: The first battle in the west is winding down but the heroes were left with a lesson learned! Sherra has escaped and killed Nairo in the process!

Chapter 509 END

To be Continued in Chapter 510: The War Spreads Throughout Harmone