Chapter 513:

Chapter 510: The War Spreads Throughout Harmone

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 510: The War Spreads Throughout Harmone

Narrator: In the Northeast region of Harmone.

*Zaydra, her team, Joe, and many angels moved south from Angel Sanctuary and arrived just outside of the city of Kunasha which is still considered the Northeast region*

Zaydra: This city could easily be a target for demon forces. Stay alert.

*Someone comes up to them from the city. It is Raider*

Joe: Raider?

Raider: I’ve heard that the war has started. If the fighting is coming here, I intend to defend this city.

Narrator: During the 12-year time skip, Zeth convinced Harmona to temporarily halt the aging of Easia and Raider. As such, he has not aged much in the last 12 years.

Joe: We don’t know if the battle is coming here but we are staying here for a bit just in case it does.

Raider: If it does come. I will be ready. I will die defending this city if I have to.


Narrator: About an hour later.

*They are camping around the city and suddenly notice mortar shots in the sky*

Zaydra: We’re under attack!!

*The mortar shots start landing in various places as the angels try to avoid them*

*Approaching them are Zepto, Sane, Helen, and many demons*

Zepto: I’m just so glad you are here, Zaydra. I finally get to put you in your place.


Narrator: In the East region.

*Dom and RAG are fighting demons in a rocky area. There are some angels but not as many as there needs to be*

*RAG elbows a demon as he runs and then releases a barrage of energy orbs that were around his arms to hit more demons but is then kicked back by another demon*

RAG: They greatly outnumber us!

*Dom hits some demons with his aura attacks*

Dom: Agreed. We need backup!

???: Don’t you worry. I am here.

*Dom and RAG look back to see who was talking. It is Zonbi. Sean is also there*

Zonbi: We’ll put an end to this.

*In the distance behind the demon forces is Grom*

Grom: It looks like I will need to fight in this battle.


Narrator: In the Southeast region.

*Kurt, Keith, Easia, Sandy, Jane, and the angel forces are fighting demon forces led by Vollmond*

*Vollmond’s forces are made up of demons, werewolves, and Hawk Clan enigmuses under Hell’s control*

Kurt: We freed these people that were turned into enigmuses by Kogen and yet here they are now enslaved by Hell. Disgusting!

*Kurt uses his area of effect aura attacks to hit the enigmuses trying to attack him*

Vollmond: If you feel so bad, why are you trying to kill them?

*Kurt and Keith are angered*

Kurt: I’m saving them from evil like you!

*Keith is in his demon form and tries to kick Vollmond but he blocks it*

Keith: You scum!

*Some werewolves break through the edges of the allied lines. The angels respond by planting a magic beacon and opening a portal. The neutral spirits (Author’s Note: Last seen in Chapter 130) that were promised passage to Heaven if they help in the war against Hell come out of the portal and start attacking the werewolves*

*The neutral spirits release waves of magic energy to attack. The angels also help fight. With the combined forces, the werewolves are pushed back*


Narrator: In the South region along the shore.

*Zenfaro, Zothena, Apollo, and many angels are being attacked by monsters that are similar to the ones that Zeth, Sasha, and Salina were fighting*

*Gen and Scythe are on their way to the South shore and have Hawk Clan enigmuses following them*

*Gen is smiling*

Gen: This will be an interesting battle. Don’t you think so, Scythe?

Scythe: Whether it is interesting or not doesn’t concern me. All that matters is victory.

*Gen shrugs*

Gen: You’re the same as always.


Narrator: In the West region.

*There are a lot of wounded angels. Commander Zupek is in the area and uses a communication device*

Commander Zupek: If anyone in the other regions has any advanced medical specialists that we can use, we really need the help! Here in the West region, we have a lot of wounded!

*He gets a response*

Apollo: Apollo here. I’m one of the closest medics to you so I will come to assist.

*Commander Zupek looks relieved*

Commander Zupek: Thank you! Your help is appreciated.


*Apollo leaves the battle on the South shore and starts heading northwest towards the West region*


Narrator: Meanwhile, elsewhere in the West region in the town of Kopesh.

*The town is under heavy demon occupation but is also a major base of Hell thanks to Korobu (Author’s Note: It became that way from the events of Chapters 29 and 55)*

*Korobu is starting to leave town. Ben and Sachi watch from behind*

Korobu: I’m heading southeast of here.

Ben: Why, my lord?

Sachi: Wouldn’t it be better to stay here since Heaven’s forces will most likely attack?

*Korobu looks back at them and smiles sinisterly*

Korobu: We’ve learned of the location of their most prominent healer. I’m going to kill him before he becomes a thorn in our side.


Narrator: In the Southwest region.

*Commander Moss, Major Tarres, and Major Smithy continue to work on the large weapon while Kennedy, Gice, and Alaina fight a small number of demon enemies*

Gice: How much longer is that thing going to take?

Commander Moss: You can’t rush the process. Just keep holding them off.

Major Smithy: As your comrades, we promise to get this done without interruption.

Alaina: Don’t jinx it!

*Major Tarres is working on the back of the weapon. Someone wearing a cloak disguise walks toward him from behind. The person’s face is mostly shaded but a sinister smile is visible as a pointy tail starts to show itself*

*The disguised person stabs Major Tarres in the upper back with his or her pointy tail. Blood spills out*

Narrator: Major Tarres is attacked from behind!!

Chapter 510 END

To be Continued in Chapter 511: Battle of Kunasha