Chapter 514:

Chapter 511: Battle of Kunasha

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 511: Battle of Kunasha

Narrator: In the Northeast region, the Battle of Kunasha is underway. Failing to stop the forces of Hell from entering the city will result in its complete destruction.

*The battle between Zaydra, her team, Joe, Raider, and the angels against Zepto, Sane, Helen, and their demons happens just outside the city of Kunasha*

*Zepto looks at Zaydra*

Zepto: Let’s think of this as a continuation of our last battle.

*The eyes on the side of each of Zepto’s shoulders open with their irises changing from a square shape to a hexagon shape. Zepto then throws a bunch of his hair needles at Zaydra that explode in midair but she dodges them*

*Bonetru tries to slash Zepto with a very large sword but Zepto dodges and kicks Bonetru in the face*

Zepto: We’ve fought in the past but do you really think you can actually defeat me now, Bonetru?

*Zepto is suddenly struck by lightning and it damages him*

*Joe approaches*

Zepto: Who just did that!?

Joe: That would be me.

Zepto: A mortal, challenge me? This is new.

Joe: I’m not just any mortal. I’m the Storm Lord.

Zepto: Yes, it seems that you are based on those eyes.

Joe: Zaydra, let me handle him.

Zaydra: Alright.

*Raider is in a transformed state where he is taking on the features of many bugs, including moth wings that allows him to fly. He continuously attacks Sane. He keeps landing various blows of punches and kicks*

*Sane keeps getting knocked around by the attacks*

Raider: I’ll keep attacking you until you die or retreat!

*Sane just mumbles to himself as he is attacked*

Ruby: You really shouldn’t keep hitting him! He’ll go insane!


*Helen is fighting Kren. Helen blocks Kren’s punch using her trident*

Helen: I’ve been training for this! I will kill all of you to avenge Kazan!

*Helen is suddenly pierced in the leg by an arrow shot by Sapphire. Sapphire is backing up Kren*

Sapphire: You’ve got the both of us to deal with!

*Helen’s trident is charged with a lot of vampiric power. She thrusts it forward to release a lot of her vampiric power. It knocks back Kren and Sapphire and damages them both*

*Helen is then hit by a Shooting Star and it drives her into the ground before bursting*

*The attack was released by Zaydra*

Zaydra: You got me to deal with too!

*Helen emerges from the attack with a lot of wounds*

Helen: Curse you!


*Meanwhile, Zepto punches Joe in the face and then starts rapidly punching him on various parts of his body*

*Joe releases heavy winds all around his body to stop the attack and pushes Zepto back*

*Joe took a good amount of damage from the punches*

Joe: This city was ruined by dark matter 12 years ago and is still in a fragile state. I won’t let you or your forces enter it!

Zepto: Your words are nothing more than empty threats.

*Joe covers his body in storm clouds and his body becomes white and yellow as his whole body is also covered in electricity*

Joe: Blitzkrieg Storm!

*Joe zips toward Zepto at a very fast speed and then thrusts both arms forwards. Zepto is blasted by the electricity on Joe’s body and then the storm clouds move from Joe to Zepto and they start continuously electrocuting him*

Zepto: Gaaaah!!!! Damn!! You bastard!!!

*Joe is not done attacking as he does an electrical punch to Zepto’s face and then uses wind power to force his hand against Zepto’s gut with extreme force. The force to Zepto’s gut is strong enough to make him cough up some blood*

Zepto: (Thinking) A mortal!!? He’s actually damaging me!!?

*Joe is about to do another attack but Zepto quickly uses his hair needles that knock Joe back with explosions. The storm clouds surrounding Zepto dissipate*

*Joe and Zepto are starting to breathe heavily*

Zepto: *huff huff* I guess you really are an opponent to take seriously.

Joe: *huff huff* That just means the Storm Lord powers I got paid off.


*Raider continues to attack Sane*

Ruby: Damn it! I said to stop hitting him!! Only finishing-type attacks should be used against Sane!!

Raider: What’s the big deal? He’s being completely outclassed by me!

*Suddenly, one of Sane’s eyes sparkles for a second*

*The next thing that anybody realizes is that Raider’s left arm is heavily bleeding and his left moth wing is almost completely cut off*

*Raider and Ruby look shocked*

*Raider is forced to land. He holds onto his left arm in pain. He turns around and is shocked even more*

*Ruby and Raider are both very shocked as they see a somewhat insane-looking Sane wielding a chainsaw*

Raider: When the hell did he get a chainsaw!? And how did he cut me so fast with it!?

Sane: Hehehe. This chainsaw has replaced the pen as my favorite object. Die, please.


*Meanwhile, Helen is angered with Zaydra*

Helen: I guess I have no reason to hold anything back when my opponent is the daughter of the Light Goddess.

*Helen fully powers up and transforms into her Pure Vampire Form*

Helen: In my quest to avenge Kazan, your head will be the first I hang from my wall.


*Meanwhile, Zepto talks to Joe, and Bonetru is also still there*

Zepto: Be grateful. You will be the first mortal I ever use my full power on.

*The closed eye on Zepto’s forehead starts to open. It soon opens all the way. The irises on all three eyes change from a hexagon to an octagon*

*Zepto has a fierce aura surrounding him and all his muscles grow larger*

Zepto: Witness the power!

Narrator: The Battle of Kunasha commences! The three Council of Demons members are ready to take the battle to the next level. How will the heroes respond?

Chapter 511 END

To be Continued in Chapter 512: The Clan’s Arrival