Chapter 22:

An Unexpected Visitor

Lyceus Awaits

William and Alice had moved on from their pasts and were living their happy life. They were not aware of the fact that both the Argonauts and the Watchdogs had been demolished.

One day when they had an unexpected visitor everything in their life would change. They were attacked by Lucian Anderson, the 23 years old adoptive child of Nathan Gale.

Lucian's suit was fully red in coloured and an exception to his suit was that it had dragon wings likewise Lucian had abilities that of a dragon. Lucian was able to breath fire, dragon-like skin and advantages in sky battles. He also had an ability called the berserk mode in which his abilties got more advanced, got more stronger and faster, grew out claws and sharp teeth and got consumed by rage.

Lucian blasted through the wall of the mansion and tried to kill William with his fire. William grabbed Alice and used a gravity bomb on Lucian so that he could escape with Alice. As they were escaping William saw his house burn down and felt that the events from his childhood were repeating but this time he was not that weak child, he was someone strong enough to fight back. Lucian caught up to them in no time, in fact he was right in front of them now.

William: Who are you?!! What do you want from us??!!

Lucian: Oh please skip me the talking Lyceus I have waited very long and came so far to kill you. By the time I kill you that old man Ethan will be done with your Argonauts and the remaining Watchdogs.

William: YOU KILLED AXCEL??!!!

Lucian: Well he will be dead by now if he wasn't already.

William was filled with rage combined with his hatred for them, he turned off his pain subconsciously and became more stronger than ever. Firstly he made a gravity ball with Alice inside so that it could protect her then he attacked Lucian with all his might. Lucian was now having a hard time so he had no choice but to turn on his berserk mode. The fight had only begun only to have an end that would benefit no one.

Meanwhile, on the other hand Axcel's legs had been chopped off by Ethan, when they were attacked and many of the others were laying on the ground, beaten. The last one standing was Max but as Martin had given Justin a serum that would heal him faster so now even he was ready to fight and Lily had also been done with Linda. It was a 3 v 1 as Martin couldn't really do much but even though they still had an advantage but it was only in numbers as Ethan was more stronger than they could imagine adding on the fact that they were all not in the best of their shapes. The main reason perhaps why they lost was because they were caught by surprise and were attacked by two brilliant suit wearers that were prepared to kill or capture them so they took out many of them before they could even put up a fight.

Ethan Grunt was a 43 years old man who was the right hand man of The Head and made ENIGMA suits in his company/organisation named Nord. Ethan himself wore an ENIGMA suit as he was not compatible with an INDIGO one. His suit's colour was Golden and an exception to his suit was that it had 6 octopus like arms coming out from the back of his suit and also had spiked tail. His overall suit was very different, advanced and upgraded pretty much unique in its own way. All his arms had different abilities, the two arms on the top could throw acid and freeze opponents, the two arms on the botten could grab the opponents by attaching itself, the remaining remaining two arms in the middle were stronger and bigger so that were used as better punches and the tail was big long, spiked, sharp and contained poison in it's tip.

Axcel had lost a lot of blood so Martin was giving a temporary treatment to Axcel while being covered by Linda and the Max and Justin were using every last bit of their strength to fight off Ethan. After Axcel got his temporary treatment by then everyone was pretty much injured and had no chance of winning being unprepared so they had decided to escape. Axcel had regained concious so he used all of his energy to speak and told Max to throw some smoke bombs around Ethan and told Linda to keep shooting him in the smoke. Ethan popped his gas mask so that he would not inhale the smoke but he got distracted which was exactly what Axcel had planned. Axcel told Justin to create a portal so that they could go to William. They also planned to take the unconcious ones with them using Max's speed and more of Justin's portals. Justin was supposed to be the last one to come through the portal but just as Martin while carrying Axcel on his body walked through the portal Justin saw as Ethan's tail pierced through Linda's stomach. As much as Justin wanted her to be with them he knew there was no saving her so without further delay he walked through the portal.

When they got to the other end of the portal Justin told the others what a gruesome thing he had witnessed happened to one of them but there was no time for grief as there was another sight of William and Lucian fighting waiting right in front of them. William was pretty much losing at that point but as they were more in numbers maybe now they could win.

Lucian was smart he knew that they might be more in numbers but Ethan had weakened them by a lot which meant that they couldn't actually do much. Still in his mind he thought it was better not to fight them at the moment so he planned to attack Alice as a distraction and run away which he did somehow manage to do before anyone could react to it. Lucian could fly very fast so he flew away without even looking back but he did say that he would be back. Alice fell out of the gravity ball passing out just as she hit the ground.

So many good ones were now laying on the ground with little or no concious. There was now more to be done than they could do...