Chapter 23:

Back to the Darkness

Lyceus Awaits

There were many things to worry about now, the mansion had been destroyed so they had to go somewhere else and most of them were injured and also unconcious including Alice. William was back to normal now and trying to wake up Alice.

Meanwhile, Axcel carried by Max, had decided they would go to Martin's house by using Justin's portal and so they did. When they got there everyone was treated by Martin. Axcel was given a wheelchair and all of the others except Alice were now awake. William was really worried for Alice and angry on the fact that he failed to protect her.

After many tries it was discovered that Alice was in a coma not to be back soon. William discovering that had totally lost it and decided to hunt down and kill everyone in his way till he finally killed The Head. Just as he was about to leave Axcel tried to stop him by telling thats not what Alice would have wanted but he said that its what he wants and left. William had left the team and now gone rogue, he was now back on the dark path he was on once before as he had gone crazy from all the tragedies he experienced.

None of them were in a shape to stop William at that time but later on they had thought of finding him so that they could bring him back. Axcel knew that William's mind and his condition would only get worse if he stayed alone, walking on the path he stepped on.

Later on when Max was about to watch something he saw the news and asked Axcel to come quickly so that he could see what he had found on the news. On the news it was being told that the identity of Lyceus and everyone had been exposed. All of them were charged with one thing or another and were ordered to be arrested.

Lyceus was portrayed as a villain to the world through media and they wanted the sons of Warath Walker to be viewed as psychopaths and serial killers that were after world peace so that everyone would despise them. The media was totallly in control of The Head, in fact the whole world was in the palm of his hands.

Furthermore, they were also blamed for kidnapping the missing Watchdog members and for the dead bodies of the members found. The more they watched the news the more they got frustrated as they even declared the remaining Watchdog members traitors for colliding with Lyceus.

Things had gotten a lot harder now and there were a lot of charges now. Axcel knew that now he would have to fight many cases and present a lot of proof to drop the charges against them. Now with William gone he had to fight alone for himself and everyone.

Now we had a rogue William on the loose fighting to destroy his enemies and Axcel playing safe fighting to save everything. Both fighting in their own ways sharing a common goal yet walking on different paths.