Chapter 21:

Special chapter: Nathan Gale

Lyceus Awaits

Nathan had a bad childhood and really dark origins but he did infact work hard to die a rich and well respected person.

Nathan was the only child his parents were not very rich but did have the money required to make their family a normal rich family. Nathan's father was a businessman and had a really good business going. Nathan's mother on the other hand was a working woman with a job that paid well.

One day their was a rain of bad luck on the family. Nathan's father was in a business crisis and at the same time Nathan's mother got fired from her job because someone else got her job. The family was now officially in debt so the parents now had to do something fast or they would become outsiders.

Luckily a man showed up with a deal for them at the same day. The man seemed shady and very suspicious but the family had no choice but to attend him. The deal was that if they sold their only child, Nathan he would clear all their debts, invest in their business and get Nathan's mom a job. Now they had to think but it was obvious what they were going to do. Nathan's mom was not accepting the option to sell their only child but Nathan's father knew there was no choice and that it was for everyone's better.

When Nathan's father was about to tell their decision to the man, Nathan's mother went away crying. When Nathan saw his mom crying he asked her what had happened and she hugged him tightly while her tears were dropping down. There could be nothing done now the deal had been done Nathan's father was here to get Nathan.

While Nathan was being taken away he looked back at his mom and told her not to cry everything will be fine. How could the 7 year old child know he was about to be sold or why his mom was crying, these were just innocent words from a little kid. She was crying in fact because everything would no longer been as things were never going to be the same.

Nathan's father told Nathan that the man is a friend and that Nathan is going to be with him for a while so he should be a good boy. Nathan was a good child by nature so he said ok being an innocent child. When the man was taking him away, Nathan waved back at his father telling him he will be back at that moment even Nathan's father broke down and held back his tears only so that his child could go happily.

The man took Nathan to a really huge research lab/facility where there were teenagers and other children as well, some even crying. There was a project being carried out over there named Project Syndicate, in that project many children were experimented on with different chemicals. Children were forced to drink chemicals, consume chemicals in their food etc. Although they were mostly injected by them. Most of the chemicals were not dangerous at first and children were usually not harmed but obviously their were still dangerous chemicals, failed experiments and all the children except some did die by the end of the project or at the end.

At first the experiments were very safe and the children were being taken care of. The children also played together often with toys and Nathan even made some friends. In the early experiments children were injected with chemicals that would increase their stamina thats why they were sent to play to check their stamina. It was pretty much a success and the children were now more energetic than ever.

Some years later when Nathan was 12 an experiment was carried out to make a chemical that would give strength to humans. The experiment effected some kids badly awakening their wild and violent side. For this reason experiments on this were later closed but there was also another big reason. The reason was that one day when a friend of Nathan was injected with this he became very violent and was about to kill Nathan. Luckily for Nathan his best friend saved him but the same couldn't be said about his best friend as he was killed instead of Nathan. Later on the friend who got violent was taken to a secret ward by the scientists/researchers.

As years went by the experiments got wilder and more dangerous especially after the discovery of INDIGO suits and the white crystal used in its core. Children had to eat crystals, drink it in liquid form or get injected by it and many got operated to have the white crystals in them. There were ofcourse special cases as well mainly two is the special ward one was Nathan's friend and the other was the oldest one in the facility, aged 18 and the man now known as the Grim Reaper. Grim Reaper was operated to have crystals and a whole INDIGO suit in him. The pain Grim Reaper felt was excruciating and very real.

Nathan had decided to escape the facility as it had become more of a nut house. When he was 17 years old he made a plan with all of the ones who survived the torturing experiments. When they were about to escape they heard a scream coming from the secret ward that belonged to the Grim Reaper. The lights had went out and the alarm had turned on they thought that now it would easier to escape using all the commotion but they were wrong as little did they know they were not important anymore as all the data the researchers had already been collected by them.

They had decided to kill all the test subjects and leave no one alive so the researchers, scientists and guards all open fired on all the test subjects. Many test subject being unarmed had died and many were effected by different chemicals but they did retaliate by throwing chemicals. There was chaos, fire and explosion everywhere all around the facility.

Just as Nathan was about to be shot suddenly the Grim Reaper showed up looking like an actual Grim Reaper and killed the men threatning Nathan. Both teamed up and stole a suit for Nathan from one of the suits being kept in the facility. Then they flew out of the facility and the Grim Reaper used his scythe to destroy the whole facility as it was too late to save anyone in it.

When Nathan told his name to the Grim Reaper and asked Grim Reaper his name he replied that he did not have one as he opened his eyes in the facility and had been in it since the beginning. As the Grim Reaper's suit was inside his body but it gave him a black cloth, a scythe and a skull mask making him look like an actual grim reaper Nathan started calling him Grim Reaper. Both made a team named Watchdog so that they could make the world a better place for its citizens outsider or not.

Later on when Nathan was 27 years old and the Grim Reaper was 33 years old, they discover their was another newly opened facility similar to the one they were in and that the Project Syndicate had resumed but what they did not know was that it had been started by The Head. Luckily it had just started so there were less test subjects but it was so brutal that only two were left. Just as the Grim Reaper was about to destroy the facility Nathan stopped him and told him that they should try to save the test subjects if they can be saved.

They broke into the facility and Grim Reaper killed everyone in Nathan's way while Nathan ran towards the place where the test subjects were being kept. The two test subjects were a baby girl of months and a 5 year old boy.

Nathan decided to take them in and raise them as his own children. He named the girl Biski(Biscuit) and named the boy Lucian Anderson. Nathan raised them good and made them brilliant suit wearers.

After that Grim Reaper helped Nathan whenever he wanted help but later on after the team had its last member he would go into the shadows only to come out after hearing of Nathan's death.

Nathan was surprised that Lucian betrayed him and that he had to die by the hands of his own adoptive son. The Head with the help of Lucian and Ethan had easily beaten Nathan and even showed him his face which was also a surprise to Nathan. Nathan's last words to The Head were "it was you all long, we thought you were dead" but his real last words were to Lucian that hit really hard. They were of a sad and regretful father as he said, "maybe I didn't raise you well" and died right after that.