Chapter 17:

The odds of the oddity

The Doll Metaphor Part 1

My ribs were hurting more, even more than before.

"I'm tired of fighting with you, I was here to kill a certain man and it has nothing to do with all of you."She said.

"Huh?"The prince reacts with a face of confusion.

"If you go away now, your life will be spared, I promise."

"You don't even know what that means!"

She looked to the prince with an expression of surprise.

"Maybe I'm a bit immature, lazy, hotheaded sometimes but at least I know the things that are important to me: my father, mother, brother and sister, they all are precious to me. I made a promise to him,my father, of protecting them all, that's why you'll never comprehend it."He said.

"And in the honor of the royal fami-"

"You done?"The look of her face expressed annoyance towards him.  

"You really think that you're a honored warrior? You're just simply a spoiled kid. Where do think that engravings came from? The clothes you are wearing right now? The food that you ate and now it's in your stomach? You seem like a good kid, honestly, but I'm too far from salvation right now, sacrificed too many things for this, even my life."

"This is real life, kiddo, nobody is going to save your ass from my blade. The only choice you have in this matter is to run or die trying protecting your piece of shit father."

They looked intensively to each other, like a battle of minds, a psychological warfare.

"And y'all that are looking at us, want to join our dance? Fine by me."

The whole destroyed church begun to turn blue, the contrast of all things started to seem like we were under water. Air was more dense there, Alex had some difficulty breathing.

Objects started to fly in the air, like it was some strange form of poltergeist. Ghosts, zombies, what the hell was that place?

"Like I was saying, it's not exactly teleportation...The origin of this power is non other than the realm of the dead. In this pocket universe, I have total control of things like specters and the dead. Main reason that I could teleport was because I was teleporting myself between the worlds (earth and the dead), since the two can exist in the same reality but can only be accessed via my power. For example, if a chair exists in your world, the same will appear in the spectral world, maybe in a different shape but the same thing, nonetheless."

"And why exactly are you telling us this? Are you same type of cliched villain that reveals his power just to get defeated minutes after."Leonard intelligently mentioned.

"But that's where you wrong."She responded.

"I told you what is my power, but you don't know how it works or what is his weaknesses, you just know because I told you about it. Humans take new knowledge like it's the truth and it can also not be the truth, an impressively impressionable species. They spread order in this chaotic reality, an illusion to not lose one's self."  

"I am not telling you my power because I want you to be afraid of me or anything like that, I'm just declaring your main cause of death."