Chapter 523:

Chapter 520: Supreme Cannon

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 520: Supreme Cannon

Narrator: In the Battle of Kunasha in the Northeast region, Helen and Sane have been defeated but Zepto still remains.

*Emily and Joe continue fighting Zepto. Emily and Zepto have colliding punches. Zepto lands multiple punches on Emily and then kicks her back a bit*

*Water starts surrounding Zepto. The water then freezes and encases Zepto in ice. These were done by Joe using his Storm Lord abilities*

Joe: Hurry and hit him hard before he breaks out!

*Emily rushes toward Zepto with a lot of magic flowing around her arms*

*Zepto breaks out of the ice right before she gets to him but the punching motion releases a lot of the flowing magic and it bursts out. The bursting magic pummels into Zepto*

*Joe adds to the attack by releasing his lightning which damages Zepto further*

*Zepto starts using his shoulder and forehead eyes to create a small magic ball*

*Zepto releases it at Emily and Joe and it causes a big explosion. Both of them take a good amount of damage but Emily pushes on and punches Zepto*

*Zepto retaliates with his own punch and then Emily uppercuts Zepto to knock him up in the air. She jumps up high after him. Emily then grabs Zepto by the leg in the air. As they fall back down to the ground, Emily takes advantage of the fact that she has grabbed Zepto’s leg and slams him down on the ground hard. The impact causes a small crater to form*

*Zepto uses his hair needles to force Emily away from him*

Zepto: I like the way you fight but I’m not even close to being done.

*Zepto powers up even more*

*He dodges Joe’s instant lightning attacks*

Zepto: Too bad, Storm Lord!

*Each of Zepto’s shoulder and forehead eyes release rays of magic on Joe. Blood splatters out in a few places and he falls to his knees in pain*

Joe: Ahhhh!!!

*Zepto smiles and returns to Emily. Emily tries to hit him with the bursts of magic again but Zepto uses his shoulder and forehead eyes to create a magic barrier in front of him that protects himself*

*Emily is shocked*

*Zepto then does rapid punches on Emily*

Zepto: See! Even with this form, you can’t beat me!

*Zepto pummels Emily as Joe struggles to do something. He starts charging his magic*

*Suddenly, Zepto receives a slash wound across his chest and backs off*

*Emily is holding out her Shadow Sword*

Zepto: Ah, I see. A sword of the Dark Goddess’s creation.

*Zepto resumes his attack on Emily. He dodges her next slash and then releases another small magic ball that creates a big explosion. Emily is again caught in it*

*Emily is now more injured*

Zepto: One more should do it.

Joe: L5 Tornado!!

*Zepto is then picked up and swirls through the super powerful tornado*

Joe: I bought you some time! Use the Supreme Cannon!

*Joe then releases razor hail into the tornado*

Zepto: So this is the game we are playing?

*Zepto is getting cut by the razor hail but he forms multiple of the powerful magic balls and starts shooting them out as he swirls around in the tornado. One of them goes in Joe’s direction and he has a frightened look*

Emily: Joe!!

*Joe tries to jump away to get away from it*

*The magic ball hits the ground and causes an explosion*

*Joe is knocked on his back. He is significantly wounded. He was hit by the outer part of the explosion*

Joe: I’m alive… Please! Just finish him!

*The tornado dissipates and Zepto is freed but has taken a lot of cut wounds*

Zepto: Don’t worry. Neither you nor she will be alive for much longer.

*Emily is holding a big laser cannon. She is channeling her magic into it*

Emily: (Thinking) Joe getting that damaged stopped the tornado early! My Supreme Cannon isn’t charged enough to finish Zepto!

*Emily opens her eyes wide for a moment*

Emily: (Thinking) What is he doing!?

*Zepto is slowly walking toward Emily but is using the magic shield created from his shoulder and forehead eyes in front of him*

Zepto: Go ahead and fire that thing. It won’t get through my barrier.

Emily: (Thinking) My Supreme Cannon is only 42% charged! He doesn’t realize that he is giving my cannon more time to charge!

*Joe is still on his back just watching*

Joe: (Thinking) Come on! How much longer does it have left!?

*Zepto keeps slowly walking toward Emily as she charges the laser cannon*

Emily: (Thinking) 54%!!

Zepto: Are you going to fire that thing or not?

*But then Zepto opens his eyes wide with concern and stops moving*

Emily: (Thinking) 61%!!

Zepto: (Thinking) I just noticed that cannon is getting more powerful! It's now powerful enough to blow through my barrier!

Emily: (Thinking) 68%!!

Zepto: (Thinking) I have to dodge that laser!

*Zepto jumps away from where he was standing. Now, Joe and Emily both look concerned*

Joe: (Thinking) Shit!!

Emily: (Thinking) Did he catch on!!?

Zepto: (Thinking) I have to get around and kill her fast!

*Emily starts turning to keep aiming at him as he moves*

Emily: (Thinking) 79%!! Damn it!! I need more time!!

*Zepto forms another powerful magic ball*

Zepto: This will end it!

Joe: We need a miracle! Now!!

*Suddenly, Zepto is pierced from behind by an arrow. There is steam coming out of the back of it*

*Zepto coughs up blood and the powerful magic ball is sent flying out in some random direction and explodes where there is nobody to be hit by it*

*Zepto turns his head to see who is responsible*

*It was a combination attack from Sapphire and Daniel. Daniel is being held up by Zaydra due to his injuries. The others are there too*

Daniel: *huff huff* How’d you like that Steam-Powered Arrow? *huff huff*

Sapphire: Yes, wouldn’t you say it was quite steamy, Zepto?

Emily: (Thinking) 90%!!

*Zepto is now furious*

Zepto: You!? What happened to Sane!? Helen!?

Zaydra: (With a very serious expression) They’re dead.

*Zepto is shocked*

Zepto: By you lot!? I can’t believe it!!

Emily: (Thinking) 96%!!

Zaydra: (Still very serious) And you’re about to join them.

Emily: (Thinking) 99%!!

Zaydra: Now goodbye, you damned monster!!

Emily: (Thinking) 100%!!!

*Zepto turns his attention back to Emily as Emily fires the cannon*

Zepto: How could I get distracted!!?

Emily: Supreme Cannon!!!

*A large and super powerful laser beam comes out of the cannon*

*It easily blasts through Zepto’s barrier and then completely engulfs him*

Zepto: Aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!

*The beam completely destroys every little spec of Zepto’s body until there is nothing left of him*

*Emily ends her Supreme Ancestral Form and goes back to normal. She falls on her back in exhaustion*

*Despite the victory, almost everyone is wounded. Meanwhile, the angels and vampires are finishing off the regular demon forces*

*Zaydra looks up to the sky*

Zaydra: We did it, Kren. Your death was not in vain.

*She looks around at everyone*

Zaydra: We are all going to need some serious medical attention. (She looks concerned) I wonder how all the other battles are going. I’m scared of learning of any casualties from them. Please be safe, everyone.

Narrator: The Battle of Kunasha is winding down! There were deaths and many wounded, but it has resulted in victory for Heaven!

Chapter 520 END

To be Continued in Chapter 521: Zonbi’s Confidence