Chapter 524:

Chapter 521: Zonbi’s Confidence

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 521: Zonbi’s Confidence

Narrator: In the East region.

*Zonbi is fighting Grom while Sean, Dom, RAG and some angels fight monsters, demons, and Hawk Clan enigmuses*

*Grom has grown out two extra arms to become a four-armed person. He tries rapidly punching Zonbi. Zonbi is able to either block or dodge them all*

Zonbi: Your attacks are leaving a lot to be desired.

*Grom picks up a very large boulder and throws it at Zonbi*

*Zonbi charges magic into her right fist and punches the boulder*

Zonbi: Momentum Shift.

*Zonbi changes the boulder’s momentum so that it goes flying back in the opposite direction*

*Grom appears from the side and punches Zonbi to knock her off balance and then starts rapidly punching her*

Grom: Are you satisfied now!? You will be left with nothing but broken bones!

*Suddenly, zombies come out of the ground and grab onto Grom’s legs to pull him away from Zonbi*

Grom: Zombies!?

*Zonbi smirks and then gut-punches Grom, causing him to cough up blood*

Zonbi: Momentum Cutter!

*Zonbi does a straight thrusting kick into Grom. It damages him and gives him high momentum that sends him flying at a high speed. It sends him into a giant boulder which destroys it. The impact sends out shock waves*

Zonbi: Maybe you forgot I am both the Queen of Undead and the Deity of Undead.

*Grom is annoyed and charges up his magic to high levels and starts rushing toward Zonbi*

Grom: I don’t care!

*Grom thrusts all four of his fists forward. Magic versions of his fists are launched out. The two zombies that came out of the ground take two of the hits for Zonbi and they are destroyed*

*Zonbi dodges the other two magic fists. The magic fists turn around to keep going after her. Zonbi doesn’t notice them in time and gets hit by both of them which knocks her toward Grom*

*Grom then lands a punch with all four of his fists. These combined attacks damage Zonbi and send her flying into a cluster of rocks*

*Grom rushes toward her general direction. He starts searching the cluster of rocks but doesn’t find her*

Grom: You’re going to hide? What happened to that confidence you had?

*Grom releases a barrage of magic fists at the rock cluster and the whole cluster is gradually smashed to pieces*

*Zonbi jumps out of the cluster as this happens. She wipes some blood from her mouth*

Zonbi: I still have that confidence. You haven’t changed a thing.

*Zonbi starts rushing toward Grom. She dodges his punches and then lands a punch of her own. She then immediately hits him with her elbow and then knocks him back with another Momentum Cutter*

*Zonbi starts picking up a lot of small rocks*

Zonbi: These should do.

*Grom is angered and rushes toward Zonbi again*

*As Grom gets closer to Zonbi, she starts throwing all of the small rocks at him but uses her Momentum Magic to significantly increase their momentum. Each rock hits Grom with high force. They even knock him back a bit*

Grom: (Thinking) Is she… toying with me!!? She can’t be this much stronger than me!

Zonbi: You know, as we’ve been fighting, I’ve noticed an interesting undead possibility in this area. Let’s bring him out.

*Zonbi summons a zombie. It looks like a zombie version of Smog (Author’s Note: The area this fight is in is the same area that Kurt fought the demon named Smog in Chapters 10 and 16 so I guess it should feel nostalgic haha. In addition, Grom asking what happened to Zonbi’s confidence is word for word, the same question Smog asked Kurt in Chapter 10)*

Zonbi: This zombie definitely far predates this war. I wonder how this demon ended up dying here or why it was even here in the first place. But even though it is super weak, it does have a good power. Now let me show you a new ability I developed as the new Deity of Undead.

*Zonbi holds up her right arm*

Zonbi: Bring me your power.

*Smog’s zombie holds up his right arm and his magic flows from him to her. Zonbi’s arm has a poison effect on it*

Zonbi: As long as this zombie remains nearby, I can use its power. Care to try it?

*Grom gets even angrier*

Grom: No holding back!!

*Grom grows another pair of arms which brings his total up to six arms*

Zonbi: You can grow as many arms as you want. It won’t change a thing.

*Zonbi infuses a boulder with poison which makes it become dark colored. She then punches the boulder, causing it to break into smaller pieces that all pelt Grom which cut him and leave poison wounds on him*

Grom: Gah!

*While he was being hit, Zonbi gets to the side of him and punches him hard enough to send him flying out of the area*

*Zonbi goes after Grom and the Smog zombie follows*

*Grom lands in a river (Author’s Note: It’s the same river that was the focus of the Cursed Water Arc so I guess it should feel even more nostalgic haha.)*

*Grom jumps out of the water and looks across the river to see Zonbi and the Smog demon. They face each other with only the river separating them*

Zonbi: Are you sure that you are cut out to be a Council of Demons member?

Grom: Shut up!

Zonbi: I’m so disappointed in you. I thought I would have to summon my undead dragon. But now I see you’re not worth using the dragon on. Instead…

*Zonbi gets in a weird pose with her left arm bent up and her right arm bent to the left. A creepy green aura surrounds her*

Zonbi: I will use Undead Dance on you. You will die a painful death. This river will be your grave.

Narrator: At the river that Zeth and his friends had once saved from poison, Zonbi declares Grom’s death via Undead Dance! What is this move?

Chapter 521 END

To be Continued in Chapter 522: Undead Dance