Chapter 525:

Chapter 522: Undead Dance

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 522: Undead Dance

Narrator: The battle in the East region continues and Zonbi confidently believes she is about to defeat Grom.

*Zonbi faces Grom across the river while she is in her Undead Dance pose*

Grom: I’m not afraid of any sort of dance.

Zonbi: I can assure you it is more than a simple dance.

*Zonbi’s eyes start glowing green*

Zonbi: Begin.

*Zonbi suddenly just disappears from Grom’s view. He looks to his left and right*

Grom: Where did she go!?

Zonbi: I’m behind you.

*Grom quickly turns around and Zonbi is indeed behind him and she is still in her Undead Dance pose. Grom tries punching her with all six of his arms. However, Zonbi appears to vanish again before they hit*

Grom: Does she have the power of teleportation!?

*Grom then spots Zonbi about 15 meters to his left. She is still in her pose*

Zonbi: Teleportation? No. I’m just simply moving too fast for your eyes to track. That spells doom for you.

*As she finishes saying that, she is already hitting Grom on the chin with the palm of her hand. Grom is in pain*

*Zonbi transitions that to spinning and doing a backward kick to his gut. She then spins again and elbows him in the gut. Then spins again and punches him in the gut*

*Grom is in extreme pain as Zonbi appears to vanish again. He finally coughs up poison goop*

Grom: (Thinking) It’s the same kind of poison she infused that rock with!

*His vision starts to get blurry*

Grom: No! I have to do something!

*Zonbi starts vanishing and appearing in many different places near Grom. She mocks Grom as she does this*

Zonbi: You can’t keep up with me. You might as well lie down and die.

*Zonbi repeatedly strikes Grom when she appears in front of him again. She keeps repeating the process of appearing, then attacking, then vanishing*

*After a while, Grom is bloody and in a lot of pan, but he surprisingly was able to grab onto Zonbi and stop her attacks*

*Zonbi is surprised by this*

Zonbi: You… actually were able to grab me. Impressive.

Grom: I’m going to take you down in one attack!

*Zonbi is amused*

Zonbi: Well, let’s see it then.

*Grom’s whole body becomes charged with a fire-like aura*

Grom: With my most powerful attack! You will die!

*Zonbi hasn’t even tried to break free from Grom’s grip yet because of her curiosity. Grom holds back the five fists that aren’t grabbed onto Zonbi*

*Grom thrusts all of his fists forward. He lets go of Zonbi at the last second so he can use all six instead of just five fists. Fire in the shape of one giant fist is released from his attack*

*Zonbi is engulfed by the giant flame fist*

Grom: That’s right! Burn! Become nothing but ashes!!

*But something is spinning in the giant flame fist. Zonbi comes spinning rapidly out of the giant flame fist and hits Grom*

*Zonbi vanishes and appears behind Grom. There is a large hole in Grom’s abdomen*

*Grom’s eyes are now unfocused*

Grom: It… can’t be…

*He falls forward on the ground and dies*

*Zonbi did take damage from the attack. She is bleeding in various places and she even has some burns on her*

Zonbi: That attack certainly would have taken out a lesser opponent but unfortunately for you, I was your opponent. And I finished you off with my Undead Dance’s spin move.

*Zonbi looks out to see how the rest of the fighting is going*

Zonbi: I better go help with the rest.

*Zonbi goes to return to the others*


Narrator: Later.

*Zonbi, Sean, Dom, and RAG all meet by the river*

Dom: We are grateful for your help.

Zonbi: Just doing my best to help win the war.

RAG: Our initial contact over 50 years ago was… less than stellar but I’m glad that you are not so bad after all.

Zonbi: I apologize for that. Let’s just leave it in the past.

Sean: It should be me apologizing since I’m the one that took him to the Undead Underworld.

*Suddenly, they hear someone running and prepare as if they are about to fight*

*The person running stumbles and falls to the ground. Zonbi is shocked at what she is seeing*

Zonbi: Is that…!?

*The person is Zentano, one of Heaven’s generals. However, she is heavily wounded. She is bleeding all over. Her left eye is almost completely swollen shut. She just looks messed up*

Zonbi: That is Zentano, one of Heaven’s generals! But how did she end up in such a condition!?

*They soon see Shade approaching from behind Zentano. He hasn’t taken much damage*

Shade: Hmhmhmhm. This fun never ends. I feel like I could watch you try to flee from me forever.

*Zonbi notices the deity gemstone on Shade’s forehead*

Zonbi: Who the hell are you?

Shade: Oh? What’s this? Do we have guests to watch you die?

*Shade notices the deity gemstone on Zonbi’s forehead*

Shade: A deity?

*Zonbi, Sean, Dom, and RAG all look angry as Shade stomps on Zentano. She coughs up blood*

Zonbi: Step away from her, you bastard.

Shade: Surely you must be joking. Do you not get what Zentano is about? She always hunts down any deities that do not follow the rules that she follows. As a deity yourself, you should want her dead.

*Shade grinds his foot on Zentano’s back, causing her to scream in pain*

*Zonbi’s anger continues to increase*

Zonbi: I said step away from her! I have allied myself with Heaven and will not allow you to do that to her!

Shade: I see. Well, I have allied myself with Hell and will kill anyone allied with Heaven.

Narrator: Zonbi has killed Grom but now Shade has shown up! His torture of Zentano has angered Zonbi!

Chapter 522 END

To be Continued in Chapter 523: Defending Their Home