Chapter 27:

Chikao's downfall

The Doll Metaphor Part 1

"Look at the mess you made, idiot"Maya said.

Chikao looked ashamed, disappointed for not living to the expectation of his colleagues.

"Now, what are we going to do? Doubt that the jury will change his mind because a bunch of teenagers said so. Better off killing him than letting him live and die with the death penalty."Maya said.

Chikao made a sudden face of surprise, meaning that he had an idea in that precise moment. 

"Maya, give me your gun."He ordered.

"What for?"Maya asked.

"Just trust me and shut up."Maya gave him a New Nambu model 60 without questioning, unusual thing for the personality she has, maybe she was starting to respect him (or maybe she understood what he was trying to do).

He began whispering to Kaito. We were just confused about what was really happening.

When the whispering ended, they both kissed.

"WHAT THE HELL, CHIKAO!"We all screamed.

Everyone was mind boggled with what was that, nothing made sense. 

"Are you ready? Ariga-san."

"Born ready."

Chikao shot Kaito with the gun. The police, hearing the gunshot, started to invade the place.

"Why did you do that, didn't you made a promise to him?"I asked.

"Who said I didn't keep my promise?"

Kaito was dead on the ground, soulless, not a single breath of air coming from him. 

(Four hour later in the morgue).

The lifeless body of Kaito was laying on a metal table.

Only two of us were there, me and Chikao.

Chikao approached the dead corpse. While looking at it... He gave him another kiss.


Suddenly, the body revived like a zombie.


"I'm not the smartest of the team, but I have couple of ideas, now and then. Since Kaito's ability was of soul manipulation, I decided to absorb his soul, the only way was to kiss him, with that, the police couldn't arrest him, and then, I could revive him at the morgue."


"What? Don't you think it was a smart idea?"

"Damn, don't you brush your own teeth?"Kaito said.

"Stop complaining."

"Just joking, but yeah, I appreciate what you did for me, If it wasn't for you, I'd probably be dead by now. I can finally live a free life with Tsumugi."

"Don't let anyone stop you from that, and just an advice...Don't kill anyone from here on out,OK?"I said.

"Got it."

Kaito exited the room.

"All this for nothing. He didn't give even one information about the other terrorists."

"Actually, while whispering to him, he told me the location of a certain Yakuza leader and the crimes he committed, not only that, also told me who supplied them before the attack to the castle."


"You'll not believe it...The United States of America."