Chapter 28:

Mr. President

The Doll Metaphor Part 1

(Inside the White House).

"Mister president, can I enter?"

"Yes, come in."

"I'm here to tell you the new reports we've had."

"Tell me, then. About Japan's current situation?"

"Precisely, one of the terrorists that attacked the royal residence was killed, there are only 5 left."


"Not only that, the Japanese minister of foreign affairs is highly suspicious of us. Thinking that we were involved the accident."

"Is that so?"

"We can't say that we have a good history with them, fault of the first war between western and east side that happened 26 years ago."

"Do you have any suggestion about what to do next?"

"Why don't you make an appointment to visit Japan, that would increase our relations with the royal family."

"Not a bad idea. Why don't make more for them? Can you send CIA agents to help their investigations?

"Not sure if that will gives us any positive result, you sure know that the Japanese are very self centered, only resorting to others when it comes to economics. Doubt that they would accept foreigners working for them, especially if they think we are sending spies."The young worker said. 

"You're right, but we can't stand here doin' absolutely nothing. Put a couple of agents investigating their actions, to at least have an idea of the Japanese view of us."

"Can I ask the reasoning of that decision, sir?"

"They'll probably not accept the agents that we are going to send over there, right? So, if we investigate all their actions, the probability of them trying to scrutinizing us in front the international community is much less a reality, we can even give the excuse of them not collaborating with us."

"You really are our president for a reason, sir!"

"Oh, stop flattering me, I'm just doing God's work."

"I'm returning to do the job that I've still have to do in the office, the agents will be available to work by tomorrow, excuse me."


(Only the president was left in the room, because nobody was there, he metamorphosed into the nameless girl).

"Where is his body? Can't find him in the realm, or did he even die to begin with? I'm not really interested in the money that he stole from me. Something fishy is going on here, possibly, they are publicly reveling that they killed him (the Japanese police) but didn't exactly reveal his body, huh?"

"President, can I come in?"A secretary knocked on the door.

"Of course, enter!"Said this after metamorphosing into the president.