Chapter 529:

Chapter 526: Burn Kopesh to the Ground!

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 526: Burn Kopesh to the Ground!

Narrator: Continuing in the West region where Zeth, Sasha, and Salina have entered the town of Kopesh which has had a Hell culture for the past 56 years.

*The angels start entering the town*

Commander Zupek: Prince Zeth, we are here to back you up.

Zeth: I want the humans in this town taken into custody. Kill the demons.

Sachi: Not if we kill you first!

*Sachi lunges toward Zeth and starts rapidly trying to punch Zeth. Zeth has no problem dodging any of the punches. Zeth stops Sachi with his own punch that knocks him back*

Zeth: Move in!

*The angels start engaging the townspeople and demons*

*The demons and humans of the town start trying to attack the angels and so, the battle begins*

*Sachi rubs his head and gets back up*

Sachi: Lucky hit.

Zeth: Not lucky. You’re just not on my level.

Sachi: Come on, Ben! Let’s show him what we got!

Ben: I’m with you! We’ll shut him up!

*Sachi and Ben now both try rapidly punching Zeth together. Now, Zeth is just easily blocking their punches*

Zeth: As I said, you’re just not on my level!

*Zeth punches Ben and kicks Sachi as he says that. They are both knocked back*

Zeth: Why did they even bother demonizing the two of you? You don’t seem any stronger than a basic demon soldier.

*Sachi and Ben are starting to become angry*

Sasha: It doesn’t look like he will even need our help.

Salina: Zeth is right about their strength. They’re so weak but are such big hot shots in this town. Are there no strong demons here?

*Sachi and Ben charge up their magic to show off their full power*

Zeth: Better, but still not even close to being enough.

*Sachi’s horns start coming out of his head and swirl around his body. They then keep regrowing and coming out until there are a lot of them surrounding his body*

*Ben’s green skin starts to turn from rough to goopy*

*Sachi and Ben are now ready to attack*

Sachi: 100 Horn Torment!

Ben: Deadly Acid Torment!

*Sachi releases his horns toward Zeth while Ben releases acid from his body toward Zeth*

*Zeth releases a Star Shine Blast that hits the horns in midair and explodes which destroys the horns and acid and leaves a smoke cloud blocking Sachi’s and Ben’s view briefly*

*Two Star Shards come flying out from the smoke and result in each of them getting pierced and knocked on their backs in pain*

*The smoke clears*

Zeth: You really should listen.

*Sachi and Ben become even angrier*

Sachi: Screw you! We’re not done yet! Let’s combine ourselves, Ben!

Ben: Right!

*Sachi’s left hand glows and he holds it out to his left while Ben’s right hand glows and he holds it out to his right. When their glowing hands touch, their bodies start combining*

*They now have fused into one demon. The demon they became is much larger and has rough green skin and horns. The aura it has looks pretty strong*

Narrator: Fusion of Sachi and Ben – Sachen.

Sachen: Harharhar! How do you like us now!?

Zeth: Enough of this.

Sachen: Die, nonbeliever!

*Sachen tries to punch Zeth with a powerful punch but Zeth easily avoids the punch on his way to gut-punching Sachen*

*The gut punch does so much damage that it actually forces them to unfuse and then both Sachi and Ben vomit up a lot of blood. They both are on their knees in extreme pain*

*Zeth walks up to them with a very serious expression and it actually makes Sachi and Ben feel a lot of fear*

Zeth: You want to know something? Korobu has done a lot of stuff to piss me off. The fact that you two have been his lackeys for 56 years doesn’t do you any good when it comes to my opinion of you.

*Zeth gives them a death stare*

*Sachi and Ben become outright scared*

Sachi: Lord Korobu!! Please save us!!!

Zeth: He won’t save you.

*Zeth then punches them both hard enough that it shatters their bones and leaves them dead*

*Zeth starts walking away from their corpses and back to Sasha and Salina. Zeth still has a serious expression on his face*

*Sasha looks excited*

Sasha: (Casually) That was beautiful. Can I feed their corpses to my Hellhounds?

*Zeth stops and then actually starts laughing*

Zeth: Go right ahead. No one will miss them.

*In the rest of the town, the angels had little trouble arresting the humans and killing the demons*

*Commander Zupek meets with Zeth*

Commander Zupek: We’ve finished our mission. There weren’t any strong demons here. Where did all the strong ones go?

Zeth: Who knows but all that matters to me is that Korobu is not here. Anyway, we’re burning this town to the ground.


Narrator: Later.

*The town is on fire. The whole town literally burns to the ground*

*In the distance, Hamura is watching. She looks at Zeth and Sasha*

Hamura: I think it’s time, my dear sister… that I reveal some information to you that will turn your world on its side.

Narrator: Zeth had no trouble defeating Sachi and Ben! Now, Kopesh burns to the ground! But Hamura has been watching them from a distance. What is it that she intends to reveal to Sasha?

Chapter 526 END

To be Continued in Chapter 527: Sins of the Father