Chapter 530:

Chapter 527: Sins of the Father

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 527: Sins of the Father

Narrator: Still in the West region where Zeth, Sasha, and Salina have put an end to Kopesh’s Hell culture by burning it to the ground.

*Zeth, Sasha, and Salina watch Kopesh burning to the ground*

*Hamura starts approaching them from behind*

Hamura: Hello, my dear little sister.

*Zeth, Sasha, and Salina open their eyes wide. They turn around to see Hamura. They prepare for battle*

Hamura: I’m not here to fight you. I’m here to tell Sasha information that she should know about.

*The three of them get out of their battle stances*

Sasha: And just what would that be?

Hamura: I will get to that in a moment. Let me give some starting words.

*Hamura looks at Salina*

Hamura: Salina, your betrayal of Hell may shock many but it doesn’t surprise me one bit. You took great pride in being Sasha’s servant.

*Hamura looks at the sky for a moment*

Hamura: This war is different from all the others. Usually, the wars gradually escalate where they would start out only using the weaker troops but, as time went on, the stronger warriors would join. The last war lasted 24 years after all. Yet this one looks like it won’t last more than a couple weeks. Both sides are playing their strongest warriors right from the start. There is a big reason for this. It’s because both sides know this war is for all the marbles. There will be no retreating. Both sides will fight until one side is completely wiped out.

Zeth: Get to the main topic at hand.

Hamura: My apologies. I guess I found the differences of this war compared to previous ones too interesting. But here is why I am here. For a long time, I have debated with myself whether or not I should tell you this, my dear sister. But I have concluded that this war could kill you at any time so I have decided you should learn about this now. Hopefully, you are psychologically ready to handle it.

*Sasha is getting anxious*

Sasha: Just what is it already!?

Hamura: It’s about… your father.

*Zeth, Sasha, and Salina all open their eyes wide*

Sasha: M-My father?

Hamura: Yes. If you are not psychologically ready to handle what I’m about to tell you, this information will destroy you.

*Sasha looks nervous*

Sasha: …Tell me.

Hamura: Well, to start, your father is a mortal just like how Zeth and Zaydra have mortal fathers. Have you ever wondered about your sadistic side? You certainly didn’t get it from our mother. She is intelligent, thinks things through before doing something, and only kills when it needs to be done. You may even be able to say she is evil. But she is not sadistic. Your sadistic side is why she sealed your dark powers.

Zeth: I… think I know where this is going.

Hamura: That is correct. Sasha got her sadistic side from her father.

*Hamura looks at Sasha*

Hamura: Your father is completely evil and sadistic.

*Hamura pictures his appearance in her mind for a moment. He looks like a mountain warrior type of person. He is large, muscular, and wears armor. He has a thick black beard and long messy black hair*

Hamura: Mortals had a name for him. They called him “Black Death”. This man had absolutely no sympathy or care for others.

*Hamura begins going into Black Death’s backstory*


*In the backstory, Black Death is torturing a man as his wife is tied up and forced to watch*

Woman: Please!! No more!!

Black Death: Ah, you don’t want to see your husband tortured anymore?

*The crying woman shakes her head yes*

Black Death: Alright, I’m a merciful man, you see…

*Black Death immediately sticks his fingers into the woman’s eyes and rips them out and the woman screams in severe pain*

Black Death: Zihahaha! Zihahaha! I fulfilled my promise, right? Now you don’t have to “see” your husband tortured anymore! Zihahaha! Zihahaha! Now, I’m going to carve out his insides and feed them to my wolves!

*Out of the couple’s house, Black Death is then walking away as his wolves eat the couple*


Hamura: You always talk about carving out insides and then feeding them to your Hellhounds. Well, he always said the same thing but with wolves instead of Hellhounds.

*Sasha is in speechless shock with her eyes wide open*

Hamura: He killed a ton of people for no other reason than that he enjoyed it. He killed for fun… just like you used to do. He was super strong for a mortal as well. Easily taking down vicious animals and other strong mortals that came after him.


*Going back to the backstory, Black Death is taking out various vicious animals with nothing but his bare hands*

*Other times, he is also killing any mortals that come after him*

Hamura: (Narrating) Eventually, our mother took interest in him. She sent me to go obtain him. As strong as he was, he was not even close to being a match for me. Our mother decided he was the perfect one to produce a child that would fit her goals the way she wants. After the pregnancy was confirmed, mother killed him knowing that he would be right back in Hell almost immediately. Black Death accomplished something that no other mortal has ever done. He is the only mortal to ever have a 100% bad and 0% good rating when seeing the God of Death.

*Black Death is standing before the God of Death with the rating shown*

God of Death: I never thought I would see the day when a mortal would truly have nothing redeeming about him or her when they die and come to see me. You truly are something.

Black Death: Zihaha! Zihaha! And I don’t regret a thing about it! You don’t need to go on about how I could have tried to be a better person because those would be wasted words. The way I lived my life, I wouldn’t have it any other way!

God of Death: So be it. Off you go.

*The backstory ends*


Hamura: That’s right, my dear sister. You are the product of the Dark Goddess and the evilest human filth ever.

*Sasha still has a speechless wide-open expression*

Hamura: On paper, you are the evilest creature to ever exist. At least on Earth and its dimensions. But you have been tamed by Zeth and can now direct your sadistic side to only those you deem deserve to have it used on.

*Zeth, Sasha, and Salina all look like they are trying to comprehend all this information*

*Sasha looks nervous*

Sasha: W-Why did the Dark Goddess… kill him afterward?

Hamura: Because right after his soul was sent to Hell, our mother reincarnated him as a demon and it doesn’t end there.

Zeth: Have we encountered this demon reincarnation of him?

Hamura: Not unless you count when you were both unconscious.

Sasha: Unconscious?

Hamura: Think back… to the corruption.

*Zeth and Sasha are still unsure but Salina’s eyes open wide as she has figured it out*

Salina: Unbelievable…

Hamura: I guess I can’t blame the two of you since you were unconscious.

Zeth: I don’t recall there ever being mention of… unless!!?

Hamura: It’s time I give you the answer… Sasha. Your father… is the current Armageddon.

*Zeth, Sasha, and Salina all look shocked*


Narrator: In the Central region.

*Sonzen continues to fight Armageddon in the ruined Reign City*

Narrator: A huge revelation is revealed! The person that is in Stage 5 Blood Form to be Armageddon is, in fact, Sasha’s father!

Chapter 527 END

To be Continued in Chapter 528: Memories of the Three