Chapter 531:

Chapter 528: Memories of the Three

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 528: Memories of the Three

Narrator: Still in the West region with Zeth, Sasha, and Salina who have just learned from Hamura that Sasha’s father is the current Armageddon that is currently fighting Sonzen in the ruined Reign City in the Central region.

*Sasha is still in shock. Zeth and Salina also don’t know what to say*

Hamura: That is what I came here to tell you. Our mother is calling all of her strongest warriors to Reign City. If you make it far, I will be waiting. For now, farewell.

*Hamura leaves before they have a chance to react*

*They shake off their shock*

Sasha: It… all makes sense. But I hate that it’s the truth.

Zeth: This doesn’t define you. Don’t get down about it. You are a great person!

*Sasha looks at him and smiles*

Sasha: Thanks. I needed that.

Salina: Based on her parting words, it looks like we know why Korobu isn’t here and where he went.

Zeth: We better head there too. No sense in staying out here in the west any longer.

*They are suddenly attacked from behind by a monster that survived the burning town. However, the monster’s head is decapitated before it could hit them. They turn around quickly to see it*

*The one who cut off its head is Mark the Grim Reaper*

Mark: Har Har! There is only one who could have saved you all and it is I, the great Mark! The Feared Skeleton! The Grimmest of Reapers! The Take Awayer of Souls!

*Now Zeth, Sasha, and Salina look speechless but this time in a WTF way*

Zeth: Mark? What are you doing here?

Mark: Ah, you see, after you saved us from the dark matter, I decided I wanted to help you fight when the time came. Now is that time! Sorry for being late though. I was reinforcing my bones after the God of Death told me to “Break a leg” which he then laughed about.

*Zeth puts his hand on his face as he laughs. Sasha giggles too*

Zeth: That’s the act of saying something bad in order to bring you good luck, Mark.

Sasha: You’ve never heard that phrase before?

Mark: Why no, because if I broke a leg, I would be “boned”.

*Mark laughs and the others giggle some more*

Sasha: Oh, Mark, I think you came at the right time after what we just learned about.


Narrator: In Heaven.

*Harmona is walking around with a serious expression*

Male Advisor 1: My goddess, what do you intend to do?

Harmona: I’m going down to Earth. I’m going to Ground Zero and from there will go into Hell to fight the Dark Goddess. I want you to tell all of our main forces to head to Reign City right away.

Female Advisor 1: We will do so immediately.


Narrator: Meanwhile, in the Central region where Reign City is located. It will now be referred to as Ground Zero.

*Sonzen continues fighting Armageddon. The main very large portal is on the west side of the ruined city. However, a large and powerful barrier covers most of that area, preventing anyone from getting to it from that side*

*All of the ground demons continue fighting alongside Armageddon and it is still giving Sonzen a tough time*

Sonzen: (Thinking) There’s no denying it. If I am to defeat Armageddon, I need others to take the focus of the ground troops away from me!


Narrator: Meanwhile, in all of the other regions.

*Everyone in Heaven’s forces in the various regions receives the orders to move to Reign City via the communication devices*

Voice: We need all of our main troops to head to Ground Zero. That is Reign City. The Light Goddess is preparing for a final assault on Hell.

*Scattered around in the various regions of Harmone, everyone starts heading toward the central region of the country where Reign City*


Narrator: In the Southwest region.

*The Dark Matter Clan is moving toward the Central region and is moving their large weapon too*

*Commander Moss looks at his hand that has the demonic aura and starts having a flashback*


Narrator: A long time ago in the Swamp Underworld.

*Commander Moss, Major Smithy, and Major Tarres are young teens and they are sitting around a campfire at night*

Commander Moss: So you guys escaped too?

Major Tarres: Yeah.

Major Smithy: Everything back home sucks.

Commander Moss: Such is the life for demons like us who were born into high-class families. It’s so frustrating what they expect of us. All three of our families want to train us and make us worthy of being by King Korobu’s side.

Major Tarres: And it’s all because he became a major ally of the Dark Goddess a few thousand years ago.

Major Smithy: I personally would rather be comrades with the Light Goddess.

Commander Moss: Agreed.

Major Tarres: I’m not sure I would want to be an asset to someone that would basically sell his soul to the Dark Goddess.

Commander Moss: Yeah. King Korobu is probably a shitty king.

Major Smithy: He has probably swept any bad thing he has done under the rug.

Major Tarres: And since he is the king of the Swamp Underworld, nobody can do anything about it.

Commander Moss: But there is more to not wanting to do this. I just don’t want to be a fighter. Sure, I have demonic power but I would rather be someone who guides others. The one who comes up with plans to get stuff done.

Major Tarres: Same here. I prefer to be someone who comes up with interesting ideas. Whether those ideas become assets for me or someone else is dependent on the idea.

Major Smithy: And I like to build stuff, especially technology.

Commander Moss: That’s great. I actually think that our three preferences accommodate each other. If only our families could realize this too. Do you know what I think we should do?

*Major Smithy and Major Tarres look at him like they are interested in what he is about to say*

Major Tarres: What?

*Commander Moss smiles*

Commander Moss: I think we should work toward one day becoming the leaders of this underworld.

*Major Tarres and Major Smithy look surprised*

Major Smithy: That’s quite ambitious.

Major Tarres: Could we really do something like that?

Commander Moss: Yeah, I think so. Korobu won’t be king forever. It’s only a matter of time until the Dark Goddess makes him live in Hell. That’s when we will make our move.

*Commander Moss stands up and looks out to the city in the distance*

Commander Moss: We will show that fairness and good direction are all that it takes to be a good ruler and solve problems, not one’s demonic power! We will never need to use our demonic power ever again!

*Major Smithy and Major Tarres also stand up and look out to the city. They look inspired*

Major Smithy: I like the sound of that. The three of us will bring greatness to this underworld as comrades in arms!

Major Tarres: Nobody will stop us!

Commander Moss: Yes! I’m so glad you two are my best friends! It will always be the three of us! There will be no more kings! I think being a commander would be better. Commander Moss. I like the sound of that. You two will be my majors.

*The flashback ends*


*Commander Moss has his left hand covering his face as he is now heavily crying*

Commander Moss: Tarres… Was I a fool all this time!? Because we refused to use our demonic power, we struggled to stop the spider and centipede power struggle! We failed to stop Korobu from wiping out an entire city! And now I have failed to keep you from getting killed in a war!

*Someone puts their hand on Commander Moss’s right shoulder*

*Commander Moss looks to see who it is. It is Major Smithy who has a serious expression on his face*

Major Smithy: You’re not a fool. You have nothing to feel bad about. He was our comrade… our friend. Even in the end, he didn’t blame you for anything. This weapon was his idea. Let’s honor him by making sure it succeeds. We will always be comrades and friends, even if he is not physically with us anymore. As he said, let’s do something great with this!

*Commander Moss is still crying but he is appreciative of Major Smithy’s words*

Commander Moss: Thank you. I needed that. That weapon will succeed.

Narrator: Everyone is on their way to Reign City! Commander Moss’s memories of the past make the death of Major Tarres that much more painful! Those memories all reveal that Korobu used to be the king of the Swamp Underworld.

Chapter 528 END

To be Continued in Chapter 529: Assault on Ground Zero