Chapter 29:

Fiery hatred

The Doll Metaphor Part 1

(Two days after Kaito's "death", we were in a cafe located in Ikebukuro).

"Matthew isn't back yet? What happened to the guy?"Alex said.

"He told me that he would be back two hours ago."Said Maya.

"Aia, do you think something happened to him?"Chikao asked.

"Really don't know what to think right now. Y'all think that we should make this a case of disappearance?"

"Absolutely no! Aia, we don't have time to go around looking for him, the poor bastard is probably drunk, walking in some random alley."Maya said.

"And you're not looking at the full picture."


"Pay attention to this, there are three possibilities: Matthew is drunk, in some alley, like you said, if we find him, he would be dismissed of the case, the consequence of that would be having a more qualified partner with us. If isn't the first case, there's a high chance that he's either dead, someone killed him, or the worst, that he's a spy."

"Are you telling me that our best bet is to find the most stubborn guy on the face of the earth?"Asked Maya.


"Fair enough."

"Ok, but does anyone knows where to look first?"Chikao asked.

"Isn't that obvious?"


"Remember that we're a secretive part of the police? We can track anyone that we want to track just with their phone number."

"Oh, right. Forgot that, never really had police training, that's why (the royal detectives are not picked by career or training but by their Provecta ability and investigative ability)."

I grabbed my phone and used an application named "彼はどこにいる". This allowed me to track anyone with just their phone number.

"Let me see...Huh?"

"What is it?"Everyone asked.

"He is in the Ikebukuro's police station."

"Doing what?"Maya asked.

"How should I know?"

We quickly stopped eating and went fast to the police station.

(Ten minutes after).

"Never heard of him."

"There must be a mistake, young lady (she was sixty)."Said Alex to the secretary working at the station.

"No Matthews or good looking blonde guys around here, sorry."

He sighs.

"Looks that there's nothing we can do about it."

"Huh, you're already giving up? Let me do the talking part."Surprisingly said Maya. 

"Interesting, never seen this facet of hers, she always looks so angry and restrictive most of the time."Said Chikao.

Maya whispered inside the women's ear.

"So, what happened?"

"She gave us a permission to fully explore the place, in case that he is around here and she doesn't know it."

"How did you change her mind?"

"Very simple, my little friend, I simply said that you would go on a date with her."

"...Do you know that I hate you, right?"

(Half a hour after, we were in the station's garage).

"Aia, do you see anything in your GPS?"Asked Maya.

"Noth-, something's appearing! It looks that its coming from that blue car over there."

(We went to check inside the car).

"...It's...Matthew's body!"