Chapter 30:

Who created the circus?

The Doll Metaphor Part 1

The body was carbonized, skin peeling off, teeth looked like coal, pieces of black matter falling off.


A time of silence was needed to assimilate.

Maya started vomiting, bending while doing it.

"Are you OK?"Asked Chikao.

"Yeah."Maya coughed for a bit and shrugged it off after. 

"Who could have done this?"

"Remember Kinoshita?"I asked.

"You mean the guy that can explode things."

"Precisely. The probability of him being involved in this is high."

"Something's wrong."Said Alex.


"Look at his eyes, those don't look like a normal person's eyes."

"Oh, didn't notice that! How did you know that?"Chikao said.

"My father is a robot engineer."

"So cool!"

"Don't be so amazed, it's not that cool!"

"But it is, can you someday let me meet your father."

"...I guess...That I can do that."

"YES! Always wanted to see how robots are built."

"But now let's talk about the matter at hand. It's clear that is not Matthew. But the intention of the killing was to kill him specifically."Said I.

"Alex, because you have more experience with robots than us, can you rip out his eyes, to inspect them."


"But why not?"

"I said no."

"But it's for the investigation."


I sighed.

"Maya, can you do it?"

"Yeah, but I'm afraid that something will go wrong."

"Just do it. Don't be afraid."

"But I..."

"Do it!"

Maya sighed.

"OK, here I come."

She stuck her fingers between the skull's eyes and bone. Used extreme force to rip out the eyes. Eventually ripping them out.


"...Disgusting, ew!"

"Quit whining."

"So, what do we do with this?"

"We have to see the storage inside it."I answered.

"And you think it will reveal us the murderer?"

"Who knows."