Chapter 532:

Chapter 529: Assault on Ground Zero

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 529: Assault on Ground Zero

Narrator: 4 days later.

*Everyone is gathered with Harmona outside of the ruined Reign City. Even now, Sonzen is still fighting Armageddon*

*Harmona looks around at her troops*

Harmona: I’m glad you’re all here. Though, some of you are not in the best condition at the moment.

*Harmona points to Reign City*

Harmona: This is where the final battleground will take place. I’m going to need you to fight with all you got. I intend to use their portal to invade Hell. I’m going to need all of my strength to take down the Dark Goddess so I need a path cleared for me. Killing Armageddon is an absolute necessity. And while I need you to fight with all you got, you must be careful as our greatest healer, Apollo, was killed by Korobu.

*Harmona looks sad and angry as she says that. Zeth also feels more anger for Korobu*

Zeth: Damn you, Korobu.


Narrator: Meanwhile in the city.

*Sonzen rams Armageddon into a partially knocked-over building, and that fully knocks it over. Armageddon then grabs onto Sonzen and slams him to the ground*

*Sonzen releases a wave of magic energy and blows Armageddon off of him. He then starts flying back up toward the sky*

Sonzen: (Thinking) The ground forces have stopped focusing on me.

*Sonzen looks to the east and sees Heaven’s forces just outside the city*

Sonzen: (Thinking) They must be preparing for our ground troops. Thanks, Harmona. I needed this help.


Narrator: Back over to Harmona and her forces.

Harmona: It is time to begin our assault!

*Heaven’s forces begin moving toward the city*

Harmona: Take down their forces! We have to win!

*All of Heaven’s forces in the area begin to move and head toward the city*


*In the city, Sonzen charges a powerful beam in his mouth. Armageddon does the same. They release their beams at each other and they collide, causing a large explosion*

*As the explosion clears, Heaven’s troops have now moved into the city. Hell’s ground troops are ready for them*


Narrator: In the back of Hell’s forces, near the large open portal to Hell.

*Hamura, Korobu, Gen, Sherra, Shade, and Scythe all stand and watch as the Second Battle of Reign City is beginning. They are the last remaining members of the Council of Demons but they are also the strongest members*

Hamura: So it has begun.

*More monsters come out of Hell’s portal*

Korobu: I think I should add my own monsters to this battle.

*Korobu activates his magic and releases a lot of giant centipedes into the city*

Korobu: I would like to thank Kitipede’s contribution for giving me the power to unleash centipedes.

(Author’s Note: Kitipede was one of the major villains of the Swamp Underworld Arc. At the end of the arc, Korobu took Kitipede with him but her fate since then remains unknown)


Narrator: The battle now starts. Although it was initially named the Second Battle of Reign City, it would also come to be known as The Final Assault at Ground Zero.

*The battle starts as the two sides begin attacking each other*

*Sasha sees Armageddon as she enters the city*

Sasha: So that is what my “father” has become.

*Zeth looks at her*

Zeth: Don’t focus on what it used to be. Just focus on what needs to be done now.

Sasha: Sorry. I just hate knowing that that monster is my father.

Zeth: It’s alright now. Before this day is over, Armageddon will be dead.

*Mark goes past Zeth and Sasha and rushes toward a demon. The demon tries to punch Mark but Mark slashes off its hand*

Mark: It looks like you could use a hand there, buddy. Har har.

*Mark then slashes off its head*

Mark: By being along the front of your troops, it looks like you got a little too a-head of yourself there. Har har.


Narrator: Back over to the Council of Demons members.

*The Council members watch as the battle progresses*

Gen: I think we should pick out our targets.

Shade: Oh, I’m way ahead of you there, Gentorious.

*Shade has his sights set on Zentano*

Shade: Yes, very much ahead.

Narrator: The battle at Ground Zero, officially known as the Battle of Reign City begins. How will the war progress from here?

Chapter 529 END

To be Continued in Chapter 530: Zentano’s Honor