Chapter 25:


Lyceus Awaits

The pursuit for William had been started once again and this time he was found in a very shady location in the middle of nowhere. Nonetheless the team had decided to go there and this time they were ready to fight and bring back William.

After they got to the place they saw the Grim Reaper was with William. It was shocking for them to see the Grim Reaper here out of nowhere. Axcel asked William to come back with them but William replied to let him finish what he had started. Axcel knew it was pointless to continue further. Hence the fight began but Grim Reaper didn't interfere as it was finally an opportunity for him to see how much William had grown.

The whole team was ready Max, Anthony, Victoria, Riley, justin, Anna and Dante. Lily, Martin, Axcel and Alice wouldn't fight themselves for different reasons. It was still a huge advantage in numbers and all of them had also gotten stronger but William was on a completely different level as he had mastered his ability to not feel pain and stayed in control now.

At the beginning of the fight Dante got inside William's head to make him unable to fight but William's mind was so unstable and determined on its goal that Dante was pushed out and started having headaches himself. Then Max tried to launch a barrage of punches on William but William used gravity to stick him to the ground and knocked him down in a punch. After that came a combo attack, Anthony used an earthquake, Justin used his portals, Riley used high frequency while Victoria and Anna went in to punch William at the same time.

Their plan worked but William blocked their punches smashed both Victoria and Anna together. After that he grabbed Justin by his throat and threw him away. He then used gravity to raise Riley up from a place and threw her on Justin. Only Anthony was the one left standing now so he and William had a one on one head on fist fight. Anthony's punches kept getting stronger in between the fight but it was still not working William having the upper hand kicked Anthony sending him flying away.

Meanwhile Anna and Victoria were now up again. Anna sent many animals after William but they were all useless against gravity. After disposing off her animals he grabbed Anna by the tail, threw her in the sky and punched her down from ahead. The only one left was Victoria now and she planned to use her breath to make William sleep which did work but even after being asleep William was so focused that he was fighting. Victoria hanged in the fight with her combats skills but she was about to be done in time.

Just as William was about to put her down with a punch he was attacked by a suit wearer. Surprisingly that suit wearer was Axcel and the suit had given him back his legs. William was surprised to see how Axcel had gotten a suit but Axcel before William could say anything told him that he had done some preperation of his own just in case and it had worked. William was already angry that a lot of his time had been wasted so he got angrier and fought Axcel but Axcel would not be as easy to fight as the others as he was more stronger than the others.

Axcel's suit was blue and black in colour and an exception to his suit was that it had spikes coming out from both his arms. Axcel had two swords that could slash through anything at all. Axcel also had the ability to control the wind or air near or close to him which would make him a very dangerous dual sword weilding fighter. Aside from this Axcel could now regenerate very fast and even restore whole limbs. Axcel might have had less abilities but they were very effective when used together.

Axcel was not giving William easy time they were both fighting to their fullest. Even though William was still winning Axcel was waiting for the others to stand back up and help him.

The fight continued but soon they heard Alice scream and gunshots from Lily. When they looked back to see what had happened they saw Martin dead on the floor and standing beside him Ethan Guntur. At that moment Axcel realised what William was here to do but it had been too late now.

Max had also seen Martin getting killed and got consumed by his own rage. While crying he screamed and his ENIGMA suit turned into an INDIGO suit making him and his abilties stronger. It also gave him a new ability to throw thunderbolts and use them in his punches.

Ethan and Lucian were with an army of robots and they had also brought Biski and Ramos with them. Both were forced to witness all this but Biski was free whereas Ramos was in a cage. Biski was in her dark pink and white suit whereas Ramos had been tortured very badly and missing his scarred eye and left arm.

The fight had begun and the Grim Reaper had also joined it. He told everyone to fight the Lucian and the army while he dealt off with Ethan. Max ran through the army and joined Grim Reaper to kill Ethan and Grim Reaper decided to let him fight Ethan as well.

Grim Reaper's suit was in his body and a part of his suit was now the jet black cloth Grim Reaper wore. He could take of the cloth which would make him a bit weaker but he couldn't take off the whole suit as it was in his body merged with his bones.

Grim Reaper had the best regeneration in the world and he had the eyes of Death that could make anyone feel the pain of how they would die in the future. Grim Reaper's unbreakable scythe could cut even one's soul and had immense destructive powers in it. Grim Reaper also had a knife called the Reaper's knife which was twice as durable as the scythe and if a person were to be stabbed by it his fear wold consume him and he would not only fear Grim Reaper, he would start to hallucinate and fear everything near him. The knife could also burn weak souls with even one stab.

While everyone was fighting the robots Axcel was attacked by Lucian off guard and caught by surprise. Axcel wasn't able to resist and the others couldn't come to his help either. Just as Axcel was about to be finished with Lucian's flaming breath Biski jumped in between and got burned instead. Lucian hurried to grab Biski and said to her why would you do that and that it wasn't meant for you but it was too late. Biski died in her brother's arm driving her brother mad.

Lucian went into berserk mode and now was even more stronger than he used to be but before he could cause any more damage and destruction William came in and took him in the sky with him. Lucian thought that as they were in the sky now he would have a really good advantage and he was right he did have a lot of advantage but William was smiling which made him even more angrier blinding him with rage. William was smiling because he knew even the skies of heaven couldn't save Lucian from his claws.

Even if Lucian was angry there was nothing greater than the need for vengeance William had developed. William had immense bloodlust and was now probably as bloodthirsty as The Head. All this paired up with his wrath made him something far beyond anyone's understanding.

The Battle of the Skies had begun both had their claws and heads clashing. Fighting with all their might and everything they had got. On the ground even though the robot army had been finished no one could interfere in the battle over their heads as the clash was so fierce that they were paused just by looking at it and couldn't even look for a chance to interfere.

A Dragon and a Beast who will win, one's wing had been blown of and one had burn all over his body. Fighting till the last drop of blood, a real fight to death. Many injuries on both sides, increasing without stopping. Both go in for the punches but at last just as Lucian punched William once again he didnt know it would be his last punch, William was waiting for him to punch him after losing all that stamina so that there would be an opening to attack with his claws. William found the opening which was the neck, he endured the punched and went right for the neck. Lucian's body fell through the sky to the ground while his head was still stuck in William's claws.

Meanwhile, Ethan had been getting his ass whooped by Max and Grim Reaper. At the same time William came down with Lucian's head and threw it on Ethan making Ethan beg for his life while trembling but there was no mercy for him. Max was about to kill off Ethan but Grim Reaper wanted to do the honours so he used his scythe to seperate Ethan's head off of his body.

The deaths of many had been avenged but at what cost...