Chapter 533:

Chapter 530: Zentano’s Honor

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 530: Zentano’s Honor

Narrator: Over to Heaven’s forces. The Final Assault at Ground Zero is getting underway.

*Zentano is trying to head farther into the city but Grinton grabs her arm*

Grinton: You’re still very injured! Stop this! Don’t go into battle!

Zentano: I have to!

Grinton: No, you don’t!

*Zentano makes Grinton let go of her arm*

Zentano: Yes, I do! I am a general of Heaven! On my honor, I will fight until I die in battle!

Grinton: I understand how much your honor means to you but we can’t lose a general like this!

*Zentano starts walking forward but then stops*

Zentano: Have you noticed?

Grinton: Noticed?

Zentano: Have you noticed that on our side fights those that are on our level and even beyond? Take Prince Zeth for example. He’s no longer the young boy that needed our protection… He has surpassed us. And he’s not even 100 years old yet.

*She starts walking forward again*

Zentano: Should I fall in battle… I believe that we will be alright.

*Grinton just stares as she walks away*

*Farther into the city, Zentano notices at the last second as someone jumps down toward her from above. She jumps away but a large cut wound vertically goes down the right side of her face*

*The one who attacked her was Shade. He has an expression of excitement*

Shade: I’m finally going to kill you now, Zentano!

Zentano: Do your worst!

*Zentano readies her double-sided short sword*

*Zentano launches toward Shade and tries to slash at his neck. Shade easily steps back to avoid it and then kicks her back into a building wall*

Shade: You are clearly still affected by your injuries from our last battle. Your movement is very slow compared to before.

*Zentano pushes off the wall and quickly tries to attack Shade but he lands three quick blows on her that knock her on her back in pain*

Shade: I’m dead on the inside and yet your pain fills me with life. Every deity that has been struck down by you… I carry their burden and hate on my shoulders.

*Shade is about to attack again but he is blown to the side after powerful air vibrations hit him. Grinton has shown up*

Grinton: I won’t let you kill her!

Shade: Zentano will die. It doesn’t matter that you have shown up.

Zentano: Stay back, Grinton!

*Zentano is struggling to even stand*

Zentano: Let me go down fighting!

Grinton: I know what you said before but I’m not just going to allow you to die! This is not something I’m doing as a fellow general! It’s something I’m doing as a close friend! I’m not going to allow Zentano, the friend, to die!

Shade: It’s too late for that.

*Zentano starts twirling her double-sided short sword to prepare for her attack. She jumps above Shade and intends to strike him with an impaling attack down on his head*

Zentano: Say goodbye to your head!

Shade: I said it’s too late.

*Shade has released a black ball of magic energy and it makes contact with Zentano’s gut. It pushes against her and halts her attack. The black ball blows a hole in Zentano’s body which causes her to fall backward. It continues until it hits a building wall and splits into many silhouettes of Shade*

*Zentano lands on her back*

*Grinton is in shock and despair as Zentano is now dying*

Grinton: Nooo!!!

*Grinton is in rage and charges toward Shade*

*Grinton does a powerful punch in the air that causes massive vibrations. Shade is caught in it and it even destroys an entire building*

Grinton: Did you like that one!? Huh!? Eat shit and die!

*He then looks at the dying Zentano and runs up to her*

Grinton: You can’t die!

Zentano: I knew… it would come to this…

*She coughs*

Zentano: To fight and die in battle… That is part of my honor… I have far more honor than that freak… ever will…

*Zentano raises her left hand up at Grinton*

Zentano: Just… win this war… and bring in… the New Era…

*Her hand falls back to the ground as she dies*

*Grinton is in tears and, suddenly, a powerful magic beam released destroys most of the rubble from the building Grinton destroyed with his attack as Shade walks out of it. He has taken a lot of damage as he has wounds all over*

Shade: That hurt… That hurt!!

*Shade moans in pain*

Shade: It hurts so much!

*His power starts to grow*

Shade: Zentano is dead and now you must join her!

*Suddenly, Shade is downwards kicked from above by Zonbi. Being kicked into the ground causes a small crater to form*

Zonbi: Speaking of kills that previously got away! I believe I should be killing you!

*Sean arrives with Zonbi*

Zonbi: General Grinton, please allow me to be the one to kill this one. Zentano’s death is my failure.

Sean: Yes. We were the ones that were supposed to stop him from killing Zentano before.

Grinton: …Alright. I leave this to you.

*Grinton leaves to go see where else he can help as angel medics take Zentano’s body away from the battlefield*

*Zonbi looks down at Shade*

Zonbi: I was going to add you to my zombie collection, but I think you deserve cremation.

Narrator: Shade has finally killed Zentano! Zonbi feels responsible so she intends to kill Shade herself.

Chapter 530 END

To be Continued in Chapter 531: The Battle Throughout Reign City