Chapter 534:

Chapter 531: The Battle Throughout Reign City

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 531: The Battle Throughout Reign City

Narrator: The Final Assault at Ground Zero continues with fighting happening throughout the ruined Reign City.

*Some angels have started attacking Armageddon from the ground while Sonzen attacks from the sky. Armageddon is damaged by Sonzen’s beam*

*Armageddon releases a beam at the angels on the ground and kills a lot of them with it. Others are blown back that were not directly caught in the blast*

Sonzen: Everyone, you must be careful!

*Armageddon jumps up toward Sonzen. The angels are surprised*

Female Angel: It can jump like that!!?

*Armageddon pounds on Sonzen in the air and that knocks Sonzen down to the ground*

*Armageddon fires a beam down at Sonzen as he falls back down. However, three Shooting Stars make contact with the beam and make it cause a blast before it hits Sonzen*

*Zeth, Zaydra, and Zenfaro all released their Shooting Star attacks*

Zeth: You’re not killing Sonzen!

Zaydra: Not as long as we are here to assist!

Zenfaro: There’s too much at stake to let that happen!

*Sonzen flies back in the air*

Sonzen: Thanks for the help!

*Armageddon roars and charges up a beam in its mouth*

Zeth: He’s aiming at us!!

*Armageddon releases its beam at the three of them. They manage to get out of the way as the beam hits and causes a large blast*

Zaydra: That was close!

*Emily, Joe, and Keith show up*

Emily: Is there anything we can do to help?

Zenfaro: We don’t need to do anything major. Just do enough to help give Sonzen the edge over Armageddon.

*They prepare to attack*


Narrator: In the west side of the city near the portal to Hell.

*Korobu and Hamura have not advanced into battle yet. They have a focus though. Hamura has her focus on Sasha while Korobu has his focus on Zeth*

Hamura: (Thinking) Soon, Sasha.

Korobu: (Thinking) Zeth at last.


Narrator: Meanwhile with Gentorious.

*Gen is watching the battles unfold from inside a parking garage. He sees Kurt approaching the parking garage. Kurt looks at him with absolute vengeful anger in his eyes*

*Gen smiles*

Gen: I look forward to killing you again.


Narrator: Meanwhile with Sasha.

*Sasha has no trouble killing some giant centipedes that get in her way. She soon finds Sherra at the entrance of the now ruined amusement park (Author’s Note: The same one Zeth and Sasha went to in Chapter 497 on their date.)*

*There are a lot of dead angels and humans around the whole area*

Sherra: So you’ve come for me, Princess Sasha?

Sasha: Get your filth out of this wonderful place.


Narrator: Meanwhile with Zothena.

*Scythe is killing a lot of angels. However, he is stopped when Zothena arrives with great speed and punches him in the face which knocks him back*

Scythe: So you wish to continue our previous battle?

Zothena: Yes, and I plan to win it.


Narrator: Meanwhile with Bonetru and Ruby.

*Bonetru and Ruby are fighting standard demons. Ruby clearly looks like she is being affected by her wound from Sane. She is breathing quite heavily*

Bonetru: You shouldn’t be fighting here. That’s not a minor wound that you suffered.

*Ruby stabs a demon with her dagger before responding*

Ruby: *huff huff* I won’t sit back while my own friends are risking their lives!

*Ruby is about to be slashed from behind by a demon but an arrow pierces the demon in the head and kills it. The arrow came from Sapphire who fired the arrow from a sniper perch on the roof of a relatively small building*

Sapphire: Nobody will be doing any surprise attacks on you while I’m watching.


Narrator: Meanwhile with Dayna, Haunch, and the Dark Matter Clan.

*Dayna and Haunch are also dealing with their injuries as they fight the demons in the city*

*Not far from them are Kennedy, Gice, Alaina, and Easia who are also fighting demons and centipedes*


Narrator: Meanwhile with Daniel, Dom, and RAG.

*Daniel, Dom, and RAG are fighting demons and centipedes. Daniel isn’t at full strength*

Daniel: *huff huff* I’m not in great shape but I won’t let that stop me!


Narrator: Elsewhere in the city.

*Angels plant a magic beacon that allows the neutral spirits to enter the area and begin fighting*

Male Angel: They are going to underestimate our numbers! This is great!


Narrator: Meanwhile with Mark.

*Mark continues his assault on any demons he comes across, continuing to slash them with his scythe*

Mark: After fighting me, you all will find out what it’s like to be a pile of bones! Har har!


Narrator: In the south side of the city.

*Michael and his pirates attack the demons*

Michael: We must do everything we can to help Heaven with this battle!


Narrator: Just outside the city.

*Commander Moss and Major Smith have their large weapon ready. Harmona is standing with them*

Commander Moss: Our weapon will soon be ready to fire.

Major Smithy: It’s quite powerful and could deal a great blow to Hell’s forces. If used incorrectly, however, it would deal a great blow to our comrades instead.

Harmona: I will let you know when to fire it. There’s a creature in particular that I am waiting for to show up.

Commander Moss: What creature would that be?


Narrator: Meanwhile with Korobu and Hamura who are still standing back by the portal to Hell.

Korobu: Now that everything has settled in, I think I should add a player to this.

*A black energy ring forms on the ground in front of Korobu*

Korobu: Now rise, Dark Dragon!

*The Dark Dragon comes from the black energy ring (Author’s Note: As a reminder, it is fairly large and is about 40 feet in length. It has some red markings on it.)*

*The dark dragon roars*

Narrator: Everyone has chosen their battles in the city!

Chapter 531 END

To be Continued in Chapter 532: Zonbi and Sean vs Shade