Chapter 5:

Proof of Valor

Ruler Of Sovereignty

After leaving cafeteria, Cornelio armed himself with the 7S Gears.

“Talking about the previous test, you sure care about them, right? When Maverick menacing too.” said Samuel.

“Dumb question.” Cornelio keeps on his mind.

Cornelio ignore Samuel and continue preparing himself.

“Well, this Varniant is new path. Nobody knows what is the ability.”

“Just watch the show carefully and write the report, then council will praise us, right?”

“Any good words? I’ll write it on your tombstone if you didn’t make it.”

“Haha, very funny. It’s not like you, Sam.” said Cornelio.

He knows if dark joke isn’t fit on Samuel.

“I just want to tell you after what have you did in cafeteria, seems you got their attention.” Said Samuel.

“So be it.” Said Cornelio.

He got a bit surprised.

“Then have any wise word for them?”

“Umm … I want to give the same word, but I guess not for this time.”

“Alright, go for it.”

“You’re the most knew it. ‘If you want to get their attention, you must give it first’.” Said Cornelio.

“…! Hmph, let’s see how that spell work.” Samuel didn’t expect he will say that.

That was the first advice he got from Samuel.

“Alright, preparation is completed.”

“Good luck … and stay alive, Cornelio.” Said Samuel.

“Yeah, time to harvest.” Said Cornelio.

Cornelio and Samuel bumping their fist, then Cornelio get in to the transport and take off as soon as possible.

Meanwhile in cafeteria, Squad 105 still at there under Stevan’s sight.

“B-by the way … I’m sorry for bother your feast, Sir!” said Nathan.

Nathan very scared, he almost cried in that moment.

“Hahaha! It’s ok, there’s no problem about it.” Said Stevan.

“E-eh …? Really?” Nathan wanted to confirm it.

“Yeah, Cornelio already pay it, right? Nothing to apologize anymore, now eat! You’ve ate so much! You should’ve inherited your Gluttony! Or Greed …? Both is alright! You can’t fight or study when hungry!” said Stevan.

Stevan and his member lend the Cadets a plate of foods.

“Why it ended like this …?” said Dallas.

“W-well, it’s better than fight against Squad 97, right.” Said Lemirk.

He trying to stay positive.

“Mr. Maverick, can I ask something?” ask Alexa.

Suddenly Alexa started the conversation.

“Oh, just ask it! Don’t be humble.” Said Stevan.

He really enjoying this.

“People were said ‘another battle from you and Cornelio’, right? What’ve he did to you in the past?” ask Alexa.



The whole member of Squad 97 laugh after heard that, while these Cadets confused why they are laughing.

“People keep misunderstand it, right?”

“Yeah! It always funny!”

“Why are you laughing? I don’t get it.” Said Hazel.

She got angry because she thought they are ignoring Alexa.

“Hahaha, sorry for that. It’s not like we have revenge each other, we just a rival.” Said Stevan.

Squad 105 didn’t predict if that was the reason.

“Why you accept him to be your rival? I mean Cornelio is much younger.” Said Nathan.

“Hmph, don’t easy to judge people in here. Sovereignty has wide access to read any article just like a Wiki. They have record of everyone in this world.” Said Stevan.

“For example, it been long time to see a Cadet from royal family. Isn’t it, Princess?”

One of Squad 97 member is mention Noel’s family, he called her like that because she is the eldest child in her family.

“Then you should know the manner to speak with Your Highness.” Said Noel.

“Pardon me, Your Highness.” Said him.

“Oh, right. Where is our manner? We forgot to introduce ourselves.” Said Stevan.

Stevan standing up to introduce himself and his member.

“My name is Stevan Maverick, PRD-class Herrscher. Then our SLT-class, Alto Corlena. GRD-class, Lucas McJaeger. RTH-class, Mateo Harper. GLT-class, Sylvia Ortis. LST-class, Milly Einsburn. And ENV-class, Helena Raymond.” Said Stevan.

One by one Squad 97 member is standing up after their name spoked.

“It’s been an honor to share same table with our seniors, then let us to introduce our squad member.” Said Alexa.

Alexa standing up from her seat.

“My name is Alexa Ranfan, GLT-class Cadet. Then our ENV-class, Hazel Quarin. SLT-class, Noel Stellward. PRD-class, Nathan Valorem. GRD-class, Dallas Frick. And RTH-class, Lemirk Hermant.” Said Alexa.

One by one Squad 105 member is standing up too after their name spoked.

After introducing each other, they back to sit and enjoy their feast.

“You missed the LST-class.” Said Milly.

“Yes, I don’t mention Cornelio because I think you already know him more than us.” Said Alexa.

“Well, just like that.” Said Milly.

“I saw better potential from you than your PRD-class.” Said Stevan.

“Wh-what?!” Nathan triggered.

“A-ahaha, is that so?” Alexa just being humble.

“Look like you got Sam’s trust to keep eye on your squad.” Said Stevan.

“I’m not with that, because he more trust Cornelio who is older member.” Said Alexa.

“Heh, really?” Stevan doubt it.

Alexa easily got their trust even it was their first meet.

“Seems you lucky to get reliable member, Princess.” Said Alto.

“Don’t tease me off …!” said Noel.

“Ahaha, she really doesn’t match with any jokes.” Said Alto.

Noel also easy to close with Squad 97’s LST-class.

“…! It’s been my big shame to be treated like this because of my class …! That’s why I’ll make them eat their words when knew that I’m the first Cadet in this squad who hold Encoded Weapon!” said Noel.

Alexa clapped her hands then Hazel too, it makes Noel a bit embarrassed.

“That was a good spirit, Noel! It’s nice to see you spoke off anything in your mind than just keep silent and avoiding people.” Said Alexa.

“That’s right!” said Hazel.

“I-is that so …?” said Noel

She completely embarrassed, her face getting red because of shy.

“I-I also want to be the first Cadet who hold the Encoded Weapon!” said Nathan.

“I don’t expect that would happen.” Said Noel.

“What’s your problem, Little Princess?!” said Nathan.

Now he got mad again.

“It’ll be better if you don’t tease her …” said Lemirk.

“That’s right, or you will be the next target of Stellward family.” Said Dallas.

“Even you two?!” said Nathan.

Both of his friends are on Noel’s side.

“Hahaha! How about you guys try the Encoded Weapon and we’ll know who’s better?” said Stevan.

“Eh? We can try the Encoded Weapon?” ask Hazel.

“For real?!” ask Nathan.

Squad 105 surprised with Stevan’s advice.

“You guys curious about it, right?” said Stevan.

“Hmm, interesting. I’m in.” Said Noel.

“Mr. Conwell never offer us this chance, right Alexa?” said Hazel.

She looks very happy.

“Yeah, we shouldn’t miss it.” Said Alexa.

Alexa feels the same too.

“How about you boys, uhh … Trio Dumb?” said Stevan.

“…?! Dumb …?” Lemirk got shocked.

“Wait, it only fit on Nathan!” said Dallas.

“HEY!!” Nathan triggered.

“Hahaha! But you guys are with us, right?” ask Stevan.

“Of course, right?” said Nathan.

“Yup!” Lemirk agree.

“We should stick together, right?” said Dallas.

“Heh! Then …”

All Squad 97 member stand up from their chair.

“… Let’s go!” said Stevan.

“Wait, where are we going …?” ask Nathan.

Nobody answered him, but the other Squad 105 member just follow their seniors then Nathan too.

Few moments later, Samuel is standby in monitoring room in Projection Chamber with some operators and Cornelio is checking the device that transit with him.

“Report your status.” Said Samuel.

All drones battery already charged and work properly.” Said Cornelio.

“Five minutes left to Dorm 78 battlefield.” Said the operator.

“Be careful, there still much Aerodactyls remaining on the sky.” Said another operator.

Copy that.” Said Cornelio.

“Call the Dorm 78 Military Base.” Said Samuel.

“Yes, sir.” Said the operator.

Dorm 78 Military Base receive a transmission from Dorm 80.

“Sir, we got incoming transmission from Dorm 80.” Said the Dorm 78 operator.

“Connect it, look like our back up is coming.” Said the Commander.

This is Ex-PRD-class Herrscher from Squad 55, Samuel Conwell. We are replying your SOS and bringing our back up for Dorm 78. Please pull out your aircrafts, we’ll take care the remaining Aerodactyls.” said Samuel.

“Negative, you come here to help us not interrupt us. We’ll take it together.” Said the commander.

Pardon me, Sir. Your aircraft has limited ammunition, and it’s was long battle, am I correct?” said Samuel.

The commander knew he’s right.

Let them rest to refill their resources for a bit.” Said Samuel.

He thinking for a sec.

“Very well. Pull aircraft to the base.” Said the commander.

Yes, Sir.” Said the pilot.

The Fighter series aircraft is falling back to the base.

“What happened?” said the Squad 44 Leader.

“Aerodactyl is coming!” said another member.

“Everyone, get ready!” said the Leader.

Squad 44 preparing to attack the incoming Aerodactyl wave.

“Alright, Choppers. Begin to attack!” said Samuel.

Yes, sir!

“Target: Aerodactyl wave. Launch Homing Missile!”

Five Choppers launch their auto-guided missile and destroy the Aerodactyls.

“Back up …?” said the Leader.

This is your chance! Go find your LST-class while our back up taking the remaining Fluxters!” said the Commander.

“Roger that! Let’s go!” said the Leader.

Squad 44 start to investigate the battlefield to save their lost member.