Chapter 42:

Daiyu part 4

The Doll Metaphor Part 1

Everyone was alerted by it, Chikao materialized his scythe, I had drawn my sword.

How the hell was he here? 

Maya, panicked by situation, resorted to pulling out her gun. Reacting to this, Daiyu grabbed the gun without any difficulty, dodging a bullet. To separate her from the gun, he resorted to a kick, a high kick to her face, one that was so strong that broke her teeth. Alex, without any hesitation to face him, closed on him, a jab to the left side of Daiyu's face. Seeing this, the assaulter parried the offensive, easily overcoming it, grabbed Alex's t-shirt, began to make a series to punches, all of them to the jaw, over and over, the final punch made Alex fly far away, hitting against the wall, tearing the shoji

Taking advantage of this, Daiyu grabbed Maya by the collar, making her a shield.

"Let go of her."Said Chikao.

"Why I would do that?"

With a single movement, the hand on her head and neck did rotational motion.

Breaking her neck.


Chikao's eyes were trembling, his blood flow was rushing like fire.

A carnage was about to start.

He advanced, rotating his scythe to confuse Daiyu, to create space, the killer ran a distance away around the house. 

Matthew, that was the nearest of him, began by doing low kick, received by a simple dodge and a kick to the chin, leaving him knocked out.

All our abilities didn't work when he was around. I could try to see his but the problem is that didn't exactly showed any color in his two eyes. 

Looked more like an invincible being.

I tried to close to him, not getting to close to make thrusts. Dodging them all, Daiyu was having a tough time having the perfect timing to counter my advance. Alex, already up from the before beating, tried to flank him, behind him.

Alex started to prepare his stance, preparing to everything that Daiyu would use to attack him.

Everytime he gave a kick, that same one was received by a dodge and countless punches, one to chin, two for each cheek.

Finally, Alex tried to do a body shot, apparently doing the damage intended.

Daiyu ran to the garden, trying to have some time avoiding us.

"You are going to pay for what you did, you bastard!"Said Alex.

"I will cut every arm, balls, even your heart from your chest!"I said.