Chapter 43:

Blind rage

The Doll Metaphor Part 1

That day was a Thursday, me and my family were home that day. In the year 2052.

Soldier everywhere, invading our home. Because of the deal between the United States and England, the world was split into two. Japan decided to take over many countries in Asia.

After invading hundred of homes, kill woman and children, they spotted my family's home.

"Daiyu, go inside the basement."My mother said.

We, three, went to our home's basement, hiding from the Japanese. It wasn't enough the first time they invaded us, they wanted more from us.

Soldiers entered our home, stank of booze.

"Daiyu, don't make any noise."Said my father, putting his arm covering my mouth.

Everything was being used by them, food, money, beds, there was nothing left for us.

Damn the Japanese.

Time passed, finally they got out of there, my family exited the basement.

"Looks that we've nothing left, damn pigs ate all the food we had."Said my mother.

A knock on the door.

Huh? They didn't left our house yet?

Some of them suspected that someone was inside the house, used their advanced radars to know that we were there.

"Open the door, we know you're there."

My father, taking the responsibility for the family, decided to open the door. When opened, a soldier used the stock's weapon to hit my father in the head.

"Why did you hid from us? We are not here against you, we just wanted a place to rest, and you refused to serve us, refused to serve your country.

My parents didn't know how to respond to the soldier, silence was the only answer.

"You kid, do you have any idea of how great Japan is?"

I was Chinese, and always will be. No way I was going to answer that question.

"Silence, only silence, if you all weren't so ignorant, maybe this situation would be totally different."

"We aren't ignorant, you're only ignorant here, taking our foods, our homes, don't you have any decency?"I said.

My mother began shaking in fear.

"What did you say?"

He pointed his weapon to my face.

"Do you a death wish, you stupid little brat?"

Father couldn't just stand there, watching his son die, so he decided to take the officer's weapon from his hands.

"What? Attacking an officer?"

All the other soldiers started to shoot, the one that I loved took all the shots. A pool of blood on the ground.

I was just there, on the ground, shocked with what I just saw.

"Daiyu, run!"My mother said.

Started to run, out of that horrible house, ran without looking back, without knowing what happened to my mother. 

Having no other place to go, running from all the troops in the area, decided to go to the mountains. There was no other where I could hide.

Freezing cold, snow everywhere, couldn't even feel my mouth, absolutely certain that I would die climbing that mountain, but I didn't.

Luckily, I survived the cold of the mountain but the result of that was losing my eyesight.

(At the present). 

"I'm going to kill you for what you did."I said.

Daiyu was backing off to the garden, leaving him space to better dodge our attacks.

Chikao, filled with rage, threw his scythe to Daiyu. To escape of such attack, Daiyu slid under the scythe.

Following the throw, Alex charged him, grabbing him by the legs.

While all this happened, I was starting to better comprehend his powers. Daiyu could block anyone from activating his powers but couldn't block something already materialized that him did not noticed.

But how did he noticed if he was blind? I could see from his eye, a milky color, typical for someone that is blind. Did his power also allowed him to have an enhanced awareness?

Alex was grabbing with all of his strength, Daiyu, pissed with what his opponent was doing, did knee kicks, in the hope of making Alex back off a bit, but he failed.

Alex started having a grip on Daiyu's body, holding him up, after that, smashing violently the body on the ground.

 On the ground, Daiyu decided to do kicks against Alex's face, creating space between the two. Next, he got up, still feeling some pain.

When it was my turn to attack, I went to do an easily to be dodged telegraphed attack. Daiyu, without any difficulty, dodged it and made a knifehand strike directly to my neck. While on the ground, in a surprise attack, used Maya's gun to shoot his legs.

Yeah, while they were fighting, I took Maya's gun without Daiyu noticing.

Daiyu couldn't use his two legs anymore. To finalize him, Chikao ran towards him, with his scythe in hands. And then...The pointy blade of the scythe struck against Daiyu's chest, killing him.