Chapter 541:

Chapter 538: A Turn for the Worse

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 538: A Turn for the Worse

Narrator: Back over to the forces that are trying to take down Armageddon.

*The Dark Dragon is now helping Armageddon with its fight. From the sky, the dragon is releasing blasts of energy down at the soldiers on the ground*

Grinton: That dragon is making things a lot more difficult for us!

*Joe uses his Storm Lord powers to create a storm in the sky over the entire area. Lightning starts rapidly coming down as Joe tries to strike both Armageddon and the dragon. His lightning strikes Armageddon but it does not strike the dragon as a barrier protects it every time an attack hits it*

*Grinton looks at Joe*

Grinton: That dragon has a barrier that protects it so trying to use your lightning on it is useless.

Joe: Well, then how do we attack it?

Grinton: From Goddess Harmona’s battle with it 54 years ago, its barrier is inactive when the dragon itself is trying to do an attack. Also, attacks that are weak enough can go through the barrier too. Wait for it to attack again, then strike.

*The dragon flies around the area. It releases a beam attack at the ground soldiers*

Grinton: Now!

*Lightning strikes hit the dragon as it releases its beam. The dragon takes some damage but not a lot. It continues flying around again*

Grinton: You got it but it will take a lot more than that to kill it.

*Keith releases a Demonic Burial Cannon at Armageddon. It hits but doesn’t do a whole lot*

*Emily rushes up to Armageddon’s legs. She is dual-wielding her Shadow Sword and Ability Sword (with its Red ability active). She starts rapidly slashing at its back-left leg. It doesn’t do much more than small cuts*

Emily: It is crazy how tough this monster’s body is!

Grinton: We’re going to need more help here.


Narrator: Meanwhile in a nearby area with Zothena.

*Zothena continues her battle with Scythe. She dodges a slash from Scythe’s scythe and then thrusts her left hand forward at him at point-blank range. Rapid-fire magic attacks start releasing from her hand. Scythe is continuously pelted by them*

*The attack continuously stuns Scythe but he still tries to slash Zothena with his scythe again*

*Zothena grabs the handle of the scythe, but not easily as it is still a struggle*

Zothena: I’ve had enough of this thing. You won’t be cutting up people anymore!

*Zothena uses her powerful magic through her hand and destroys the handle of the scythe making it so that only the blade remains*

*The blade flings into a building wall*

*Scythe stares at Zothena for a moment. He then launches toward her and tries to punch her. She blocks it with her right arm, but he quickly maneuvers to the side and punches her in the face with his other hand*

*Zothena is knocked back against a building wall*

*Joe, Emily, and Keith then show up*

Joe: Your help is being requested by the team helping the fight against Armageddon. The dragon that showed up is swinging that battle toward the enemy’s favor.

Zothena: I can’t help anywhere until I take this guy out!

*Joe, Emily, and Keith look at Scythe*

Emily: Leave him to us.

Zothena: This is a Council of Demons member. Do you think you can handle him?

Keith: We’ll all fight him together. Just go help the others.

Zothena: Okay. I trust that you can handle it then.

*Zothena starts leaving the area*

Scythe: You’re not going anywhere.

*Scythe tries to pursue Zothena but he is blasted back as Joe and Keith do a combination attack. It’s a lightning-filled Demonic Burial Cannon*

Joe: Don’t take us lightly!

*Emily goes into her Supreme Ancestral Form*

Emily: It’s time to get down to business.


Narrator: In other locations of the ruined Reign City, the battle continues to be a major struggle. First, over to Dayna and Haunch.

*Dayna and Haunch look exhausted as demons continue to attack them. They have to avoid the magic blast attacks that the demons are releasing at them. A centipede drops toward them from above. They notice, and Dayna jumps up to kick it away*

*However, a bunch of demons was able to get relatively close to them and release more powerful blasts. Haunch doesn’t notice fast enough while Dayna didn’t notice at all*

*Haunch pushes Dayna into the inside of a ruined building as the blasts hit him. Dayna is in terror-filled shock*

Dayna: No!!! Haunch!!!

*The blasts clear and Haunch is lying on the ground with massive wounds all over him*

Dayna: No!! These injuries…!!

*Haunch starts coughing as blood flows out of his mouth. He is also losing a lot of blood from his wounds*

Haunch: I made a promise to your father to protect you……. I’m happy I was able to keep it…

*Haunch dies and Dayna is in tears*

Dayna: Nooo!!!!!


Narrator: Over to Zonbi, Sean, and the undead dragon.

*Zonbi, Sean, and the undead dragon are fighting some demons. A black skull blasts right through Zonbi and deals a lot of damage to her*

Zonbi: Gah!!

Sean: What!?

*They turn around to see Korobu*

Korobu: Nice dragon you got there. But mine is better.

Zonbi: Korobu…


Narrator: Over to Bonetru, Ruby, and Sapphire.

*Bonetru starts collapsing as a couple of demons pound down on him*

Bonetru: (Thinking) My body is reaching its limit! I don’t know how much longer I can fight!

*Ruby is still struggling due to her injuries*

Bonetru: Ruby, we might have to retreat!

Ruby: We can’t! We have to win no matter what!!

*Sapphire shoots the demons around them with arrows from her sniping spot*

Sapphire: If you can’t fight anymore, then you can’t fight anymore! Retreat if you have to! I can handle these demons!

*Suddenly, Sapphire’s sniping spot is hit by a demon’s magical blast and she falls off the building and onto the ground with injuries*

*Bonetru and Ruby are in shock*

Bonetru: Not good!

Ruby: I’m coming, Sapphire!


Narrator: Over to Gice and Alaina.

*Gice is running around using his spike attacks. He has a lot of wounds on his body at this point*

Gice: I’ll take you all on!

*Alaina is trying to follow him*

Alaina: Stop being reckless!

*Gice ends up finding himself in an area with a lot of demons*

Gice: So you’re itching to kill me, huh!? Bring it on!!

*Gice starts attacking them but it’s all for naught as they overwhelm him with a combination of physical attacks and magical attacks*

*Alaina is then pulling Gice’s body away before the smoke of the attacks finishes clearing. She took damage from the attacks in her attempt to save him*

Alaina: What the hell were you thinking!!? Damn it!!

*Gice is clearly dying but confidently smiles*

Gice: I went out like a warrior. That’s all I could ask for… Kick some ass and win this war…! Too bad I won’t get to experience this “New Era” that the angels keep talking about though… So long…

*Gice dies with a proud smile while Alaina cries*


Narrator: Back with the battle against Armageddon.

*Zothena shows up*

Grinton: I’m relieved to see that you have come to help!

Zothena: I recognize that dragon. It’s been around even when I was the Light Goddess. I didn’t think anyone was able to tame it though.

Grinton: From what Goddess Harmona has told us, it’s under Korobu’s command.

*Zothena continues to look at the dragon*

Zothena: Is that so? Just what is the true nature of this Korobu person? There must be something more to his powers than we are aware of.

*Zothena goes to fight the dragon as a female angel flies over to and lands by Grinton*

Female Angel: General, sir, the weapon that the Dark Matter Clan was working on is finished.

Grinton: Good. Tell them to hit that dragon when it is vulnerable.

Female Angel: That is the plan already, sir.

Grinton: Really?

Female Angel: Yes.

*Grinton looks over to see Sonzen, Zeth, Zaydra, and Zenfaro still taking on Armageddon*

Grinton: This will come as some major help for them. But the shot still needs to come at the right time.


Narrator: Over to Harmona, Commander Moss, and Major Smithy.

Harmona: There will be moments when the dragon’s barrier is not active. The timing of these moments is short so we will have to predict them and shoot before they even start. Can you do it?

Commander Moss: Leave it to us.

Major Smithy: That dragon will come crashing down.

Narrator: The battle drags on and many are becoming wounded while others are losing their lives! Taking out Armageddon and the dragon is a must!

Chapter 538 END

To be Continued in Chapter 539: Battle of Vengeance – Kurt vs Gen