Chapter 542:

Chapter 539: Battle of Vengeance – Kurt vs Gen

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 539: Battle of Vengeance – Kurt vs Gen

Narrator: Earlier in The Final Assault at Ground Zero.

*Kurt is approaching Gentorious who is standing in a parking garage*

Gen: So I get to kill you again? Fascinating.

Kurt: Things will be different this time. I absolutely despise you.

Gen: Oh really? I never would have guessed a person would despise someone that kil—

*Kurt angrily interrupts Gen*

Kurt: As I already told one of your friends, it’s not about me!! You killed my father!!! You left my mother with severe depression over our deaths!! And you left my best friend with psychological torment that lasted for decades!!

Gen: Well, I have no doubt that you are much stronger than before but I can’t take your determination seriously until you prove it. I’ve already killed you once before. I have no reason to fear you.

Kurt: Well, let’s start with this.

*Kurt creates a large Aura Fist and has it punch Gen. It has almost no effect*

Gen: Well, I can say it tickled less than your ultimate attack did 54 years ago so that’s a sign of improvement.

Kurt: Just as I thought. It really puts things into perspective. Even in my base form right now, I can’t really hurt you. My base form of 54 years ago really was nothing but an ant compared to you. But I never said I was going to fight in my base form.

*Kurt goes into his Aura King form*

Kurt: This is my Aura King form!

Gen: Ah, perhaps you can make this interesting.

*Kurt charges his magic*

Kurt: Let’s go!

*Kurt starts dashing toward Gen and does the Aura Fist attack again. This time, it actually knocks Gen back against the back wall as well as slightly damages him*

Gen: Congrats! You’ve finally damaged me!

*Gen starts moving. He dodges an Aura Fist sent out by Kurt and gets close to him*

*Gen does a few quick punches on Kurt. He then kicks Kurt back and continues running toward him*

*Gen charges magic into his right arm and then shoves his right hand against Kurt. Gen’s magic energy is released from it*

*Kurt looks like he is in a lot of pain*

*Kurt creates an Aura Area-of-Effect around him. Multiple Aura Fists start coming out of it and pummel Gen until he is knocked back*

*Gen wipes a little blood off of his mouth*

Gen: I wonder if that will work again.

*Gen starts jumping around*

*Kurt looks at him and tries to predict what he will do. Gen jumps toward a car and kicks it at Kurt*

*Kurt’s Area-of-Effect Aura Fists punch the car away from him but Gen has disappeared from sight in the process*

*Gen has gotten behind Kurt, but is still out of the AoE range, and releases a few blasts of his magical energy at him. Kurt is hit by all of them*

*Kurt is knocked forward from the hits and has taken a good amount of damage. His AoE ends.

*Gen quickly reaches Kurt before he can get back on his footing and kicks him upwards to the ceiling of the floor of the parking garage they are on*

*Kurt is knocked through all of the floors until he reaches the roof. He readies his own attack as Gen starts jumping up after him*

Kurt: Let’s see how you like this! Aura Drill!!

*Gen is unable to avoid the attack and takes a direct hit from the Aura Drill*

*Gen is blown back down to the bottom floor and has taken some damage*

Kurt: And more!! Aura Tidal Wave!!

*Kurt releases a tidal wave of aura power down through the whole parking garage and overall destroys it, leaving it as nothing more than a large pile of rubble*

*Kurt lands on the pile of rubble and just stares, waiting for something to happen*

*Gen then launches out of the pile of rubble and grabs Kurt by the face and slams him back into another building*

*Gen did take some damage from Kurt’s attack*

Gen: Impressive power but still a long way from being able to defeat me.

*Gen does some rapid punches on Kurt*

*Kurt tries to counter but Gen just grabs his arm and slams him down on the ground. Gen then gut-punches Kurt which causes Kurt to cough up blood*

Gen: Do you see now why any attempt by you to defeat me will fail? This is your full power. I’m not at full power.

*Kurt grits his teeth with his eyes closed*

Kurt: It’s time…

*A large wave of aura power releases from Kurt’s body and Gen jumps away*

*Kurt is now standing up again*

Gen: What’s this?

Kurt: I knew from the start that Aura King wouldn’t be enough. It’s why ever since I developed it that I kept pushing myself… I had to break past all of my limits. From there, I reached the next step. And that step… is Aura God.

*A blinding shining light surrounds Kurt’s body as Gen has to cover his eyes partly because of the blinding light*

*The blinding shining light ends and Gen’s eyes open wider with awe*

*Kurt’s new form is revealed. His aura kind of gives him the appearance of Zeus of the Greek gods. He even has an aura beard. He is not any taller but he now stands like a titan*

Narrator: Kurt reveals his Aura God form! Will it be enough to finally strike down Gen?

Chapter 539 END

To be Continued in Chapter 540: The Aura God