Chapter 47:

Kill it with style

The Doll Metaphor Part 1

My guts turned upside down, making me nauseous. Alex and Chikao didn't know what was happening.

Matthew was the only one unaffected by all of it.

We'd arrived in Minato City.

"Why the sky's turning blue, out of the sudden."Asked Chikao, in a visible confusion.

That was not all. Objects from all around the city were floating to the sky, like the gravity turned off for no reason explainable reason.

"Aia, do you think this is part of the plan that Naomi was talking about?"Said Matthew.

"To early to say."

While we were in the empty streets, we started to notice something above on top of the buildings.

"Hey, everyone! Look at that building, on top."

Two individuals were on the roof. This situation was so strange. The only thing I could think that made sense was to arrive there as soon as possible.

 Pieces, wreckage, cars, all floating in to the sky. Screams of people trying to get out of the cars that were floating.

Children crying, trembling ground from the apartments colliding.

"Ya'll go to the objective, I'm going to help the survivors."Said Alex.

"Be careful."I said, worried about him.

"I'll be fine."

We rushed towards the destination. 


A big collision happened in front of us, makings all blind with all the dust.

"What was that?"

Coming from the dust, a giant figure appeared. 

What? Valry was here too?

"You'll die here."Said the monster.

It waved its hand, a slow movement of his arm was certainly fatal if it got one of us.

"Everyone, spread out."I said.

"It's useless to try to resist against me."Said the monster.

Black lances grew from the ground, in the intention of hitting us. One of them penetrating Chikao's arm.

He screamed more, as the lance tried to penetrate even further.

"Aia, kill me!"

Quickly done what he requested, used my materialized Katana to cut his head off (yeah, a bit extreme but a quick death).

Not long after that, his body turned into mud and revived again.

The monster, infuriated by our presence, began transforming his arm into rope, a long giant rope.

Matthew, to defend himself, he created some clones in case that rope hit him, his bodyguards could make for a giant "human" shield.

Chikao didn't have many chances in this, his weapon was so heavy that it would be near impossible for him to deflect every attack that the monster gave. Seeing this, decided to charge to the monster. When I was about to get hit by the rope...

"Huh?"The monster said.

I had teleported myself, using Joan's power. My eyes were glowing a bright green because of that.   

"For a ugly monster such as yourself, you still have some intelligence left."

"Huh?"It reacted.

"I know how your power works, you're talking through the monster, isn't that right, Valry?"

I appeared behind it.

"How did you?"

BAM! A loud explosion was heard.

The monster was in pieces.

To end this, I began to teleport everywhere I could in that area.

Teleport after teleport, finally found her on the roof of a small building.

"How did you get here?"Valry said.

Without responding to her question, quickly cut off her head, without any difficulty or climax.

Just dead.