Chapter 543:

Chapter 540: The Aura God

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 540: The Aura God

Narrator: Kurt has just revealed his Aura God form in his battle against Gentorious.

*Kurt is in his Aura God form as Gen looks impressed*

Gen: Now this is something that looks like it could challenge me.

Kurt: It will do more than challenge you.

*Kurt’s aura starts expanding due to its massive power*

*Kurt launches toward Gen and does a downwards slamming punch on him that knocks him into the ground with a small crater*

Kurt: That’s just the start!

*Gen gets up and releases a barrage of small magical blasts at Kurt. They appear to hit and explode. However, Kurt rushes through the smoke and then he and Gen end up colliding punches. Kurt lands his next punch though*

*Kurt then lands consecutive kicks with the second one knocking Gen upwards. Kurt flies up toward Gen and forms his aura into a venus fly trap*

Kurt: Aura Fly Trap!

*The aura fly trap catches Gen in its mouth and starts chomping on him*

*Gen takes damage but releases a wave of his own magic energy to break free from it and he then lands on the roof of a short building that looks like is about to fall over*

*Gen doesn’t see Kurt anywhere*

*Suddenly, the floor below Gen crumbles as a giant aura fist comes out of it and punches him into the air*

*Kurt comes flying out from below and gets above Gen. Kurt forms his aura into a giant hammer*

Kurt: Aura Hammer!

*Kurt slams the aura hammer down on Gen which knocks him down into the building and that causes it to crumble*

Kurt: Let’s see you survive this time!! Aura Tidal Wave!!

*Kurt creates a tidal wave of aura. The tidal wave of aura crashes down into the building and finishes destroying it as well as other buildings around it*

*Suddenly, from the rubble, a small but very sharp black spike comes shooting out toward Kurt*

*Kurt is only able to avoid it enough that it just scrapes by his cheek and leaves a cut. He is completely surprised by the attack*

*Kurt lands back on the ground as Gen reveals himself from the rubble. He has a lot of wounds on him. He starts slowly clapping as he walks toward Kurt*

Gen: Bravo. Your desire for vengeance has produced a power that brings you to my level… almost. Let’s not forget that I’m not using my full power right now.

*Gen stops and transforms into his dark green rough-skinned monster form*

Gen: You haven’t seen my transformative abilities. Let’s see how your form holds up now.

*Gen starts dashing toward Kurt. Their punches collide*

*Kurt tries another punch but finds that Gen blocks this one*

*Gen then kicks Kurt in the gut, causing Kurt to feel a lot of pain*

*Gen then follows that up with an uppercut which knocks Kurt up a bit. Gen then jumps and grabs onto Kurt and slams him down onto the ground*

*Following that, Gen kicks Kurt into a building. It’s a grocery store*

*Kurt steadies himself as Gen continues coming after him. Kurt tries a large aura fist but Gen dodges. However, Kurt does land a second aura fist that damages Gen*

*Kurt gets behind Gen and charges a lot of his aura into his fist and punches Gen in the back with a lot of power. Gen is launched forward and knocks over a lot of the shelves*

*Gen quickly recovers himself. He and Kurt start dashing toward each other. They engage in a punching battle with each landing their fair share of blows*

*Kurt tries to do an Aura Drill but Gen jumps to dodge and then kicks Kurt in the face*

*Gen then slashes Kurt with his claws which leaves Kurt with claw wounds*

*Kurt jumps back before Gen can hit him with another attack*

*Gen smiles*

Gen: I’m enjoying this so much.


Narrator: Meanwhile…

*Easia is running through the city after killing a few demons*

Easia: I saw Kurt this way! I’m coming to help you!

Narrator: Kurt and Gen’s battle reaches a high level! Easia is trying to find Kurt so she can help him.

Chapter 540 END

To be Continued in Chapter 541: Gen’s Changing Forms