Chapter 544:

Chapter 541: Gen’s Changing Forms

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 541: Gen’s Changing Forms

Narrator: Kurt’s battle against Gen continues.

*Kurt uses an Aura Fist to knock Gen against a wall. However, Gen launches himself off the wall to slam into Kurt*

*Kurt’s body is knocked into a rolling motion and he hits a shelf which falls over*

*Gen appears above him and tries to do a downwards punch but Kurt rolls out of the way as the punch hits the ground and creates a small crater*

*Kurt then gets up and hits Gen with an Aura Drill. Kurt’s right arm then has a flame effect on it*

Kurt: Max Flame Aura Punch!

*Kurt sends Gen flying back across the grocery store with the flame punch*

*Gen gets up and his form changes somewhat. His upper back widens and grows black spikes on it. His tail becomes kind of like a large beaver tail and also grows black spikes on it*

*Gen whips his tail forward which sends all of the spikes on it out toward Kurt at a very fast speed but Kurt is able to dodge them*

*The spikes quickly grow back*

*Gen starts rushing towards Kurt. He rolls into a ball and launches toward Kurt with his back spikes*

*Kurt quickly gets out of the way as Gen slams into a large wall in the store and destroys it. But at the same time, Gen releases his tail spikes at Kurt. A couple of the spikes hit him but he quickly pulls them out*

*Kurt starts throwing large balls of aura near Gen*

Kurt: Aura Bombs!

*The Aura Bombs start exploding. Gen is unable to avoid all of them and is damaged and blown away by the explosions*

*Gen starts changing his form again. He grows a very long neck. The body stays similar but becomes less bulky so that it can be more agile. The spiky beaver tail remains*

Gen: I can alter my form in many ways.

*Gen launches toward Kurt*

*Kurt gets out of the way but Gen uses his new long neck to have it wrap around Kurt and bring him with him. Gen lands a powerful punch on the wrapped Kurt as he stops his movement*

Gen: Here comes the pain!

*Gen is in the process of trying to slam his spiked tail into Kurt’s body*

Kurt: Blazing Aura Eruption!

*Molten aura goes flying everywhere from Kurt’s body. The molten aura stops Gen’s attack as well as forces him to let go of Kurt. The eruption destroys most of the store and blows the roof open*

*Kurt uses Aura Hammer on Gen to deal more damage and knocks him away*

*Gen starts changing forms again. He goes back to the usual dark green monster look but keeps the spiked beaver tail. His feet also start to become very large*

Gen: You are doing very well so far but how much longer can you keep it up?

*Gen starts stomping on the ground and his large feet cause the ground to start rumbling. Kurt loses his balance and Gen launches toward him and then starts rapidly punching him. Gen kicks Kurt with his large foot that sends him at an upwards diagonal angle at a high point of the store’s walls*

*Kurt is knocked into the wall and Gen jumps up to kick him again. Gen lands a direct kick that completely destroys the whole back wall of the store as Kurt takes a good amount of damage*

Gen: These big feet aren’t just for show!

*Kurt starts to fall toward the ground*

*Gen falls after him with the intent to stomp him*

*Kurt tries using Aura Drill but Gen uses the bottom of his feet to shield himself*

Gen: With this form, the bottoms of my feet have very high defensive capabilities.

*Kurt uses an angled Aura Fist to hit Gen to the side which knocks Gen away from him (as he lands on the ground)*

*Kurt stands up and looks at Gen*

*Magic tentacles start coming out of Gen’s prosthetic arm*

Gen: I wonder how you will do against my implanted core.


Narrator: Meanwhile with Easia.

*Easia is not far from the store. She sees the store a short distance ahead*

Easia: Kurt is in there! I must help him!

Narrator: Gen continues to unleash new tactics against Kurt! Easia is almost there to help Kurt.

Chapter 541 END

To be Continued in Chapter 542: Repaid