Chapter 545:

Chapter 542: Repaid

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 542: Repaid

Narrator: Back with Easia.

*Easia is having a monologue as she thinks back*

Easia: (Monologue) For a while, life didn’t have any meaning for me. I never had anything to be happy about… That was until I met Kurt. Before I met Kurt, I just simply existed. I was never really happy. I was a teenager that didn’t get along with my family well. I eventually found myself taken in by the one known as Kogen and became a part of his Enigmus Project. However, I was deemed a failure and discarded. After that, I eventually found myself involved with the poachers. We did some really bad things. But I had nowhere else to go. And what’s worse, the failed Enigmus experiment on me left my arm in a monstrous condition. It had heavy negative impacts on my mood. But then I fought Kurt in a grocery store. In battle, he defeated me and cut off my horrible left arm. For the first time, I felt truly happy. He became someone that I considered my savior. I wasn’t even upset about going to jail because of that. My whole perspective on life changed. And while in jail… I realized I had developed feelings for him. Not only did I feel a desire to repay him for saving me, but I also just outright loved him. Hang on, Kurt! I’m coming!


Narrator: Back to Kurt’s fight with Gentorious.

*Gen uses the magic tentacles coming out of his prosthetic arm to wrap around Kurt’s neck. Gen starts slamming Kurt on the ground. He continues to keep slamming Kurt over and over again*

Gen: What’s the matter!? Can’t escape!? Is even Aura God not enough for you to defeat me!?

*Kurt struggles*

Kurt: (Thinking) As much as I hate this bastard, I have to give him credit! He is absurdly strong! Even though I’m capable of keeping up with him now, at this rate, he will outlast me!

*Gen then pulls Kurt toward him and gut-punches him. Kurt coughs up a lot of blood*

*Kurt is still able to form a blade made of aura on his right arm though*

Kurt: Aura Shrapnel!

*He uses this aura blade to cut through the magic tentacles. He then does another slash on Gen. He is able to leave a slash wound on Gen’s body*

Gen: Damn you! That hurts!

*Gen does a strong punch on Kurt before he can do anything more*

Gen: Now, this!

*Gen’s magic tentacles turn into some kind of blaster weapon shape*

*Gen starts continuously firing small magic blasts at Kurt. The blasts damage him and push and knock him back*

*Kurt has become very wounded by this point*

Kurt: (Thinking) I have to come up with something to turn the tide back in my favor!

Gen: I don’t think you can keep this battle up anymore.

Kurt: I’m not even close to finished!

*Kurt starts dashing toward Gen and tries to do an Aura Drill attack on him but Gen dodges and then does a few quick punches on Kurt. Gen then kicks him back*

Gen: Here comes the finisher! You will die by my hand a second time!

*Gen releases the black spikes from his tail toward Kurt*

Kurt: No!!!

*Kurt is not able to dodge and his life flashes before his eyes. But, suddenly, Easia jumps in front of him and gets impaled by all the spikes*

*Kurt’s eyes are wide open with complete shock*

*Gen also has his eyes wide open but in a whoa kind of way, not shocked*

*Easia falls on her back*

Kurt: Easia!!! Why did you do that!!?

Easia: I love you…

Kurt: Huh!? Easia… What are you—!?

Easia: Ever since you saved me. I’ve loved you. And now, I have finally repaid you for saving me.

*Flashbacks run through Kurt’s mind*

Kurt: You’d follow me sometimes over these last 12 years… So that’s why…

*Easia starts coughing up blood but she becomes teary-eyed*

Easia: Yes…

Kurt: Stay with me, Easia! We can get you a medic!

*Easia reaches her hand up and grabs Kurt’s shoulder*

Easia: No… It’s too late. Don’t focus on me. If this guy is the one that you want to take vengeance on… Then finish it. You… can… do… it…

*Her hand falls from his shoulder as she dies*

*Kurt looks down at Easia’s body. Kurt’s face is shaded*

*Gen, on the other hand, has a shit-eating grin*

Gen: Would you look at that? I killed another person you care about. This time, unintentionally. She didn’t even need to die. She could have just let you take the hit. Who knows, maybe those spikes wouldn’t have killed you. She could have just sacrificed her life for nothing for all we know. But now there is something I really want to know…

Gen: (With shit-eating grin) How much do you want to kill me now?

*Gen starts laughing*

*The fierceness of Kurt’s aura reignites*

*The complete look of his Aura God form has returned after it lessened when Easia took the hit*

*Kurt looks furious*

Kurt: That’s it!! Right here!! Right now!! We are ending this!!!!!

Narrator: Kurt was about to take a possible finishing blow but Easia stepped in and took the hit instead! In Chapter 42, Kurt saved Easia. Now, exactly 500 chapters later in Chapter 542, Easia has repaid him! Kurt’s furious passion to take out Gen has returned! Can he finish Gen off?

Chapter 542 END

To be Continued in Chapter 543: Letting Go of Restraint