Chapter 546:

Chapter 543: Letting Go of Restraint

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 543: Letting Go of Restraint

Narrator: In the battle of vengeance against Gentorious, Easia has sacrificed herself to save Kurt.

*Gen notices that as Kurt stands with his fully reignited Aura God form. New small wounds start tearing open on his skin*

Gen: So you let go of all control of your form that you have? It looks like letting it all out with no restraints is putting a strain on your body.

Kurt: My body can rest when you’re dead!

*Kurt launches toward Gen and uppercuts him which knocks him upwards*

*Kurt then jumps up after Gen and unleashes an Aura Drill attack. The drill hits and starts damaging Gen*

*Gen stops the attack by hitting Kurt with his spiked tail which knocks Kurt down to the ground as well as giving him more wounds*

*Gen starts falling back down towards Kurt and tries to punch him on the way down. Kurt also does a punch and their punches collide*

*Gen gets completely back on the ground and they engage in a punching battle. They each are able to punch each other*

*Kurt does another punch but Gen ducks under it and then responds with a punch to the face that pushes Kurt back while leaving him in pain. Gen tries to grab Kurt by the face but Kurt uses a large aura fist to pound Gen down flat on the ground*

*Kurt starts charging his left leg with his aura and kicks Gen back. The kick releases a wave of his powerful aura. Multiple wounds open on his leg because of the strain on his body*

*Gen was sent flying into one of the store’s walls. The collision destroys the wall*

*Gen gets up. He sees that Kurt has sent multiple Aura Bombs toward him. Gen turns his magical cannon from his prosthetic arm into an even bigger cannon and shoots at the bombs. Their attacks collide and explode*

*Gen doesn’t see Kurt after the explosion clears*

*Kurt comes down from above and punches Gen on the top of his head hard with a Max Flame Aura Punch*

*Kurt has Gen knocked down again but Gen again hits Kurt with his spiked tail which knocks Kurt back*

*Gen immediately gets up and fires a blast from his magical cannon. Blood is dripping down Gen’s head which shows how much damage Kurt’s attack did*

*The blast hits near Kurt and explodes*

Gen: You’ve gained a little bit of momentum but this is where it stops!

*Kurt appears out of the explosion after it clears. The shirt part of his angel uniform is completely destroyed now and he has a lot of wounds with a long trail of blood dripping down the right side of his body*

Kurt: There’s one last thing you should know!

*Kurt flies high in the air*

Kurt: Aura Tidal Wave is not my ultimate attack anymore!

*Kurt’s aura expands and becomes pretty rocky-shaped*

Kurt: I’ll tell you what my ultimate attack is now!

*His aura is unleashing so much power that it’s making the winds blow heavily*

Kurt: Aura Meteor!!!

*He now looks like a meteor made of aura (Author’s Note: So basically like a rocky ball with Kurt being the center of the inside of it) and starts shooting down toward Gen diagonally*

*Gen’s eyes are wide open as if feeling fear now*

Gen: I can already tell! This attack has the power of an attack I would expect from a High-Class divine being! His dedication to developing ways to kill me is truly impressive! I have to stop this attack!

*Gen releases a blast from his magical cannon up toward Kurt. The blast collides with Kurt/his meteor aura. The blast and Kurt have a struggle but Kurt is able to overwhelm it and make it dissipate which leaves Gen in shock*

*Kurt continues heading down toward Gen*

Kurt: With this overwhelming power, I will obliterate you!! I have to use a massive amount of power to use this attack and I can’t control how far the attack’s reach is, but I’ve thrown away all restraints!! I will kill you!!

Gen: Is it possible to avoid this attack!? No! My best bet is to continue to try to stop it!

*Gen continues releasing blasts from his magical cannon. The blasts struggle against Kurt’s aura. Gen releases spikes from his tail at Kurt. The spikes are immediately disintegrated upon making contact with Kurt’s aura*

*Kurt is annoyed by the magical blasts still struggling against his aura. He releases power from his body to fully overpower the multiple blasts struggling against his aura. Doing so creates even more wounds on Kurt’s body from the strain*

*Gen is now in a panic as his attempt to stop Kurt’s attack failed*

*The Aura Meteor makes contact with Gen. Gen has grabbed onto it in one last attempt to stop it. The meteor slowly but surely is pushing Gen into the ground as his feet are now pushed into the cracking ground*

Gen: No! Not like this!!

Kurt: This is it!!

*Gen is slowly failing in his struggle to stop the attack*

Gen: I can’t lose to someone I’ve already killed before!! Gahh!!

*Gen has lost his grip on the Aura Meteor and is now simply being pushed down into the ground by it*

Gen: Not like this!!!

*The Aura Meteor finally hits the ground itself as Gen is almost fully pushed in and it causes a massive explosion*

Gen: Aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh!!!!!!

*Gen is completely destroyed/vaporized*

*The explosion takes up almost the entire grocery store but also causes high force winds coming off of it that even blow cars away*

*Those that are not far from the area take notice and wonder what has just happened*

*The explosion ends and now there is a massive crater where the store used to be*

*Kurt is lying face down in the center of the crater and his aura has dissipated. He has wounds all over. He slowly pushes himself up*

Kurt: I’ve won…

*He then fully stands up and looks around. There is some rubble throughout the crater*

Kurt: Where is Easia’s body? Don’t tell me it was destroyed in the attack!

*Kurt starts desperately searching through the rubble but doesn’t find anything. He starts weakly climbing out of the crater*

Kurt: Please no! She deserves a proper burial!

*Once he gets out of the crater, he sees her body pushed back against a car pile. Her body was not caught in the explosion but was instead blown away by the high winds*

*Kurt has a relieved but sad expression as he walks up to her body*

Kurt: You didn’t deserve to die… At the very least, I will make sure you get an honor-filled proper burial.

*Kurt picks up her body and is now carrying Easia’s dead body as he walks away. The viewpoint then goes behind Kurt as he continues walking away through the street. The sun is setting, leaving the sky as a dim orange color*

Kurt: Thank you.

Narrator: Kurt has emerged victorious in his battle of vengeance against Gen! But even in victory, he experiences loss as he mourns and carries Easia away.

Chapter 543 END

To be Continued in Chapter 544: Take Down the Dark Dragon!