Chapter 547:

Chapter 544: Take Down the Dark Dragon!

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 544: Take Down the Dark Dragon!

Narrator: Going back to where Chapter 538 left off, we are now back in the present. Chapter 543 ends at this point so now everything is caught up.

*Kurt is walking while still holding Easia’s dead body. He sees the Dark Dragon flying around in the distance*

Kurt: A dragon?


Narrator: Meanwhile with Emily, Joe, and Keith in another part of the ruined Reign City.

*Emily (in her Supreme Ancestral Form), Joe, and Keith are fighting Scythe*

*Keith appears out of a portal behind Scythe and tries to kick him. Scythe turns 90 degrees and blocks with his arm. Scythe punches Keith which knocks him back*

*Joe creates many small tornadoes and fills them all with razor hail. Scythe is hit by the attacks while Emily jumps down from above. Emily charges a lot of magic energy into her arms. She pounds them both down on Scythe which blasts him into the ground, creating a 10-feet-in-diameter-sized crater*

*Joe’s tornadoes end*

Joe: Did we get him?

*Scythe launches himself out of the ground and kicks Emily which knocks her into Joe*

Scythe: Listen well. I do not consider myself at a disadvantage in this battle.

*Emily, Joe, and Keith all stand up again and are ready to continue*

Keith: Sorry, Joe. There’s no way it was going to be that easy.

Emily: Even so, the three of us combined can prevail in this battle!


Narrator: Back to Zothena’s battle against Dark Dragon which is close by to the battle against Armageddon.

*It’s now night*

*Zothena launches herself toward the Dark Dragon and tries to kick it. The dragon’s barrier blocks the kick*

*Zothena looks frustrated*

Zothena: That wasn’t that powerful of a kick. Just how weak do attacks need to be to pass through the barrier?

*While Zothena fights the Dark Dragon, next to their battle, Sonzen, Zeth, Zaydra, and Zenfaro are focused on Armageddon*

*Armageddon tries to pound on the three siblings. They dodge but Armageddon immediately releases a beam from its mouth. The blast hits near them and they are all blown away*

*Sonzen looks concerned*

Sonzen: Are you all alright!!?

Zaydra: I am at least…

Zenfaro: Not too serious for me.

Zeth: I’m fine. But shouldn’t I use my Soul Power for this!?

Sonzen: No! You absolutely should not waste it on this battle. Armageddon is still very aggressive and powerful right now but I can tell that it can’t go on for much longer. As long as the Dark Dragon does not assist it, we should win!

Zeth: Yeah, but the same could be said for you!

Sonzen: Do not worry about me! I will do what I must to defeat Armageddon!

*Sonzen releases a beam at Armageddon*

*Armageddon avoids the main impact but still takes a bit of damage from the edges of the blast*


Narrator: Meanwhile, just outside of the city.

*Commander Moss and Major Smithy are aiming their large weapon at the black dragon*

Harmona: Do you have it locked on?

Commander Moss: Yes. As long as the dragon stays in the area it is in, these magic-powered missiles will hit it.

Major Smithy: The timing will be the tricky part. As well as hoping none of our comrades get caught in the blast. Just tell us when to fire.

*Harmona is completely focused on the dragon’s movement*

*The dragon flies down toward Zothena and slashes her with its claws*

*Harmona looks a little frustrated*

Harmona: Just attack from the sky again, you damn dragon!

*While still on the ground, the dragon releases a beam at the ground angels and injures or kills a lot of them*

*Seeing the casualties becomes increasingly harder for Harmona to watch*

*Grinton runs up to the dragon*

Grinton: Attack me instead, dragon!

*Grinton charges up magic for the vibration punch he is about to do for when the dragon attacks. The dragon charges up a beam in its mouth*

Grinton: Yes, that’s it.

*But, suddenly, it stops doing that and slashes Grinton with its claws which heavily damages him*

Grinton: What!? It’s smart enough to do a fake-out!?

*Zeth takes his eyes off Armageddon to see what’s going on against the Dark Dragon*

Zeth: That dragon. It’s making me lose focus. Someone needs to take it out fast.

*The dragon is about to do another slash on Grinton but Zothena quickly grabs him and jumps away from the attack*

*Grinton is bleeding pretty badly*

Grinton: Just being a dragon with a protective barrier is bad enough but to think it has some smarts too just makes it a nightmare to fight. There is a weapon ready to fire but we need to get the dragon attacking from the air again to hit it.

*Harmona is still watching*

Harmona: Should I go over there and use Star Dust on it? It’s important for me to fight the Dark Goddess with no loss of energy but this is getting too hard to watch.

*Zothena and Grinton continue discussing what to do about the dragon*

Zothena: If we need to get it back in the air, then we will need to test our muscles. I know what to do.

Grinton: What do you mean by that?

*On the ground, the dragon continues attacking angels with its claws and beams. Some angels try to retreat*

*As the dragon tries to continue attacking, it is yanked. Zothena has grabbed the dragon’s tail. She then starts swinging it around (Author’s Note: Think of Bowser in Mario 64)*

*The dragon is annoyed and starts charging a beam in its mouth*

Zothena: Up you go!!

*After gaining enough speed from swinging the dragon around, Zothena throws the dragon up into the air*

*Harmona’s eyes open wide*

Harmona: Shoot it now!!

Commander Moss and Major Smithy: Say goodbye, Dark Dragon!

*They fire the missiles*

*As the missiles are heading toward the Dark Dragon in the air, the dragon releases its beam down toward Zothena. But at the same time, the missiles collide with the dragon and cause a large explosion in the air*

*Zothena avoids the dragon’s beam*

*The explosion causes the whole night’s sky to light up in the area. The angels are in awe while the demons feel panic*

*When the explosion clears, the dragon is badly injured and falls to the ground*

Harmona: It worked!

Commander Moss and Major Smithy: Yes!!

Grinton: What a relief.

Zothena: It’s not dead yet! I’ll finish it off!

*The dragon hits the ground and gives off a weak roar as Zothena moves toward it*

Zothena: I’ll bet you are now too weak to even use your barrier.

*Zothena releases a Shooting Star from above the dragon that lands on top of it. The Shooting Star overpowers the dragon and kills it. The dragon’s head falls lifelessly to the ground*

Zothena: The dragon is dead.

*Harmona looks determined*

Harmona: It won’t be long until you and I have our final battle… Dakame.

Narrator: The Dark Dragon has been defeated!

Chapter 544 END

To be Continued in Chapter 545: Doubts in the Mind