Chapter 29:

The World of Lyceus

Lyceus Awaits

7 years had passed after that incident...

An investigation of the whole place and case was done with the help of Axcel. The investigation showed the truth to the world and exposed all lies of The Head proving Lyceus to be hero. The day Lyceus and The Head died was considered an international holiday that was celebrated to honour the sacrifices of Lyceus and the others.

Ramos and Anthony became famous fighters who sometimes fought as a duo. They were the world's best fighters and earned a lot because of it. They did have friendly matches that always ended up in a tie.

Riley and Justin got happily married and now had a 5 year old boy named Nathan in the memory of the man that helped them become heroes from being nothing.

Grim Reaper had a secret family that he was living with while he was hidden from the world. Only Nathan knew about it and he had to keep it a secret so that Grim Reaper could live happily and peacefully.

Grim Reaper took Dante with him to his family and got his Dante and eldest daughter Mina married to him. They now had two daughters, 6 year old Mary and 3 year old Esther.

Max and Lily were in highschool and had started dating eachtother. It was soon about to be their 4th relationship anniversary. They had planned to get married after they graduated and have a good life together forever.

Axcel and Victoria had also gotten married pretty soon after the incident. They had so much love for eachother that they left all the other couples behind. They had 2 children a 4 year old boy, Warath and a 6 year old girl, Venessa. They were named after the two people Axcel admired and the ones who gave him food, shelter and most of all a family when his own died. The couple also cleaned the remaining trash in the world by putting them behind bars making what William and Axcel dreamed of becoming a reality.

Alice lived with her 7 year old son, Will. For Alice Will wasn't a replacement for Wlliam but he gave her life meaning as it was the last gift given to her by William. She used to see a well and alive William in Will. Her son gave her the strength to live and made her feel William was still with her. Alice still used to cry in the remembrance of William but she had hope that one day William would return. She was the only one who believed he was alive as after the incident when the place was investigated and examined Gordon's DNA was found whereas there was no sign of William's DNA.

Everyone used to meet and remember all the good memories. They also honoured the memories of their friends and team members they lost on the way. They also talked about the sacrifices to remember who they have to thank for the reason that they are standing here with a good life. All of the kids went to the same school so they were also friends like their parents.

Alice and Axcel used to tell heroic stories of William to Will which made him admire and respect his father a lot. They also taught him about the mistakes William so that he could learn, this made Will realise that he would not repeat those mistakes. Will always said he wanted to be like his father and told his mother to never be worried as he would always stay with her.

The world and the team now had new lives with hope and happiness. It would have been a perfect happy ending if only their were no losses.