Chapter 28:

The End of Two Men's Madness

Lyceus Awaits

Both sides had finally reached the decided place of their showdown. On one side there were Max, William and Grim Reaper and on the other there were Yara, Gordon and the twins, Lin and Gin.

Yara was the world's best hitman and surprisingly wasn't a suit wearer. He just used his skills, techniques and techniques mixed with all new technology and advanced weapons.

On the other hands the twins wore one suit that was half on one and half on the other. Their suits could grow spikes all over them and they had the ability to make illusions and projections. Their fighting style comprised of excellent teamwork. Both used to fight with their stronger side while protecting the weak. They also used team combos and moves and at times joined hands from their weaker sides to spin around and attack their opponents.

Gordon: I am surprised you made it this far and all your way to me.

William: Seeing you in an INDIGO suit also surprises me that how it chose someone as pathetic as you but it makes sense as you have those crystals inside your brain.

Gordon: Silence brat! Didn't your mama teach you manners oh I forgot you watched her burn.

After that William attacked Gordon and both engaged in a fight. Grim Reaper told Max to take care of the twins while he took care of Yara. The fighting was intense and on equal numbers but who would win was yet to be decided.

On the other hand Alice had decided that they would go help William so she went to Axcel so that he and The Dogs would fight by William's side. Axcel was hesitant at first and thought that there was no use now but Alice made him realise that there was so much that could still be done and that they should be there as this is the time William needs them the most. After this realisation he decided that the team would now fight alongside William one last time. The only problem was that nobody knew where the fight was but Axcel had an idea and knew that as soon as they went near the place they would be able to see the fighting as this wasn't going to be a quiet.

Meanwhile, back in the fight Wlliam was getting beaten up Gordon as he was no match for him just yet. Max was also getting annoyed by the twins and couldn't hold on much longer. Grim Reaper on the other hand was beating the shit out of Yara but just as he was about to put Yara out of his misery, he was pushed away by the twins. At that time Grim Reaper saw Max and William lying on the ground unconcious. Grim Reaper was stronger than Yara and the twins but he wasn't stronger than Gordon so he was no match for the combined force of three.

By the time The Dogs came they saw Gordon breaking the unbreakable scythe of Grim Reaper and then kicking the exhausted Grim Reaper into the ground. The Dogs attacked the three and it was fought pretty well but no one was able to put up a fight against Gordon except Axcel.

Justin and Riley fought the twins dominating them with their far better teamwork and compatibility. Victoria and Anthony fought against Yara in which Victoria ended it by punching Yara into the ground. All the others, Axcel, Lily, Anna, Dante and Ramos were fighting Gordon but were still no match for Gordon. Gordon was single handedly defeating all of them and none of them were able to do anything when he snapped Anna's neck in front of them while they were on the ground.

Justin, Riley, Victoria and Anthony also joined the fight but it didn't even slightly improve their chance of winning as they were all pushed back. Axcel and Victoria had still been hanging in together but Victoria was at her limit and just as Gordon was about to kill her Axcel took the hit and dropped on Victoria. Alice wanted to help somehow as she couldn't watch everyone she cared about getting massacred so she called for Gordon but it was a mistake.

Gordon grabbed Alice by her neck, choking and slowly killing her with pleasure. At that moment she yelled for William making William open his eyes. As soon as he saw that sight all his past and sorrow came to him. He got consumed by evil, rage and hatred turning into a monster. He in an instant punched back Gordon smashing him in the ground and punching him repeatedly like he was nothing. Alice saw his all new devilish look, William had grown devil wings, horns, fangs, had red eyes and his claws had grown bigger.

William teared through the insane regeneration of Gordon. After injuring him he took Gordon to the sky and after giving him serious damage he jumped on him till they crashed into the ground. They crashed into the ground like a meteor cause a hole in the ground and destroying some things nearby. Then William yelled, "I WON'T LET IT HAPPEN EVER AGAIN" and started tearing and punching Gordon. Everyone was looking at that bloody sight and were paused as they didn't know what to do or what they could do.

Gordon(while coughing blood): I considered this to happen as well that's why...

Boom! There was a huge explosion all over the place. William was fast enough to use gravity to get everyone to safety but sadly for him, he got caught in the explosion never to be seen again. Alice while being thrown away screamed "Nooo!!! William!!!" But it was too late as William was now gone.

The Grim Reaper: Goodbye student it was nice teaching you...